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Observing Unobservable: Models Predict Mechanical Origins of Earthquakes
‘Dialogic praxis’ enhances psychotherapeutic success for youth
Science breakthrough on curbing dengue
NIST Releases Version 1.0 of Privacy Framework
Lethal discovery in soil affected by bushfire
‘The blob,’ food supply squeeze to blame for largest seabird die-off
Team led by PPPL wins major computer time to help capture on Earth fusion that powers sun and stars
Scientific and Technological Developments in Groundbreaking Technological Areas Lead OFC 2020 Pr
Voluntary Limit-Setting Can Keep Intense Online Gamblers In Check
Biologist’s research offers insight on molecular structures
Street network patterns reveal worrying worldwide trend towards urban sprawl
Physicists prove that 2D and 3D liquids are fundamentally different
New helmet design can deal with sports’ twists and turns
Fisheries management is actually working, global analysis shows
Eugene S. Polzik Named Recipient of 2020 Herbert Walther Award
J-PAL North America seeks partners to research homelessness
Entering labor market in a recession increases mortality, Northwestern research suggests
Tuning optical resonators gives researchers control over transparency
Rising temperatures may cause over 2000 fatal injuries per year in US
Engineers develop “chameleon metals” that change surfaces in response to heat
Medicaid expansion associated with fewer total opioid overdose deaths across U.S
Gasification goes green
Plants speak ’roundworm’ for self-defense, study shows
Federal Reserve Board announces appointment of chairs and deputy chairs of Federal Reserve Banks
SuperTIGER on its second prowl – 130,000 feet above Antarctica
Satellite constellations harvest energy for near-total global coverage
Grant lets marine biologist pursue bioinspired study of jellyfish
Quantum Information Edge launches to accelerate quantum computing R&D for breakthrough science
NASA Awards Contract for Aircraft Operations Support
Seven Nominations Sent to Senate
Julia Ortony: Concocting nanomaterials for energy and environmental applications
Synthetic neurons project offers platform for disease treatment, further brain research
CUORE Underground Experiment Narrows Search for Rare Particle Process
Large ‘herbivores of sea’ help keep coral reefs healthy
WSU researcher joins international call to halt massive insect decline
Contemporary visions of leadership in Africa explored in new book
Survey finds public support for two California firearm policy proposals
Telescope upgrade, move will aid in search for exoplanets
Toward a smarter way of recharging aquifer
“She” goes missing from presidential language
Researcher helps fill in family tree of shy mountain beaver
Dancing debris, moveable landscape shape Comet 67P
Yale School of Public Health launches Center for Climate Change and Health
Birds and Bats: Evolving to Fly May Have Had Big Effect on Gut Microbiome
New Knight Campus bioengineer advances bone repair research
Finding true potential of algorithms
Get ready for a bumpy ride: cybersecurity trends in 2020
Heart health warning as Australians face smoke haze