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How genome doubling helps cancer develop
Deep-learning Optimized Suite Enhances ChIP-exo Peak Calling
HI-Virus in Brain Cells
Genome Doubling May Lead to Cancer Dev
Common metabolite may help treat autoimmune diseases
Secret to preserving stem cell identity over time
New drugs may block COVID-19 variants
New drugs could thwart COVID-19 variants
Research finds new drugs could prevent COVID variants
Proof of Helical Coiling of Chromosomes Confirmed by Researchers
Mitotic Chromosome Condensation Preserves Transcriptional Balance
Studying epigenetic regulation at single-molecule level
Histone Mark Decoded: Key to Gene Regulation in Cancer
Better Understanding of Birth Defects Paves Way for Regenerative Medicine
New Molecular Mechanism Found to Aid Planarian Regeneration
Common Liver Disease Trigger Discovered
Scientists Discover Unexpected Pairs Make Tiny Mouths in Plants
UVA Identifies Trigger for World’s Most Common Liver Disease
Reference Epigenome Maps Wheat Embryo Transcription, Chromatin Reprogramming
NIH Funds Penn Achilles Tendon Research Center for $8M
Pioneering approach advances study of CTCF protein in transcription biology
Unlocking Cancer Cells’ Inner Workings Unveils Interactome
DNA sequencing method lifts ‘veil’ from genome black box
Slit2 Signaling Linked to Ewing Sarcoma Growth
Mice Study Shows DNA Org. Changes Affect Regulation
Novel Epigenetic Mechanism Discovered for Seed Vigour
Developmental cell atlas uncovers new cell states
Developmental Lung Cell Atlas finds 144 cell states
Early life experiences can have long-lasting impact on genes
Early life experiences can have long-lasting effects on genes
Researchers uncover new role for BRD4 protein in repairing DNA breaks
Gene-reading enzyme razes and rebuilds DNA-winding structures in its path
Aging | Age-associated changes in microglia activation and Sirtuin-1- chromatin binding patterns
Vitamin C may hold key to improve efficacy of dendritic cell-derived anticancer cell therapies
Cracking enigma of how plant sperm is compacted
Short telomeres impede germ cell specification by upregulating MAPK and TGFβ signaling
Scientists develop cotton whole-genome design breeding platform
3D map reveals DNA organization within human retina cells
3D map finds DNA organization within human retina cells
St. Jude finds new way to identify ‘safe harbor’ for gene therapies
Genomics study identifies unique set of proteins that restores hearing in zebrafish
Research finds unique set of proteins that restores hearing in zebrafish
How many drinks is too many?
Scientists reveal how key cancer target could halt cancer spread
Researchers implicate multiple causal genes that drive type 2 diabetes risk
Motion of DNA linked to its damage response, ability to repair itself
Scientists discover new kind of synapse in neurons’ tiny hairs
Researchers reveal how key cancer target could halt cancer spread