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Marshall Star For July 10, 2024
Breakthrough in Miniaturizing Cancer Cell Production
Nitrite-driven Anaerobic Ethane Oxidation
Halton, Hamilton Businesses Scaling Up for Key Sectors
Unveiling Microbiome-Informed Precision Nutrition Path
Scaling Up IPS Cell-Based Platelet Production with Refined Turbulent Flow
E. Coli's Defense Mechanism Against Antibiotics Revealed
Employment Precinct Proposed North Of Adelaide
KAIST-Yonsei Team Develops Sustainable, Microplastic-Resistant Paper Coating
Brewery Yeast Enables Biofilter Water Purification
Bacteria For Climate-neutral Chemicals Of Future
Wilkes Center Unveils 7 Finalists for $500K Climate Prize
Ottawa University Team Boosts Canada's Biomanufacturing Power
AI Digital Twin Models Baby Microbiome
AI Reveals Link Between Personality and Gene Expression
Novel Method Transforms Surplus Renewable Energy Into Gas
Special Issue Seeks Advanced Robotics, Tissue Engineering Papers
Scientists Turn Blue-Green Algae Into Meat-like Protein Surrogate
Unveiling Core Secrets of Poxviruses
New heart treatment helps body grow replacement valve
Tufts University's New Cells May Slash Cultivated Meat Costs
Major study finds potential drug target for lowering cholesterol
Microbes May Aid Astronaut Brain Health in Space Travel
Startup develops pork from stem cells
Giant bacterium powers itself with unique processes
Giant bacterium uses unique processes to power itself
Canada, BC Govts Invest in Nanaimo Wastewater Upgrades
Tech Boosts Cold Weather Combat in Defense Challenge
Warwick University Explores Lab-Grown Meat for Future Xmas Dinners
Farm and Town Pesticides Contaminate Fresh Oysters
Tomsk Oblast's Small Rivers Record High Carbon Concentration
Evaluating Taste of New Roasted, Lab-Grown Coffee
Rice, Hamburg Tech U. Initiate Research Collaboration
Meat alternatives could feed humans more sustainably
Australia's Next ON Accelerate Innovators Unveiled by CSIRO
$600M Sewage Upgrades to Support Gold Coast Population Growth
Bandpass Filter for Synthetic Biology
How to decarbonize world, at scale
Machine Speeds Up Cell Production for Cancer Treatment
Andy Holt Returns as CCO at Viralgen
Desert Bacteria Inspires Oxygen-Producing, Carbon-Capturing Paint
Females less likely to heal from ACL injuries than males
Understand Microbes That Clean Our Wastewater
Viralgen, Elpida to Produce Gene Therapy for SPG50, CMT4J Trials
Eureka Unveils Method to Boost Terpenoid Bioproduction
Moonshot Effort Targets Bioprinting, Implanting Human Heart in Pig
Cardiff spinout outgrows incubator
How Microbes Could Aid Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life