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Families of youth with autism face big barriers to care, gaps in services
$55 million investment to give new hope to Australians living with rare cancer
A potential new way to diagnose male infertility and pharmaceutical treatment options
Lower IQ, family history tied to treatment resistant schizophrenia
Minister visits upgraded facilities at Southern River College
Australian first. Aspect launches distance education for students on autism spectrum
Sensory garden at Maroondah Festival has joy at its heart
Brain clue signals anxiety, depression in kids
Evenings with Genetics discusses autism, genetic testing
New ‘bike helmet’ style brain scanner used with children for first time
All inpatients with learning disability or autism to be given case reviews
Police appeal to locate missing teen – state’s South
Creating a more inclusive South Australia
Are We “Brain Washed” during Sleep?
How are psychiatric disorders linked to infections during pregnancy?
Wyndham city trials autism-friendly environment
Genetic variants for autism linked to higher rates of self-harm and childhood maltreatment
Missing child Robert Betts
Dean Allison Brashear praises clinical trials program, wants to include more patients
Researchers describe gut health’s influence on brain health
New therapeutic strategy may help PTEN mutation symptoms
Molecular control of neurotransmitter linked to autism described
Transitional funding support for disability organisations
Novel properties found for circular RNAs, suggesting deeper importance to brain function
Order found in circular molecule suggests deeper importance to brain function
First ERC Synergy Grant for KU Leuven
Extended partnership agreement supports students with learning difficulties
Researchers develop way to help brain organoids thrive
Brain tunes itself to criticality, maximizing information processing
Wide Angle Film Festival comes to Freo
New reads part of improvements to Library accessibility
Study reveals new pathway, potential treatment for neurological disorders
Technique can image individual proteins within synapses
Helping SMEs evaluate their medtech apply for funding
Government to strengthen law against unfair commercial practices
Why is brain disturbed by harsh sounds?
Mysteries of human brain to be uncovered
Early maternal anemia tied to intellectual disability, ADHD and autism
Griffith City Library unveils exciting new space with an Open day
Novel idea helps Chrissy fulfil writing fantasy
Best medications to reduce drooling for those with developmental disability
An overactive cerebellum causes issues across brain
Study improves understanding of pediatric autism screenings
Poor Motor Skills Predict Long-Term Language Impairments For Children with Autism
Rocco Scott missing from Aspendale
Those with autism make good social psychologists
Study discovers abnormal expression of genes in psychopathy
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