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Risk of alcohol-associated liver disease after medical therapy for alcohol use disorder
Untangling mysteries of immune recall
HKUST Appoints Prof. Nancy IP as Fifth President
How it’s spreading and what to know about this outbreak
Studies reveal key clues about Covid immunity, immune recall
Medication treatment of pediatric psychiatric disorders reduces later onset of substance use problems
Can We Prevent Antibiotic Resistance?
Depression, loneliness associated with increased hospitalization risk after Covid, NIH-funded study suggests
New molecular subset of pediatric liver cancer identified
Community-focused strategy improves vaccine uptake in Black and Latino communities
An rise in adolescent mental health crises and suicidality
New guideline refines care for brain bleeds: compression socks, some meds not effective
New guideline refines care for brain bleeds
Black Adults Raised in South Have Greater Risk of Lower Cognitive Performance in Later Life
Circuit model may explain how deep brain stimulation treats Parkinson’s disease symptoms
Covid Death Toll Could Be 20 Percent Higher than Official Tally
Gallstone disease shown to be strong predictor of pancreatic cancer
Real-time epidemic forecasting tool to support global outbreak monitoring
Australian Regional Leadership Initiative visits Fiji
Should you give your child opioids for post-operative pain management?
Air Pollution Dropped During Pandemic Lockdowns
NHHC Proclamation: ‘U.S. Navy Original Six Frigates Day’
Hypertensive pregnancy disorders linked to future cardiac events
Biotech Developing “Tissue Therapeutics” to Treat Diseased Organs Launches from BU and MIT Labs
Almost 1 in 4 physicians experience workplace mistreatment, mostly from patients and visitors
CHAMPS decreases racial inequities in Mississippi breastfeeding rates through public health program
No health benefits among adults who used both e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes
Cost, financial burden of thyroid cancer on patients in US
Age at initiation of endoscopy, colorectal cancer risk among women
Ultomiris met primary endpoint in CHAMPION-NMOSD Phase III trial
Goldberg elected to National Academy of Sciences
Living Near Greenery Could Give You Brain Boost-and Reduce Dementia Risk
Research reveals nearly 13% of Covid hospitalized patients had serious neurologic symptoms
Many eco-friendly children’s products found to contain toxic PFAS chemicals
How octopuses and squid have broken away from previously known pattern of evolution
Researcher probes mysteries of smell through disease-carrying insects
Endocrine-disrupting chemicals may impair bone health in male teens
Policy dominance of Universal Health Coverage
Nanotechnology enables visualization of RNA structures at near-atomic resolution
Youths of color use photographs to highlight health-care inequities throughout Covid pandemic
New cardiac defibrillator much safer for patients
Insulin Spray Improved Gait, Cognitive Function in Patients With and Without Type 2 Diabetes, Clinical Trial Shows
Why Do Some People Get Sicker than Others from COVID?
Insulin spray improved gait, cognitive function in patients with and without type 2 diabetes
AstraZeneca announces plans for new strategic R&D centre and Alexion headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts
New research offers clues, points to novel therapies
DNA Analysis Provides Insight into Associations Between Worse COVID and Other Conditions