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Captive breeding programme essential for vultures’ survival
BES response to UK National Food Strategy
Restoring forest biodiversity in Scottish Highlands
Red Dead Redemption 2 teaches players about wildlife
New method lets researchers rapidly monitor snow leopard stress levels in wild
New study suggests it gives predatory sharks and fish a crucial speed advantage
Raspberry Pi computers are helping revolutionize biological research
Scientists call for improved management of a weedy tree to protect owl habitat
Colombia’s increasing wildfires caused by institutional cattle ranching and land-grabbing
BES response to IPBES/IPCC report on biodiversity and climate change
An exotic herbivore reinforces competition between exotic and native plants
Managing agricultural biodiversity takes time
Nature must be a partner, not just a provider of services – Oxford report
BES response to government plans to tackle nature and climate crises
Tree species diversity is no protection against bark beetle infestation
Academics contribute to new report highlighting nature’s potential to fight climate change and biodiversity loss
Nature has enormous potential to fight climate change and biodiversity loss in UK, according to new report
Nature has enormous potential to fight climate change and biodiversity loss in UK – report
British Ecological Society announces journal prize winners 30 April
New report highlights benefits of bringing nature into our cities
EBird Data Used to Shape Eagle Management
Study finds rapid evolution in foxgloves pollinated by hummingbirds
We don’t know how most mammals will respond to climate change, warn scientists
Chocolate is egg-cellent for birds
Scientists discover unique Cornish ‘falgae’
Endangered vulture mortality highest in southeastern Europe, largely from human-causes
Forests on caffeine: coffee waste can boost forest recovery
Lack of prey reduces breeding success in puffin populations
Wasps share resources on offshore island
Weed invaders are getting faster
Gulls can spread weeds over large distances and between habitats
New research unlocks mysteries of soupfin shark migration and reproduction
Coffee for birds: connecting bird-watchers with shade-grown coffee
Diving beneath waves with giant mantas off Peru
Mangrove forests store more carbon when they’re more diverse
Selfies, gorillas and risks of disease transmission
You don’t need to know nature to love it
Fish in warming Scottish seas grow faster but reach a smaller size
Research shows IdentiFlight camera technology greatly reduces wind turbine eagle fatalities
Installing bird nest boxes improves pest control in cider apple crops
Eyes reveal life history of fish
Large mammals make soil more fertile in tropical forests
Changes in ecosystem properties after postfire management strategies in wildfire affected Mediterranean forests
New research reveals resilience of Scots pine trees to drought
Lactating Grizzly Bears Use Cooling Baths to Avoid Heat Stress
Win-win for wind energy and eagles
Survival of thickest: Big brains make mammals populations less dense
Climate warming linked to tree leaf unfolding and flowering growing apart