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Unlocking World's 'virosphere'
Researchers Simplify Lifesaving Phage Use and Transport
Phage Enzyme Tackles E. Faecalis to Ease Graft Disease
Viruses Weaponize Freeloading Genes
Protein Nanocages Advance Effective mRNA Therapies
Research Ties Certain Gut Microbes to Global Type 2 Diabetes
Gut Microbiome Changes Tied to Higher Type 2 Diabetes Risk
Link Between Gut Microbiome Shifts and Type 2 Diabetes Risk Found
WHO Report Details Antibacterials Development Status
Phages: Promising Yet Frightening Pathogen Destroyers
Greenland Ice Sheet Harbors Giant Viruses
Belgian Consortium Revitalizes Antibiotics With Phage Therapy
Digestive Disease Week Explores Hunger Hormone, Antibiotic Weight Gain
Dartmouth Study Illuminates New Directions in Phage Therapy
From Steel Engineering To Ovarian Tumor Research
Yeast-Derived Adjuvant May Cut Vaccine Costs, Boost Supply
New Tactics Unveiled to Combat Drug-Resistant Bacteria: Study
Innovative Microbiome Analysis Software Unveiled by Engineers
Key Functions of Jumbo Viruses Hold Therapeutic Promise
Should We Scrap Best-Before Date?
Virus May Salvage Billions of Gallons of Fracking Wastewater
CRISPR Battles Antimicrobial Resistance, Bacteria Retaliate
Antimicrobial Agents Of Future
Vaccine Developed to Combat Antibiotic Resistance
Why We Should Take Interest In Microbial Biodiversity
Armpit Odor Tackled with Bacteriophage-Derived Lysin
Forsyth's ADA Scientists Uncover Novel Phage Resistance Method
Microverse Battle: Offensive and Defensive Tactics
Innovative Technique Unveils New Vaccine Targets for Schistosomiasis
Do Viruses Have Consciousness?
Unraveling Mystery: How Viruses Choose Nastiness
University Plays Key Role In Investment Zone Plans
T1-Spanin Battles Drug-Resistant Bacteria: Study
Nanotweezers Accelerate Phage Therapy
Bacterias Dynamic Duo Shields Against Viral Threats'
Southampton Uni Uncovers Bacterias Viral Protection Duo'
Liverpool U Battles WHO's Priority Pathogen with Phages
Why Mucus and Phlegm Matter in Health and Disease
Low-Cost Environmental Monitoring Aids Typhoid Surveillance
Phage-Antibiotic Combo Effective Against Drug-Resistant Bacteria
Engineered Viruses Combat Deadly Pathogens
New Method Pinpoints Individuals Prone to TB: Nottingham Study
New Method Flags Potential TB Risk Individuals
Path to Safer Genome Engineering: CRISPR Off-Switches?
Antibiotics highjack bacterial immunity
Virus that kills sleepers
New Barcoding Method Boosts Biotech Potential of Bacteriophages
6 Health and Pest Control Uses for Typically Harmful Viruses