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European Study: Decline in Suicides Linked to Suicide Prevention
Von der Leyen, Michel Address European Council Meeting Outcome
UK Invokes OSCE to Aid Belarus Human Rights Issues
Endangered Vulture Reappears in Bulgaria After 36-Year Absence
EU Commission Pilots Project with Bulgaria
UK drops in new global ranking for life expectancy
UK Life Expectancy Declines for Decades: Global Ranking
Security and Policing 2023
Study compares NGO communication around migration
Diplomats Visit Palestinian Families in East Jerusalem Facing Eviction
UNSC Fails on Women, Peace, Security Agenda
2023 Susan Ryan Oration
Implementing European Court of Human Rights judgments 7 March
World’s First Horse Riders
UN Warns of Global Fallout from Ukraine War
First Horse Riders Discovered in Ancient World
Bulgaria’s National Day 3 March
2022 Patent Apps Continue to Rise Despite Challenges
UK, Iran Agree: Abolish Death Penalty
IEA Chief Addresses EU Commissioners in Brussels
Biden Meets With NATO Allies on Eastern Flank: White House
Blinken, Dendias Hold Joint Presser
Secretary Blinken, FM Dendias Meet Ahead of US-Greece Dialogue
Activists Call for U.N. Walkout on Iran’s Rep at Human Rights Summit
IAEA Issues Safety, Security Guidelines for Radioactive Source Imports/Exports
New Radiocarbon 3.0 Tracks Humanity to its Beginnings
UN Calls for $5.6B to Aid Conflict-Ravaged Ukraine
16 Allies Launch Largest Space Project in NATO History
Ukraine Gets £Multi-Million Boost from International Fund
UN Urges US$5.6B for Ukraine War Victims
New Risk Comm. School Opens, Offers Simulation Exercises
Defending Bulgarian Democracy from Corruption
UK Sanctions Bulgaria Over Corruption Figures
IAEA’s Nuclear Emergency Network Reaches 40+ Nations
Albania Praised for Contributions to NATO
King’s College London Publishes ‘Murder on Waterloo Bridge’
UN Praises Swiss Offer of Asylum to Kurdish Family
UN Welcomes Swiss Asylum for 4 Kurdish Refugee Kids
Holocaust Education Gains Ground in Africa, Arab World and Europe
Rewilding Tasmania with Emus to Restore Fabled Ecosystems
Australia leads global task force to fight ransomware
Bulgaria: GRECO Report on Corruption Prevention and Police Integrity
Study sheds new light on demographics of ear-cropped dogs in UK
UK Tells OSCE: Russia’s War Violates Principles and Commitments
Law academic plays key role in judgment on same-sex couples in Russia
IAEA Gives Indonesia Final Report on Decommissioning, Waste Mgmt
Trophy unveiled as Perth set to serve up international tennis
UNICEF Backs Ukraine Holiday Campaign for War-Affected Kids, Families