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Bioprospecting Reveals Viruses to Combat Superbugs
MP witnesses UCL’s solutions to antimicrobial resistance
Protecting Big Blue: Saving Phages
Ancestral mitoviruses discovered in mycorrhizal fungi
Aston University Software Untangles Genetic Links Between Species
7 Ways Berkeley Lab Researchers Improve Health for All
Last Resort Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Detected in L.A. Wastewater
Mystery Virus Rapunzel Discovered: Rare Evolutionary Find
New Method to Rapidly Test Virus Proteins for Antibiotic Potential
Gut Virome’s Role in Health and Disease
Pitt Lab’s Study on Phage Attacks
Harmful bacteria can elude predators when in mixed colonies
Virus Kills ‘Superbug’ Bacteria, Discovered in New Study
Urine-diverting Toilets Reduce Virus Spread: Study
Bacteria Can Evade Predators in Mixed Colonies
Antibiotic Adjuvants for Combatting Antimicrobial Resistance
Significant Macfarlane Burnet archival collection now available online
Human Maternal Microbiome Transfers Genes to Infant Gut
Cryo-electron Microscopy Reveals Atomic Structure of Bacteriophage
Are bacteriophages new antibiotics?
More Precise Treatment
How to edit genes of nature’s master manipulators
Food Sanitization Spray Sends Out ‘Billions of Little Soldiers’
New CRISPR-based tool inserts large DNA sequences at desired sites in cells
In ironic twist, CRISPR system used to befuddle bacteria
Viruses Gain Upper Hand
Carolyn Teschke Embraces Multidisciplinary Approach to Biology
Cultivating Collaboration: Spotlight on Oladele Ogunseitan
£1.7m memorial donation enables new antimicrobial research
Spice Containers Pose Contamination Risk During Food Preparation
Researchers build understanding of virus universe using metatranscriptome mining
Virus discovery could help fight cancer
Pharmacist Fosters Diverse Approaches to Science, Studies How Viruses Work
NIH-supported clinical trial of phage therapy for cystic fibrosis begins
What happens in gut over year?
Phage resistant Escherichia coli strains developed to reduce fermentation failure
MIT scientists discover new antiviral defense system in bacteria
Researchers introduce rapid diagnostic test for Listeria
Managing phage therapy to help save lives
Lack of innovation set to undermine antibiotic performance and health gains
Tribute to Giorgi Eliava and Eliava Institute of Bacteriophage
More than 50% success rate
Largest ever series of phage therapy case studies reveals success rate of more than half
Scientists use virus to fight bacterial infection clearing way for life-saving lung transplant
Scientists begin to uncover mysterious lives of jumbo bacteriophages
Warwick is serving up Slice of Science this weekend
SMART researchers discover unique lysin capable of killing multidrug-resistant bacteria
Protective armor of superbug C.difficile revealed