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Ashurst advises Atomic Oncology on series seed capital raise
TMF Cosmeceuticals Pty Ltd fined $26,640 for alleged unlawful importation of ivermectin
Scientists Use Machine Learning Models to Help Identify Long COVID Patients
Scientists identify characteristics to better define long COVID
Mount Sinai Receives Landmark Gift from Royalty Pharma to Advance Health Equity
Allergic asthma, allergies may be risk factors for cardiovascular diseases
Excellent results for Research Excellence Framework 2021
Researchers find favorable tradeoffs of PSA screening for prostate cancer
Benefits of PSA prostate cancer screening found to be more favorable than previous estimates, especially for blacks
$375 million for new landmark Queensland Comprehensive Cancer Centre
Scripps Research scientists explain what makes COVID-19 antibody “J08” so potent
Biomaterial improves islet transplants for treatment of type 1 diabetes
New advances in brain region targeting may support future research in treating visual hallucinations
Fellowship to boost Australia’s drug discovery capabilities
Drugs for Celiac Disease May Be on Horizon
Clinical and translational research receives $61 million grant support
Researchers seek to improve success of chimeric antigen receptor-T cell therapy in non-Hodgkin lymphoma
New report outlines vision for safe, effective and accessible medicines in pregnancy
New cell therapy approach to regenerate cardiac tissue following heart attack
Ultrasound technology helps destroy liver tumors in rats
Immuron partner submits IND application to US FDA for new therapeutic
Fast-tracked: First in-human trial for aggressive brain tumours
Australian researchers in race to prevent prostate cancer deaths
Discovery reveals blocking inflammation may lead to chronic pain
Discovery finds blocking inflammation may lead to chronic pain
MRC/UVRI and LSHTM Uganda Research Unit unveils new facility to research infectious and non-communicable diseases
NRG oncology study of photon versus proton therapy for patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma completes accrual
Increasing Radiopharmaceutical Production with Cyclotrons
Comparing power training vs strength training on physical function in older adults
Pioneer in Cellular and Gene Therapy Saddles Up For New Frontier at CU Anschutz
Long Covid exercise capacity linked to abnormal blood clotting markers
Research duo brings breakthrough research to Western
How “calming” our spinal cords could provide relief from muscle spasms
PharmaAdvice: Why and how of reporting adverse drug reactions
Researchers use AI to prompt older adults’ participation in research
Study Identifies Potential Treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Device reduces sleep apnea in adolescents with Down syndrome
Researchers identify pathway that regulates lipid synthesis and contributes to tumor survival
New Study To Evaluate Magic Mushroom’s Therapeutic Potential On Autistic Adults
First comprehensive study reveals why Australians take medicinal cannabis
Can taking vitamins and supplements help you recover from COVID?
Strategy overcomes EZH2 inhibitor resistance in SMARCB1 mutated cancer
Study finds nanomedicine targeting lymph nodes key to triple negative breast cancer treatment
Filling gaps in immune system cancer research
Major discovery provides new hope for blood cancer patients
Unsuspected virtues of hot pepper
Better cancer care experiences with clinical research professionals
Biotech Developing “Tissue Therapeutics” to Treat Diseased Organs Launches from BU and MIT Labs