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LHCb 2022 PhD Thesis and Early-Career Scientist Awards
Large Hadron Collider project discovers three new exotic particles
LHCb discovers three new exotic particles
Enchanting new dreamscape mural brings Albion rail wall to life
WW2 officer’s grave rededicated in France
ALICE makes first direct observation of fundamental effect in particle physics
Protecting Winchelsea’s historic village character and country charm
Makeover continues for Col Brown Rotary Park
Top shelf upgrade for Wingham Library
We’re catching-up with Crescent Head in May
Mass matters when quarks cross quark-gluon plasma
Curator Talks at Armidale Folk Museum
Town Creek revival for Nabiac
Largest matter-antimatter asymmetry observed
Homing in on Higgs boson interaction with charm quark
Rankine Street’s new digs open for business in Crescent Head
New chapter: Winchelsea Shire Hall reopens its doors
Council accepts funding for seniors program
Updates to Wingham CBD streetscape concept plan
Exotic six-quark particle predicted by supercomputers
Chinese sculptures on display at National Museum in Canberra
Country charm transforms Woombye’s main street
Council’s hand-up in building modernisation
Exhibition of Artists’ Works and Cultural Creative Products From Jiangsu Art Museum” in Sydney From Oct. to Dec
Triple treat from CMS
New Visitor Guide showcases unique attractions of Wollondilly Shire
Working to Understand Changing Flavors of Quarks
Vote to watch your favourite movies at Euroa Community Cinema
Scientists observe enhanced yield ratio between strange and nonstrange open-charm mesons
Excellent response to Merimbula boardwalk renewal planning
Wingham CBD project progresses to detailed designs
Twice charm: long-lived exotic particle discovered
Crescent Head’s Rankine Street revitalisation gets underway
ALICE finds that charm hadronisation differs at LHC
LHCb measures tiny mass difference between particles
Quick nip, tuck for grand old dame of CBD
Opening Nights to pre-sell VIP tickets for ‘Disney Princess – Concert’
A new lease of life for Sydney’s second-oldest shopping strip
Greens legacy bill to ensure a more inclusive and accessible Aotearoa to be debated in Parliament
Cumberland City to celebrate heritage with local awards
Council to enhance public domains and celebrate heritage with Place Design Group
New Cherry Ember tomato reveals stripey charm, bright flavor
Seventh Time’s Charm For Top Baby Name Oliver
LHCb discovers first “open-charm” tetraquark