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Stiff, Achy Knees? Lab-Made Cartilage Gel Outperforms Real Thing
Engineering enzymes to help solve planet’s plastic problem
Building Best Zeolite
UCI-led research finds circadian clock influences cell growth, metabolism and tumor progression
UCI-led study finds computation-guided approach to suppressing cancer tumor growth
U.S. FDA takes steps away from animal testing requirement
Building on moon and Mars? You’ll need extraterrestrial cement for that
Chemists develop new reagent for deelectronation
Understanding how rechargeable aqueous zinc batteries work
Major Alkaline Igneous Complex Discovered
Summer Researchers Offer Emerald Cloud Lab Optimization Ideas
Recruitment for G7 Pharmaceutical Assessor in Quality team
Recruitment for SSO Grade Pharmaceutical Assessor
Rotting fish help solve mystery of how soft tissue fossils form
Graphite changes to hexagonal diamond in picoseconds
Ancient source of oxygen for life hidden deep in Earth’s crust
Menthol in e-cigs could hurt lungs, UH research finds
Dual-plasmid editing system improves DNA digital storage potential
New at-home, saliva-based COVID test as effective as PCR in preliminary analysis
Three strikes and acid is out
Research centre to find sustainable solutions for textile waste recycling
UQ #33 in latest rankings
Easier and safer way to synthesize medicines
New low-calorie sweetener could also improve gut health, study shows
Researchers develop new way to calculate environmental impact of ammonia production
New approach enables efficient sample preparation for single-cell proteomics
Water can’t touch this sanded, powdered surface
Don’t fall for snake oil claims of ‘structured water’
Building Molecular Bridges: New Crystal Engineering Strategy to Design Ultrabright Fluorescent Solid Dyes
New crystal engineering strategy to design ultrabright fluorescent solid dyes
Kids’ noses can better fight Covid
Burnet teams up with Monash and BioCurate to develop novel HIV antivirals
Understanding importance of convective rain events and tracing their impact on catchment with isotopes
UW Spinout Company Receives $1.2M Grant to Fund Research and Development of Advanced Technologies
UCLA-led team develops new approach for building quantum computers
Light as tool for synthesis of complex molecules
Rensselaer Researchers Propose Affordable and Sustainable Alternative to Lithium-Ion Batteries
In DNA, scientists find solution to building superconductor that could transform technology
Research finds mechanically driven chemistry accelerates reactions in explosives
Engineers repurpose 19th-century photography technique to make stretchy, color-changing films
Research into effective lung fibrosis treatment receives funding boost
Turning fish waste into quality carbon-based nanomaterial
Scott Cushing Receives Funding to Build First-of-Its-Kind Ultrafast Electron Instrumentation for Chemistry and Quantum Research
Medium: UC simulations describe molten salt thermodynamics
KAIST Research Team Proves How Neurotransmitter may be Key in Controlling Alzheimer’s Toxicity
Researchers cook up new recipe for Pretzel-shaped peptides
Researchers discover new ‘origins of life’ chemical reactions
Could cyber designs deliver potent dual-action antibiotics?