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La Trobe secures $6 million for research
Deadliest cancer receives Budget boost for specialist nurses
Cholesterol-Lowering Statins Prescribed Less Later in Day
High sugar-sweetened drinks tally linked to doubling in bowel cancer risk before age 50
Sugar-sweetened drinks linked to increased risk of colorectal cancer in women under 50
This Tiny Device May Help Scientists Cure Colorectal Cancer
Intestinal polyps in close relatives can increase risk of colorectal cancer
New test detects residual cancer DNA in blood without relying on tumor data
Nearly $500M a year in Medicare costs goes to 7 services with no net health benefits
Nearly $500 million a year in Medicare costs goes to 7 services with no net health benefits
Identifying Individual Molecules: NIST Study Suggests How to Build a Better ‘Nanopore’ Biosensor
Mayo study finds colon cancer driven by hereditary gene mutations in 1 in 6 patients
MD Anderson and Boehringer Ingelheim expand collaboration to advance lung cancer therapies
Largest public database on genetic variants that regulate colonic gene expression
MD Anderson and TriSalus Life Sciences announce strategic research collaboration to evaluate treatment of solid tumors
Study Reveals Function and Molecular Mechanism of Metabolite Creatine in Cancer Metastasis
Lynch Syndrome: Know your risk for susceptibility to cancer
2 UH cancer epidemiology studies highlighted nationally
Ultrasound may have potential for treating pain after chemotherapy: study
American College of Surgeons urges patients to schedule cancer screening sooner rather than later
Death of ‘Black Panther’ Star Sheds Light on Young Adults’ Colon Cancer Risks
Simple iodine will speed up drug discovery
Rural hospitals match city cancer surgery outcomes
Baskin lab identifies pathway for treating deadly melanomas
Regular meat consumption linked with a wide range of common diseases
A Proclamation on National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, 2021
Vitamin C infusions retained by cancerous tumours, new study shows
Dana-Farber announces initiatives for Colorectal Cancer Awareness month in March
ZJU scientists develop macromolecular drug for cancer therapy via extracellular calcification
Using predictive biomarkers could improve success rate of new cancer drugs: University of Toronto study
Going distance-insights into how cancer cells spread
Cancer and its treatment could impact survivors’ ability to work, says national report
Identification of three genes that determine stemness of gastric tissue stem cells
Take-At-Home Tests Boost Colorectal Cancer Screening Tenfold for Health Center Serving Minorities
New drug being trialled for aggressive brain cancer
Post-surgery death rates higher among cancer patients in lower-income countries
Strange Colon Discovery Explains Racial Disparities in Colorectal Cancer
A master cancer gene hijacks a ‘molecular crowbar’ to make breast cancer cells invasive
Thousands of patients may have undiagnosed and untreated bowel cancer due to COVID-19 disruption
Cancer Microbiome Reveals Which Bacteria Live in Tumors
Rare transplant aims to resolve woman’s long bout of cancer
Ludwig Cancer Research study reveals how circular ecDNA is generated and drives drug resistance in cancer
Cancer risk from obesity differs for men and women
Can mammogram screening be more effective?
New Study Unveils 3D Human Liver-Chip Emulating Premetastatic Niche Formation by Breast Cancer-Derived EVs
Kimmie Ng, MD, MPH of Young-Onset Colorectal Cancer Center Receives Colorectal Cancer Alliance Grant for Microbiome
Perfect solution for improving health of nation
Uniquely Human Gene May Drive Numerous Cancers