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New cancer subtype may illuminate treatment strategy
Linker histone’s surprising partnership with single-stranded DNA
Mount Sinai Launches Neural Epigenomics Research Center
Sinhcaf-dependent Histone Deacetylation Being Essential for Primordial Germ Cell Specification
Strategy overcomes EZH2 inhibitor resistance in SMARCB1 mutated cancer
‘factory reset’ for brain may cure anxiety, drinking behavior
‘factory reset’ for brain cures anxiety, drinking behavior
Researchers develop new evolutionary approach for identifying proteins that functionally interact
Targeting “anti-tumor” genes to provide better treatment for leukemia
Investigating Drug Resistance, Recurrence in Advanced Prostate Cancer
Epigenetic regulator explains why some lung cancer patients become resistant to common therapeutics
Leukemia patients with certain gene regulation patterns may be less likely to respond to CAR T therapy
Metaphor for epigenetic inheritance
Research sheds light on why immunodeficiency affects only one identical twin
Mapping chromatin landscape reveals determinants of placental stem cell identity
University of Ottawa scientists collaborate with Yale to unlock mystery rooted in deepest past of evolution
Discovering molecular ‘team-work’ underlying nitrate assimilation in unicellular red alga
Researchers Identify Key Regulator of Malaria Parasite Transmission
Genomic regulatory map of zebrafish
CDI lab discovers novel mechanism of immune ‘memory,’ with vaccine implications
Study uncovers ‘grammar’ behind human gene regulation
Researchers resolved human transcription factor regulation
Scientists discover new mechanism involved in learning and memory
Identification of a unique “switch” for blood vessel generation
Ground-Breaking Study Reveals Dynamics of DNA Replication ‘Licensing’
Researchers Uncover Transcriptional Regulatory Mechanism of Plant Pectin Biosynthesis
New way to alter DNA, affect health circumvents gut bacteria
Changing “sponginess” of cell nuclei help them decide their future
Secrets of regulatory T cell development reveal clinical possibilities
Chromatin architecture reveals vulnerabilities to neurodegenerative movement disorders
Live cell DNA architecture in real time
Phase separation underlies leukemia caused by NUP98 fusion oncoproteins
Up to our NECs in it: in-depth genomic analysis of rare carcinoma
In-depth genomic analysis of rare carcinoma
Caught on Camera: Live Imaging of Transcription Using Active RNA Polymerase II-Specific Probes
Scientists identify key RNA “gatekeeper” in gene expression, pointing to possible new drug targets
How molecular clusters in nucleus interact with chromosomes
Illuminating dark matter in human DNA
Shining light into ‘black holes’ in Arabidopsis genome
New recessive neurodevelopmental disorder identified
UVA Reveals How Gene Mutation Boosts Cancer Risk
Delicate dance of developmental genes
How do plants act fast to fight off infections?
New reader of H3K27 methylation
New clues toward treating pediatric brain tumors harboring epigenetic mutation
Growing droplets in matrix
BRCA1 mRNA expression in breast and colorectal cancer
New avenues for optimisation of dendritic cell-based cancer immunotherapies