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Scientists find link between key plant amino acid and essential hormones
Rapid lab-free COVID-19 test delivers results in just over an hour
‘Freeze frame’ chemistry to unlock drugs of future
Major efforts in diagnostics and research on Coronavirus
FRQS to fund new structural biology centre at McGill University
Rice chemist wins grant to simplify drug design
Researchers at University, Sinai Health working on blood test to screen thousands for COVID-19 immunity
Researchers seek universal treatments to impede coronavirus
Scientist develops interactive tool for mapping COVID-19 spread
New Scholarship to Support Surgical Health Care Across Asia-Pacific
Scientists launch multiple studies into novel coronavirus
PARP Inhibitor Drugs Can be “Tuned” for Better Killing of Tumor Cells
Turning cells into computers with protein logic gates
New website explains how hospitals can decontaminate and reuse scarce N95 masks to fight COVID-19
Oldest ever human genetic evidence clarifies dispute over our ancestors
Blocking Iron Transport Could Stop Tuberculosis
World Autism Awareness Day 2020
Researchers leap to discover more about coronavirus
Eight University researchers win new federal grants for COVID-19 research projects
ERC Advanced Grant for design of brain cells to combat Parkinson’s disease
UVA Finds Way to Improve Cancer Outcomes by Examining Patients’ Genes
Sturgeon genome sequenced
Maths tutoring, visors and disinfection – volunteer initiatives continue at Lund University
More UBC researchers receive federal funding to study COVID-19
How “Pioneer” Protein Turns Stem Cells into Organs
Crowdsourced supercomputing project sets sights on coronavirus
Developing a novel oral antibiotic to treat multidrug-resistant gonorrhea
Concordia undergrad dominates science fairs around world with his innovative research
Chemistry: Access to forbidden rings
University researchers hunt for antivirals to treat COVID-19 patients
Biology student captures top prize at UBCO 3MT final
Tracking Down False Parkers in Cancer Cells
Mathematical model could lead to better treatment for diabetes
Tissue-digging nanodrills do just enough damage
Study finds signal cascade that keeps plant stem cells active
Children’s cancer researcher awarded NSW Premier’s Woman of Year
Researchers pinpoint mechanism controlling cell protein traffic
HKUMed discovers new molecular mechanism in determining sensory neuron Paves way for new therapeutic
UNE hands off more than 3,200 teddy bears to United Way of York County
New Cas9 variant makes genome editing even more precise
Biochemistry – Chasing antidote
Team deciphers how myotonic dystrophy generates lethal heart dysfunctions
Scientists Discover New Clue Behind Age-Related Diseases and Food Spoilage
Scientists simplify access to drug building block
COVID-19 coronavirus spike holds infectivity details
Researchers discover a new biochemical compound that can break down environmental pollutants
UNE’s Eva Rose Balog publishes two papers on protein polymer research
Empowering cell’s disposal system to deal with disease-prone garbage