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Screening Program Could Identify 1 Million Americans with Genetic Heart Disease
New advances in brain region targeting may support future research in treating visual hallucinations
Study points to need for substantial improvement in heart attack outcomes across high-income nations
Mental health and substance use higher among adolescents experiencing homelessness
Mental Health and Substance Use Among Adolescents Experiencing Homelessness in United States
Screening Some Sooner May Reduce Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Diabetes Diagnosis, Researchers Show
Rapid Antigen Covid Tests May Not be Keeping Pace with Variants of Concern, Researchers Find
Cost, financial burden of thyroid cancer on patients in US
First-ever millennial lung health study launches in Chicago amid Covid
Policy dominance of Universal Health Coverage
Insulin Spray Improved Gait, Cognitive Function in Patients With and Without Type 2 Diabetes, Clinical Trial Shows
Insulin spray improved gait, cognitive function in patients with and without type 2 diabetes
More than $10M in research grants awarded to study long COVID impact on CVD health
Cereal fiber but not fruit or vegetable fibers are linked with lower inflammation
Researchers Develop Scoring Tool to Measure Severity of Delirium
Lessons Learned: Reflections on What We’ve Lost and What We’ve Gained Through Covid
Current Covid Vaccines Provide Robust Protection Against Omicron Variant in Macaques
Possible new Covid vaccine could be accessible for more of world
Researchers Catalog Cell Types Present in White Fat Tissue in Mice and in Humans
Greater Boston COVID Recovery Cohort Joins National Effort to Study Long-Term Effects of Covid
Study finds bias in how doctors talk to black, female patients
Developing pan-coronavirus vaccine is worthwhile, if challenging, endeavor, scientists say
Deep Brain Stimulation and New Technology Helping Patient Live Life to Fullest
Current Covid Vaccines Induce Robust Cellular Immunity Against Omicron Variant, Researchers Demonstrate
In fight against COVID, T cells an untapped target for vaccines
What’s good for heart is good for brain
Bowdoin Street Health Center Announces $1 Million Gift from Yawkey Foundation
Research reveals staff assumptions about race play role in variability of care of nursing homes residents with advanced dementia
Scientists Find Predictors of Heart Disease Among Black Americans That Are Shared Across Ethnicities
Study looks at cardiovascular, heart condition risks for rural patients
Comparing outcomes among patients admitted on busy vs less busy days for hospitalists
Some Covid vaccine reactions may result from placebo response
Placebo effect accounts for more than two-thirds of Covid vaccine adverse events, researchers find
Rural Patients Less Likely to Receive Cardiovascular Care, More Likely to Die from Certain Heart Conditions, Researchers Find
Could childhood inflammation or infection be cause of depression and psychosis?
Scientists Map Skin Cells That Contribute to Diabetic Foot Ulcers
N95 Respirators Can Be Safely Decontaminated Up to 25 Times, Research Shows
Research reveals no significant link between in-person schooling and COVID infection rates
Where to Get Care You Need: Differences Between Primary Care, Urgent Care, and Emergency Room
Machine-learning system flags remedies that might do more harm than good
Fewer Than Half of Patients with Alcohol Use Disorder Received Recommended Care in ICU, Researchers Find
Research reveals that consumption of pro-inflammatory diet linked to increased odds of frailty onset
Lifestyle interventions may not be enough to replace blood pressure medications
Researchers document use of medications that may raise blood pressure as an adverse effect
On frontlines: Lessons in critical care nursing from Covid pandemic
Next generation mRNA vaccine shows improved protection against disease
Optimized second-generation mRNA vaccine demonstrated improved protection against Covid in preclinical testing
In brain’s cerebellum, new target for suppressing hunger