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Theory test changes 14 April 2020
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Gene associated with autism also controls growth of embryonic brain
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AI to help monitor behaviour
Autism Diagnosis Test Needs Improvement, Rutgers Researchers Say
Territory Labor Government to invest $5.2 million in Inclusive Education Infrastructure
Rock n roll biologist’s new music video exposes Gwyneth Paltrow’s alternative ‘health treatments’
Australia Day Awards honour Ballarat’s outstanding residents
‘Love hormone’ improves attachment issues in people with autism
Cardinia Shire’s 2020 Australia Day Ambassador announced
Family Foundations helps support military families expecting their first child
Higher rates of post-natal depression among autistic mothers
Communications Board enables inclusive play for everyone
Researchers identify new genetic link to schizophrenia
Baby and adult brains ‘sync up’ during play, finds Princeton Baby Lab
Missing Protein in Brain Causes Behaviors Mirroring Autism
Scientists image heart RNA structure for first time
Back to school made easier for kids on autism spectrum
UConn Startup Brings Collaborative Robotics to Children with Special Needs
Concern for missing girl Jazmyn Shaw
Identifying autism through new tech
Thousands with hidden disabilities benefit from extended Blue Badge scheme
Educational apps can benefit young children, study finds
Adulthood with autism
Study may explain how infections reduce autism symptoms
Police seek help to find missing teen Seth Smart
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New Plan To Support Victoria’s Autism Community
Study identifies single gene behind gene network linked to autism
How gene mutation causes autism and intellectual disability
DNA testing for siblings of children with autism may predict diagnosis before symptoms appear
Autism study shows 4 out of 5 children on autism spectrum are anxious at school
Young Queenslander in foster care wins Autism Queensland award