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Bird-friendly agriculture: finding right balance to benefit birds and farmers
New conservation tool calculates optimal time to spend researching habitat before protecting it
Ecological trade off? Utility-scale solar energy impedes endangered florida panthers
New research shows that current national red squirrel conservation strategies likely to undermine species survival
Urban gardens are dependable food source for pollinators through year, study suggests
City allotments match farming productivity per square metre
Sky’s limit: Using airborne DNA to monitor insect biodiversity
Newly discovered fish songs demonstrate reef restoration success
Ecological knowledge of local populations more accurate than 10 years of conventional scientific monitoring
Invasive ants can threaten ecosystems by damaging plants at roots
Loss of tree species has cumulative impact on biodiversity
Woodland and hedgerow creation will be crucial to support pollinators in Wales
Capturing Ecology 2021 – Winning images announced
Large wild herbivores reduce fast biodiversity decline of plants in tropical forestry hotspot
British Ecological Society award winners 2021 announced
Honeybees’ waggle dance reveals bees in rural areas travel further for food
Honeybees’ waggle dance finds bees in rural areas travel further for food
An “Evolutionary Rescue Route” Towards Coexistence of Competitive Plant Species
Unite solutions to climate and biodiversity crises to save life on earth, says ZSL-led study
Elephants benefit from having older siblings, especially sisters
Leaving by staying: dispersal decisions of young giraffes
Researchers calculate cost of restoring Australia’s degraded ecosystems
Oil palm plantations reshape human hunting
For trees, carbs are key to surviving insect defoliation
Mountain lions in greater Los Angeles moved less during Covid stay-at-home order
Captive breeding programme essential for vultures’ survival
BES response to UK National Food Strategy
Restoring forest biodiversity in Scottish Highlands
Red Dead Redemption 2 teaches players about wildlife
New method lets researchers rapidly monitor snow leopard stress levels in wild
New study suggests it gives predatory sharks and fish a crucial speed advantage
Raspberry Pi computers are helping revolutionize biological research
Scientists call for improved management of a weedy tree to protect owl habitat
Colombia’s increasing wildfires caused by institutional cattle ranching and land-grabbing
BES response to IPBES/IPCC report on biodiversity and climate change
An exotic herbivore reinforces competition between exotic and native plants
Managing agricultural biodiversity takes time
Nature must be a partner, not just a provider of services – Oxford report
BES response to government plans to tackle nature and climate crises
Tree species diversity is no protection against bark beetle infestation
Academics contribute to new report highlighting nature’s potential to fight climate change and biodiversity loss
Nature has enormous potential to fight climate change and biodiversity loss in UK, according to new report
Nature has enormous potential to fight climate change and biodiversity loss in UK – report
British Ecological Society announces journal prize winners 30 April
New report highlights benefits of bringing nature into our cities
EBird Data Used to Shape Eagle Management
Study finds rapid evolution in foxgloves pollinated by hummingbirds
We don’t know how most mammals will respond to climate change, warn scientists