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Protecting little brown bats from white-nose syndrome
Local, global university 24 March
British Ecological Society Urges Increased Funding for Research
Prescribed Burning Increases Bushfire Risk in WA
How climate change and invasive species threaten tree frogs
Connecting schoolchildren with nature
Animals Survive with Disgust Avoidance
Guidance for LGBTQIA+ inclusion during ecology fieldwork
London falcons ate fewer pigeons during lockdowns
Human Activity Impacts Peregrine Falcon Diets: Study
London Falcons Eat Less Pigeons During Lockdown
Storing Seeds Won’t Halt Climate Change Impact on Plants
Seed Banks Inadequate To Fight Climate Change Impacts on Biodiversity
New Study: Seed Banks Harming Biodiversity
Plantation design features to increase pollination
Cephalopod food system sustainability improvements
Robotic bird created to study animal communication
Soil Transplant for Land Restoration Gains Global Attention
High Intensity Fires Not Reversing Bush Encroachment: Study
Hen harrier row could help in other conservation conflicts
Research: Local Nature Linked to Improved Wellbeing
Citizen Science Boosts Wellbeing: Study Shows Benefits
Queen bees face death in commercial colonies
Grassland restoration tactics explored to aid biodiversity
Bird migratory movements predicted by new model
BES response to UK’s Environment Improvement Plan
China Pursues Conservation, Sustainability: Study
Frog pathogen has different impacts on species according to new study
Touchscreen device proves useful for studying wild primates
Research: Wildlife, Dense Populations Merged in Urban Planning
Ireland’s Pygmy Shrew Disappearing Quickly
Farmland Bird Populations Rise With Nature-Friendly Farming
Paying Farmers for Woodland, Wetlands Most Cost-Effective Way to Reach UK Targets
Paying Farmers to Create Woodland, Wetlands Cost-Effective for UK Targets
Research reveals which animals perceive time fastest
UK Environment Targets Most Cost-Effective to Meet Through Farm Payments
Animals Ranked: Who Perceives Time Quickest?
BES response to new Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework
UK Earthworms Show Long-Term Decline, Study Finds
Green transformation day held at Durham primary school
Capturing Ecology 2022 – Winning Images Announced
Planet’s most unique birds at higher risk of extinction
Planet’s most unique birds are at higher risk of extinction
Warmer temperatures are linked to mismatch among forest plants
Rhino horns are getting smaller, according to analysis of artwork and photographs
Opening school doors to nature in North East England
Researchers quantify forage yield gap caused by woody encroachment
Asian elephants prefer habitats on boundaries of protected areas