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Patients Prefer Fast Access to Test Results, Good or Bad
Cognitive Decline Linked to Postop Delirium
Patients Prefer Immediate Test Results, Good or Bad
UC Davis Health announces new chief of transplant surgery
Novobiocin Fights BRCA-Mutated Cancer Cells Inside and Out: Study
Kidney Lesions Linked to Heart Disease in Chronic Kidney Disease
Increased Risk for Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity Found in Study
Heart Medications to be More Affordable for Medicare Beneficiaries: Study
Cardiovascular Risk Factors Surge in Young Adults
Young Adults’ Cardiovascular Risk Factors: Prevalence, Treatment, and Control
Bacteria Invade Brain: New Discovery
Research Examines Cannabis Use Impact on Surgical Patients’ Post-Care
Physician Intuition Assesses Surgery Risk Factors: Understanding Value
IVC Filters Safe, Effective to Treat VTE: Study
3D-Printed Hearts Replicate Real Thing Perfectly
3D-Printed Hearts Replicas Pump Just Like Real Ones
3 Questions: Leo Anthony Celi on ChatGPT and medicine
Lower Muscle Density Linked to Poor Balance, Risk of Falls
Research: Age-Related Fat May Impair Muscle Function
Latte Foam Inspires New Cancer Treatment
Researchers Find Link Between Academic Medical Centers & Better Health Outcomes
Mortality Lower in Areas with Community, Academic Hospitals
Better Health Outcomes Found at Hospitals Near Academic Centers
Death Toll From COVID-Related CVD Surges, Especially Among Certain Groups
Wearable Data Can Spot Pain, Sleep and Anxiety After Trauma
Targeted Care Halts Racial/Ethnic Health Inequalities in Colon Cancer Screening
Evaluating Mental Health Services on Smartphone Apps
Protein Found to Help Guard Heart During Certain Cancer Treatments
Proposes New Fellowship Model for Hematology/Oncology
‘Triple-Drug Cocktail’ Improves Outcomes in High-Risk CLL Patients
Evaluation of programs to improve telehealth visit attendance
Virtual reality helps reduce patient anxiety and need for sedation during hand surgery
Scientists emphasize value of neurological follow-up in recovered individuals
Severe Covid Linked with Molecular Signatures of Brain Aging, Researchers Find
Diet Can Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease By 10 Percent, Study Shows
Supply of primary care physicians remained same or worsened from 2010 to 2019, despite billions
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Achieves Magnet Recognition for Nursing Excellence
Federal Efforts To Improve Primary Care Access in Underserved Communities Fell Short, Researchers Find
Study shows that immune system holds clues to patients with high-risk smoldering myeloma likely to benefit from treatment
Researchers Discuss Future of Cancer Therapies at 15th Annual Cancer Symposium
New Research Suggests Political Events Impact Sleep
Risks of Sharing De-Identified Health Care Data for Research Purposes are Low, Study Finds
Sleep as new 8th measure of cardiovascular health
Individualized Fingerprints from Sleep Brainwaves Provide Powerful New Tool for Understanding Disease
Study finds risks of sharing health care data are low
Research gauges positive impacts of Medicare on low-income adults
CAR T-Cell Therapy Targeting GPRC5D Antigen Proves Effective in First Trial
Life Expectancy Tool May Improve Quality of Life for Patients With Dementia