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High Salt Diet Linked to Hardened Arteries in Normotensives
Surgery Proves Effective Alternative to Chemo, Radiation for Early Metastatic Testicular Cancer
Human Blood T Cells Secrete Substance Affecting Blood Pressure & Inflammation
Researcher receives major funding award
Surgery Effective Alternative to Chemo, Radiation for Early Metastatic Testicular Cancer
EHRs Can Help Monitor Chronic Disease Burden
Daily Handful of Blueberries May Boost Brain Function
High Blood Pressure in Childhood Predicts Hypertension in Adulthood
High Blood Pressure in Children Linked to Adult Hypertension
Mediterranean and Low Fat Diets Benefit Cardiovascular Health
Mediterranean, Low Fat Diets Lower Death, Heart Attack Risk in CVD Patients
Exercise May Lessen Harmful Effects of Poor Sleep on Longevity
Atlas of genetic scores to predict multi-omic traits
Research on Heart Attacks Could Revolutionize Regenerative Medicine
Long COVID Increases Heart Disease Risk, Requires Better Monitoring
Ohio Diabetes Researchers Find CIDEC Protein Mitigates Obesity-Linked Cardiometabolic Disease
Social Media Use Linked to Eating Disorders in Youth
Transportation Noise Heightens Suicide Risk
COVID-19 During Pregnancy May Increase Obesity Risk in Children
AI Reveals Need for Healthier Diets in Long-Term Care Homes
Scientists Uncover Why Aspirin Works So Well: New Insights into Old Drug
Screen Breaks in Evening Boost Health
Sugary Drink Tax Boosts Pregnancy Health
Non-Invasive Retinal Scans Track Human Aging Inexpensively
New fluorescent method quantifies cholesterol absorption in endocytic vesicles
Low-Dose Radiation Linked to Heart Disease, Study Finds
Weight Loss Benefits Heart, Even with Regained Pounds
Regaining Some Weight Doesn’t Affect Heart Benefits from Shedding Pounds
Generating power with blood sugar
CT Angiography Detects Asymptomatic Coronary Artery Disease, Raises Heart Attack Risk 8-Fold
First Community Pharmacists Begin NQ Course Today
Clinical Practice Guidelines Recommend Plant Foods for Chronic Disease Prevention and Treatment
Genetic Tests Discover Heart Disease Genes
Walnuts’ Gut Connection to Heart Health
Sugar Reduction: Finding Optimal Balance
Research Aims to Standardize Lipoprotein Management
Being Fit Can Counteract Bad Effects of High BP: Study
Tools Aid More Accurate Obesity Risk Assessments by Sex, Ethnicity
100 days until Heart Health Checks gone for good
Road Noise Raises Blood Pressure: Study
Smokeless Tobacco, Cigarettes Pose Vascular Health Risks
UBC Treats Water, Removes Forever Chemicals Permanently
New UBC water treatment zaps ‘forever chemicals’ for good
Statin Use Varies by Race, Risk of Heart Disease
Public’s View of Obesity Changed by Pandemic: Survey
No obesity paradox: Waist-to-Height Ratio Better for Heart Failure Outcomes
Salt Restriction May Help Hypertensives
Research finds free meals for secondary students feasible, acceptable