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New 20-Year Study Challenges Chromosome-Cancer Link
Research finds high levels of forever chemicals in paper takeout containers
Scientists Develop Epigenetic Fingerprint to Trace Chicken, Shrimp, Salmon Origin
Toxic Forever Chemicals in Canadian Food Packaging: New Study
Understanding Parabens: Why So Many Products Go Paraben-Free
Women w/ Mental Illness at Double Risk of Cervical Cancer
Obesity Increases Breast Cancer Risk for BRCA Mutants
Lynch Syndrome Awareness Day: Cancer Risk Soars with Common Genetic Condition
Breast Cancer Risk Similar for Progestogen-Only, Combined Hormonal Contraceptives
Obesity Increases Breast Cancer Risk for BRCA Women
HonorHealth Research Institute Adopts New Radiation Tech for Heart Disease
Impact of Cancer on Hispanic Patients and Caregivers Studied
Biomarkers May Aid in Early Pancreatic Cancer Detection
Marker for AML Therapy Response Identified
UK Scientists Find Way to Tackle Breast Cancer Risk
Anti-Nausea Drug in Prenatal Period Linked to Colon Cancer Risk
Hormone Replacement Therapy May Shield Heart and Brain Post-Menopause
New Study on Androgens May Lead to Breast Cancer Treatments
Nitrate in drinking water linked to prostate cancer risk
Less Melanoma & Extracutaneous Cancers in People with Atopy
Obstacles for breast cancer prevention in high-risk Black women
Black Women at High Risk for Breast Cancer Face Barriers to Prevention
Cancer Risk High for Women over 50 with BRCA1/2 Mutations
Epigenetic Age Linked to Lung Cancer Risk in Elderly Patients
Swap Meat for Quorn to Lower Bowel Cancer Risk: Study
UK Physicists Get £534k for Oral Cancer Diagnosis Device
Forever Chemicals Found in Farms: Levels Low But Action Needed
GeneType Test Benefits Highlighted in New Publication: GTL
Methotrexate Linked to Higher Skin Cancer Risk
Genetic Technologies announces registered direct offering
Risk Model Strategies Reduce Lung Cancer Screening Costs
Antibody May Treat Serious Liver Disease: Study
This World Cancer Day, it is time we all act on alcohol and cancer
February is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month
What’s in Shampoo, Makeup, Creams and Soap? Chemicals That Change You
Loyalty card data could help identify ovarian cancer symptoms sooner
Loyalty card data could help to identify ovarian cancer symptoms sooner
Loyalty Cards Used to Spot Ovarian Cancer Symptoms Sooner
Link between Ovulation and Ovarian Cancer Revealed in Analysis
Women’s Perception of Breast Cancer Risk from Mammograms Examined
First-ever genetic map to identify causes of sarcoma
Mayo Clinic researchers identify women with twice risk of cancer in both breasts
Global study identifies genes that cause sarcoma
Research Reveals Genes Behind Rare Hidden Cancer
Genes Behind Whale’s Gigantic Size Revealed by Marine Biologists
Tool Assesses Risk of Cancer, Heart Disease Using Family Data
Risk of Colon Cancer from Salmonella Exposure
Processed Meats Linked to Colorectal Cancer Risk