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‘God save us from famine’
New IDA Grant to Preserve Food Security and Protect Livelihoods in Yemen
FSU MANCC receives renewed funding from Sustainable Arts Foundation to support working parent artists
GPs play critical role in maternity care
Republic of Korea contributes US$400,000 for WFP emergency response in Tigray
Republic of Korea contributes US$400,00 for WFP emergency response in Tigray
New Zealand helps WFP respond to rising food insecurity in Timor-Leste
Vaccinated pregnant women pass antibodies to their babies
Library budget approved
Proposal of new universal nomenclature for oxytocin and vasotocin genes
New clues to conundrum of mother-to-child HIV transmission
Research uncovers high risk to pregnant women from COVID-19
Medical records analysis links cannabis use disorder in pregnancy to infant health problems
Pregnant women with COVID-19 face high mortality rate
Food allergies, changes to infant gut bacteria linked to method of childbirth, ethnicity
Causal link found between food allergies and changes to infant gut bacteria due to method of childbirth, mother’s ethnicity
JCVI issues new advice on COVID-19 vaccination for pregnant women
UBCO research shows a mother’s fat intake can impact infant infectious disease outcomes
Inflammation a key to targeting pregnancy-associated breast
Funding gap forces World Food Programme to cut food rations in South Sudan
Study calls for urgent climate change action to secure global food supply
For breastfeeding moms, COVID-19 vaccinations may also protect babies
Babies and breastfeeding allowed in SA Parliament’s House of Assembly
UN agencies ramp up response for Rohingya refugees in wake of ‘unprecedented’ fire
Study links nutritional supplements to lower risk of preterm birth
Motherhood on brink in Yemen
Probe announced into alleged Tigray rights violations: UN rights office
NIH, DC government form partnership to reduce sleep-related infant deaths
Covid-19 Vaccination of Nursing Mothers May Protect Babies
WFP seeks US$170 million to respond to food security emergency in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region
Maternal and Child Health service offered at Eastland
Community organisations welcome Senate Inquiry report into FASD
New research highlights risks of separating newborns from mothers during COVID-19 pandemic
Boost for early learning as new centre opens in Wallan
Central African Republic: child malnutrition rates soar as violence rages
Don’t let pandemic stress your skin out
Top COVID-19 vaccine questions: Vaccine, face masks and breastfeeding
New WHO report on Human T-lymphotropic virus type 1 highlights strategies for its prevention and control
PRINCIPLE Covid-19 treatments trial widens to under 50s and adds colchicine
ACCC to reauthorise agreement to not advertise infant formula, seeks submissions on toddler milk advertising
Dupixent PBS listed for severe atopic dermatitis – first-in-class medicine subsidised for debilitating skin condition
“Good bacteria” in breast milk changes over time
Burnet welcomes COVID-19 vaccine rollout
Luxury maternity care in Far North
Japan Extends Assistance to WFP Nepal for Mother and Child Health and Nutrition Programme
Ageism and sexism barring grandmothers from initiatives to save newborn lives in Global South
Can breastmilk provide babies with COVID-19 immunity?
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