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How to know your colon is healthy
AI Predicts Future Activity of Ulcerative Colitis
Light state Capitol blue for colorectal cancer awareness
Karen’s simple test that saved her life
GPS for Smart Pills
Follow-up Colonoscopy After Positive Stool Test: Rates Reported
Negative Colonoscopy Not Guarantee Against Colorectal Cancer
Research Examines Colorectal Cancer Disparities in Black Populations
Support for home cancer testing
Hesitation towards potential changes to bowel cancer surveillance
Scientists investigating why patients don’t follow up with their doctors after receiving positive colorectal cancer test
Funding boost for research into finding new treatments for inflammatory bowel disease
Movie release prompts national conversation about colorectal cancer in Black community
Research reveals less expensive noninvasive test is effective alternative to more costly test for colorectal cancer screening
Colonoscopy-screening does not prevent colorectal cancer as well as previously assumed
Study Casts Doubt on Routine Use of Anesthesiologists in Cataract Surgery
Research casts doubt on routine use of anesthesiologists in cataract surgery
Capsule delivery of Fecal Microbiota Transplant has similar effectiveness to transplant by colonoscopy
New Crohn’s disease score improves monitoring among adults and kids
Researchers offer solution to help tackle patient backlog in NHS bowel cancer screening programme
Researchers offer solution to tackle NHS bowel cancer screening backlog
Scientists offer solution to help tackle patient backlog in NHS bowel cancer screening program
CHEST releases clinical practice guideline on perioperative management of antithrombotic therapy
Pairing imaging, AI may improve colon cancer screening, diagnosis
What we know about irritable bowel syndrome
AGA to join Fight CRC at White House to address colorectal cancer screening needs
Important information for GPs: National Bowel Cancer Screening Program
ACP releases two new clinical guidelines on diagnosis and management of diverticulitis
Evidence for extending colonoscopy schedule limited
Colonoscopies should start at age 45, new guidelines say