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Surveillance pathway tells cells when they run low on lipids
New molecular subset of pediatric liver cancer identified
Chemists skew odds to prevent cancer
Ludwig MSK study modeling tumor evolution reveals vulnerability for cancer prevention and therapy
Nine Cambridge scientists among new Fellows announced today by Royal Society
Crystal study may resolve DNA mystery
Community health educators help Latinas access breast cancer prevention and treatment
Cancer origin identified through cell ‘surgery’ – new research
Bonniefield champion raises $30,000 for cancer research
Cancer rates declining in Canada but cases, deaths increasing because of demographic factors
Three Simple Interventions for Cancer Prevention in Older People
Indonesia takes an impressive step toward cervical cancer control
Molecular glue for turning on human cell pluripotency
Combination of three simple treatmentscould help lower invasive cancer risk by 61% among adults aged 70+
Rice trains postdocs for nano-cancer future
New factors that can predict breast cancer recurrence defined
Vitamin E can boost immunotherapy responses by reinvigorating dendritic cells
Cancer Council calls on all political parties to reduce impact of cancer, as federal election campaign gets firmly underway
Quality Control for Single Cell Imaging
MUSC Hollings Cancer Center director receives AACR Distinguished Service Award
Accounting for genetic factors that cause normal variations in PSA levels may improve accuracy of prostate cancer detection
IAEA Helps Combat Skin Cancer in Namibia
Houston Methodist researchers identify an immunotherapy target to combat glioblastomas
Boosting liver mRNAs curbs appetite, body weight in obese mice
Funding boost to Make Smoking History
More than $2.4million in funding to continue to make smoking history
Greater awareness of key bowel cancer risk factors needed, new research finds
Improvements in equity and course completion important for HPV vaccination programs in Australia
Cancer incidence in China and USA
MD Anderson applauds Houston City Council for amending smoking ordinance to include e-cigarettes
Two distinct tuberculosis subtypes IDed – implications for personalized therapy
Researchers identify key complex for ribosome generation
How accelerated biological aging may cause bowel cancer
Tuberculosis induces premature cellular aging
Colon Cancer Is Skewing Younger
Computational approach enables spatial mapping of single-cell data within tissues
Backing Cancer Research To Save Lives
Increased Activity of Two Molecular Networks Could Explain Racial Disparity in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Deaths
New Type of Vaccines Could Help Against More Respiratory Illnesses
Colon Cancer Prevention Program at UConn Health Saving Lives with Early Detection
Researchers Awarded $2.6M Grant From NCI to Evaluate Relighting Behavior Among People Who Smoke
Researchers uncover genetic ‘bridge’ to leukemia progression
Study shows sunscreen saves skin
Single protein prompts mature brain cells to regenerate multiple cell types
Visualizing Invisible: New Fluorescent DNA Label Reveals Nanoscopic Cancer Features
St. Jude creates HPV cancer prevention awareness campaign to emphasize need for HPV vaccination
Study defines stem cell groups that drive myelodysplastic syndromes, finds potential targeted therapy option
‘Drug factory’ implants eliminate ovarian, colorectal cancer in mice