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New software program could boost protections for animals on move on land and at sea
Orb-weaver spiders’ yellow and black pattern helps them lure prey
New study: are teen seabirds safe?
Feeding bluebirds helps fend off parasites
British Ecological Society launches new journal: Ecological Solutions and Evidence
Energy-saving modernisation of villages may reduce farmland bird numbers
Closer scientific collaboration needed to save orangutan, say leading experts
Global study finds predators are most likely to be lost when habitats are converted for human use
Temporal dimension of ‘alien attack’ in plant-pollinator communities
First come, first bred
Fish species benefit from marine protection to varying extents – common and exploited species profit most
Mowing urban lawns less intensely increases biodiversity, saves money and reduces pests
CSUN study demonstrates marine protected areas are most effective in overfished areas
Northern Ireland’s recovering pine marten population benefits red squirrels, but urban grey squirrel poses a problem
Bumblebees exposed to Chernobyl-levels of radiation consume more nectar
Study finds that multi-species grassland mixtures increase yield stability, even under drought conditions
Dial-a-frog – researchers develop ‘FrogPhone’ to remotely call frogs in wild
Often derided as pests, deer and elk can help young Douglas-fir trees under some conditions