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Under snow and ice, landmines and unexploded ordnance pose deadly danger to civilians
Ganglion cells created in mice in bid to fix diseased eyes
Important discovery could help extinguish disease threat to koalas
Retinal cells may have potential to protect against diabetic retinopathy
Curing diseases with lab-grown organs
Research links lower hydroxychloroquine dose to more hospitalizations for systemic lupus erythematosus flares
View on Myopia: Why We Wear Glasses
Generosity drives research forward
Smoking linked to early vision loss and cataracts
After lifetime of blindness, newly sighted can immediately identify human locomotion
“Plant blindness” is caused by urban life and could be cured through wild food foraging, study shows
“Plant blindness” is caused by urban life and could be cured through wild food foraging
Study Backs Four-Step Plan for Detecting More Sexually Transmitted Infections
Firefighters guide kids in keeping safe
3D map reveals DNA organization within human retina cells
3D map finds DNA organization within human retina cells
Hackensack Meridian health doctor, bioethicist publishes surgery decision-making piece
Recent advances in smart contact lenses
Serious infection in eye can be treated more rapidly than before
UCI-led report illustrates potential of precision genome editing in treating inherited retinal diseases
Miniature train station discovered
High school students with disabilities achieve better outcomes in inclusive academic settings
Novel imaging approach reveals important details about rare eye disease choroideremia
NIH seeks next generation of Covid diagnostics
NIH researchers develop gene therapy for rare ciliopathy
New diagnostic option for rare eye disease
Early onset of diabetes, hypertension can predict early glaucoma, ophthalmologists report
WHO Director-General congratulates Togo on becoming first country to eliminate four neglected tropical diseases
Youth-onset type 2 diabetes study finds 77% increase during Covid pandemic
When smooth muscle cells lack strength
Remembering Stella Young – Creative Collective Engaged
Role for cell ‘antennae’ in managing dopamine signals in brain
Study Uncovers How Blind and Visually Impaired Individuals Navigate Social Challenges
Eyes have it
NIH study finds loss of ‘youth’ protein may drive aging in eye
Spiny issue: dangerous cactus found on Willans Hill
Assaults with paintball guns cause more serious eye injuries than previously known, new study reports
LSU Health New Orleans develops new human cell line to study blinding eye disorders
Every 8 minutes Australian is diagnosed with diabetes
Novel therapy using unique thermogel prevents retinal scarring
Study examined Covid policies’ effects on people with disabilities
What makes blood vessels grow?
New hope for therapy against retinitis pigmentosa
Hirsch Among Outstanding New Investigators at ASGCT 2022 Annual Meeting
Research reveals disparities in access to insulin pumps among youth with type 1 diabetes
New research gives insights into how organelles divide in cells
Stem-cell models reveal glaucoma secrets
Restoring vision by recharging cells’ batteries