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Protective armour of superbug C.difficile revealed
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Agents between good and evil
Medical research funding to treat debilitating diseases
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Chemical-free cleaning of bioreactor membranes
Triple success at BioM Award
Fighting viruses with interchangeable defense genes
Zapping untreated water gets rid of more waterborne viruses
Bacteria can develop strong immunity for protection against viruses
Research brings scientists step closer to harnessing viruses to fight antibiotic resistance
Phage therapy research brings scientists step closer to harnessing viruses to fight drug resistance
Defence system protects African Salmonella from attack by viruses
Med-tech start-ups accelerated towards commercial success
Viruses of North Sea
These fridge-free Covid vaccines are grown in plants and bacteria
New method opens door to efficient genome writing in bacteria
Enzyme research could help target antibiotic resistance
To adsorb or to do not adsorb? That is question
Membrane Proteins of Bacteria and Humans Show Surprising Similarities
Combating Antibiotic Resistance
Modelling lungs to limit testing on mice
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Nanofiber filter captures almost 100% of coronavirus aerosols
Promising wastewater treatment discovery
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‘Good’ virus for common infection