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Apple introduces new Mac mini with M2 and M2 Pro
PERREAUX wins audio tech award for innovation
Nearly $7.5M for 30+ Projects in Golden Horseshoe to Aid Recovery
Manly Pacific Hotel Unveils $30m Makeover
Therapists Use Wristwatch Device to Help PTSD Patients
CityU Researchers Create Wireless Skin VR for Vivid Virtual Touch
App boosts accessibility at cultural facilities
ETRI accelerates tactile communication with skin-connected telehaptics
Self-managed healthcare can improve health outcomes and reduce costs
Young people to have voice heard
Lessons in innovation based on values of Cherokee Nation
Research uncovers new threat to security and privacy of Bluetooth devices
Virgin Australia unveils one-of-a-kind bar carts in Middle Seat Lottery major prize pool
Ingestible sensor could help people with HIV stick to medication regimen, UCLA-led study finds
New campaign reveals Backstory behind innovation in agriculture
Arrests, Curbs on Protests As COP27 Nears in Egypt
Zega cookware doesn’t properly cook: CHOICE Shonkys
How deep brain stimulation helped 10-year-old from having multiple seizures day
New Victoria Park fitness Centre opens to public
New $11.7 million University of Southern California center to create open-source implantables for nervous system
Innovation in Wool | Avington Merino
IPadOS 16 is available today
See-through exhibitions using smartphones: KAIST develops AR magic lens, WonderScope
World Premiere of New All-Electric Lexus UX 300e
Christ Richmond: Developing Tomorrow’s Wireless Network
Cashless gaming machine trials commence
Six smart home myths you probably think are true
Six smart home myths you probably think are true
Light rail is coming – new traffic technology to support construction
First female grad of Master’s in IoT pays it forward
MDC Announces New Off-Road Models
AFSC bases continue advances to support pregnant, nursing Airmen
Engineers fabricate a chip-free, wireless electronic “skin”
Chung-Ang University researchers breathe life into sensors with versatile gas masks
Helping older adults stay safe and independent
For Checking Blood Pressure at Home, Basic Cuffs Are Just as Good
New donor-funded program aims to improve patient comfort
New diabetes monitor can detect glucose levels using breath
Making Intelligent Traffic
University of Toronto Mississauga’s new lactation pod offers privacy for breastfeeding and chestfeeding
Shedding light on more efficient ways to breed cassava
Researcher helps improve soldier eating habits with new app
Scientists recycle CDs into flexible biosensors
CDs to flexible biosensors: Researchers discover easy, inexpensive recycling method
Wearable device uses sonar to reconstruct facial expressions
‘Earable’ uses sonar to reconstruct facial expressions
Monitoring city mobility from skies
AI-based, Indoor/Outdoor-Integrated GPS System to Bring Seismic Waves in Terrains of Positioning Technology