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Massive Seizure of Contraband at Australia’s Largest Remand Prison
State Policies Can Increase Use of Anti-Opioid Medication
Medicare Approval Boosts Methadone Treatment for Opioid Disorder
NJ Medicaid Reforms Tied to More Opioid Treatment
UK Physicians Advocate Standard of Care Opioid Treatment for Incarcerated Patients
Racial Inequalities Persist in Opioid Disorder Treatment Despite Health Care Contact
Expert Urges Reforms to Tackle Overdose Crisis
Insomnia Drug Blocks Oxycodone Relapse: Scripps Study
Treatment for Opioid Addiction Falls Short Despite Policies for Improvement
Buprenorphine Initiation and Retention Trends
Buprenorphine Initiation and Retention Trends
Millions with Opioid Addiction Lack Residential Treatment
Research Shows Integrating Addiction Medicine into Primary Care Saves Lives and Money
University of Houston Leads Effort to Improve Opioid Treatment Access
Buprenorphine Initiation in ER Safe and Effective for Fentanyl Users with Opioid Use Disorder
Buprenorphine Initiation in ER Safe & Effective for Fentanyl Users with Opioid Use Disorder
Telehealth and Opioid Meds Cut Fatal OD Risk in Pandemic
Telehealth and Medications for Opioid Use Reduce Overdose Risk During COVID
Telehealth for opioid use disorder linked to lower overdose deaths
Reduced Risk of Overdose Death with Buprenorphine Post-Overdose
State Program Boosts Opioid Treatment After ER Visits
NSW Pharmacists of Year Honored in Port Stephens
Police Charge Two with Theft of over $100K Designer Goods
Man Charged in Op Amarok: Targeting DV Offenders
Overdose Deaths Don’t Spike with Prescribing Ease for Buprenorphine
Pharmacists Help Treat Opioid Use Disorder: Study
Combination Therapy Safe for Pregnant Women with Opioid Use Disorder
Methadone & Buprenorphine for Heroin Replacement Therapy
Psilocybin First-in-Kind Trials Look to Aid Substance Misuse
Despite soaring overdose rates, Americans face barriers to treatment
Buprenorphine use remained stable during first year of pandemic
Buprenorphine, Not Methadone, May Be Safer Treatment for Opioid-Use Disorder During Pregnancy
Covid lockdown did not lead to rush of opioid prescriptions
Half of patients in telemedicine program for opioid use disorder current with medication month later
CareConnect Lowers Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Barriers
Fentanyl Vaccine Potential ‘Game Changer’ for Opioid Epidemic
Racial, ethnic disparities in buprenorphine treatment duration
Police arrest four after Salisbury Park drug find
UK physician coauthors guidance on treating heart infection in people who inject drugs
Outpatient Visits Are Critical to Success of Treating Opioid-Use Disorder, Researchers Find
Survey reveals majority of physicians favor allowing telehealth to treat opioid-use disorder
Opioid addiction treatment disparities could worsen if phone telehealth option ends, study suggests
Video, telephone, in-person buprenorphine treatment for opioid use disorder during pandemic
Opioid addiction treatment disparities could worsen if phone telehealth option ends
Association between buprenorphine treatment gaps, opioid overdose, health care spending
Study Finds that CT Directs More than Half of Identified Substance-Exposed Infants to Community Supports
Do mandatory prescription drug monitoring programs effectively reduce opioid sales?
Increased Use of Telehealth for Opioid Use Disorder Services During Covid Pandemic Associated with Reduced Risk of Overdose