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UNESCO Decision: Political Lobbying Doesn’t Help Reef
President Biden’s Statement on Continuing Crackdown in Cuba
COVID-19 response utilized to erode democracy in some countries
COVID-19 response eroding democracy & contributing to increased political violence
Statement on Journalist and Human Rights Defender Andrei Aliaksandrau
UN Human Rights Council 47 UK statement at side event on Assessing National Security Law in Hong Kong
Clampdown on Artists, Journalists: Cuba
Go8 universities committed to providing a safe, secure environment for students and staff
Mexican president suffers setback in country’s deadliest election in decades
Shrinking space for civil society in Russia UK statement
Digital rights key to inclusive and resilient world: Pandemic recovery
Escalating Attacks on Journalists: Pakistan
Global Coalition Urge Indonesia Minister of ICT To Repeal MR5: statement
Suspend, Revise New Internet Regulation: Indonesia
Report finds LGBTQIA+ youth curated social media ‘happy spaces’ online during lockdown
UN and OAS experts condemn crackdown on peaceful protests, urge a thorough and impartial investigation
Rights experts call for probe into violent crackdown on Colombia protests
Growth of satire during “age of politeness” saw worries ridicule could lead to abuse, research shows
Junta Bans Satellite Television: Myanmar
Chance encounter in a taxi helps bring Fringe Festival to Dubbo
Press ‘a cornerstone’ of democratic societies, UN says on World Day
End Threats Against Rights Group: Myanmar
Secretary General: European governments should show stronger political will to protect press freedom
Director-General urges investigation into killing of TV journalist Betty Barasa in Kenya
UNESCO & Columbia University collaborate on case law on freedom of expression in context of COVID-19
Director-General condemns killing of journalists Jamal Farah Adan, in Somalia
UK Government publishes first ever national action plan to protect journalists
Dealing with bloody taboos in advertising
Free speech debate a convenient distraction for Big Tech
New book examines role of literature in advancing political ideology
Director-General condemns killing of journalist Anwar Jan in Pakistan
New commitments to protect journalists’ safety by key actors at World Press Freedom Conference 2020
Anniversary of Protests in Iran
Academics in favour of universities refusing funding from nations connected to human rights concerns, survey shows
Despite drop in journalist killings overall, risks emerge
Coors forum highlights free speech in age of ‘cancel culture’
25th Anniversary of Fourth World Conference on Women
Self-harm content on Instagram: “self-harm or self-help?”
United States Designates Individuals in Hong Kong for Curtailing Promised Freedoms
Secretary Pompeo At a Press Availability 6 August
Secretary Pompeo Before Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Fiscal Year 2021 State Department Budget Request
Statement on Preventing Online Censorship
On CCP’s Orwellian Censorship on Hong Kong
Hong Kong response is censored
Freedom Online Coalition Statement on COVID-19 and Internet Freedom
New Bill to counter violent extremism online
Prisons, domestic violence and COVID-19
Marvell-ous discovery solves 400-year-old mystery surrounding poet Andrew Marvell’s double life as