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Does breastfeeding lower mother’s breast cancer risk?
Rutgers Awarded $1.5 Million FEMA Grant to Support Volunteer Firefighter Cancer Research and Prevention
6 things to know about pancreatic cancer
Study provides new estimates of breast cancer risks associated with HRT
New study provides clearer picture on breast cancer risk and HRT use
Dermatologist’s top 5 tips for summer
Scientists show jet lag impairs immune response in mice
Team science advances breast cancer research at MUSC
5 steps to applying sunscreen correctly
Ultrasound Technique Offers More Precise, Quantified Assessments of Lung Health
10 myths about sun protection
Study suggests culturally sensitive breast cancer screening guidelines needed for transmasculine individuals
Genetic risk factors identified for prostate cancer
New intermittent fasting study finds dieters shed muscle, not fat
Dietary folate, magnesium, and dairy products may all help stave off bowel cancer
Four foods you should eat & three you should avoid to prevent cancer
Animation to bring clarity to dense breasts
Do microwave ovens cause cancer, and other common myths about cancer
AACR unveils call to action to address cancer disparities
Energy drinks may contain harmful levels of hydrogen peroxide, study warns
To prevent cancer, University of Southern California researchers look beyond traditional risk factors
Creating a healthy society
Pancreatic cancer risk indicated through genes
Following ‘Eatwell Guide’ diet could reduce your risk of dying early and lower your environmental footprint
New surgical approach for women at risk of ovarian cancer
Firefighters exposed to more potentially harmful chemicals than previously thought
Smoking strongly linked to women’s lower take up of cancer screening services
Dana-Farber launches new Center for prevention and treatment of BRCA-related cancers
Genetic tool can identify Asian women at higher risk of breast cancer
Revolutionary blood test could transform early diagnosis of lung cancer, study finds
Study IDs women who benefit less from 3D mammograms
Prostate cancer metastasis linked to revival of dormant molecular program
Broadening cancer gene testing is cost effective and could prevent millions more cancer cases worldwide
Rare Mutation of TP53 Gene Leaves People at Higher Risk for Multiple Cancers
HKUMed uncovers novel DNA repair network as promising cancer drug targets
Less than half of schools have robust sun hat policies in place to protect children
St. Jude researchers create an analytic tool that opens a new frontier of cancer discovery
Too many men avoid bowel cancer tests
Too many men avoid bowel cancer test kits
Brother-sister duo hoping to smash fundraising total to help those affected by cancer
Researcher discusses link between air pollution and COVID-19
Inherited mutation found among Brazilians increases cancer risk
New video series aims to improve cancer screening rates in northern communities
Australian men carry burden of occupational cancer
Larrikin TV star gives up booze to help those with cancer
ABC radio host calls on WA to sign up to Dry July to help those affected by cancer
Larrikin TV star gives up booze to help those with cancer
Aspirin reduces long-term colorectal cancer risk in genetically predisposed individuals