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Weight Loss Surgery May Reduce Risk of Colorectal Cancer
Weight Loss Surgery May Reduce Risk of Heart Failure and Premature Death
New front against antibiotic resistance
It Depends on Experience
Unique Cancer Drug Discovered With Help From Advanced Light Source Begins Historical Clinical Trial
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$8.9 million investment for cancer research
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$5 million for Australian participation in lifesaving international clinical trials
Health grants a big lift for researchers
A Rare Window Into Workings of Colon in a Live Animal
Promising target against Australia’s second deadliest cancer
La Trobe awarded $3m in NHMRC grants
Machine learning, imaging technique may boost colon cancer diagnosis
Nudge Increases Cancer Screening Orders, But Patient-Facing Nudge Needed, Too
Eliminating Common Bacterial Infection Significantly Decreases Gastric Cancer Risk
Bowel cancer rates after colonoscopy vary by provider
Achilles Heel of Tumour Cells
Researchers identify certain gut bacteria that may be involved in causing bowel cancer
La Marató 2018 supports UB research on cancer
Plant-based foods are good for both health and environment
Small molecule inhibitor shows clinical activity in lung and colorectal cancer patients
New insights into Queensland’s cancer burden
Researchers develop new treatment for rare genetic disorder
More accurate diagnosis for rare ovarian cancer type on cards, new research reveals
Fungal Invasion of Pancreas Creates Cancer Risk
UC Davis awarded new CRISPR grant to test novel approach to cancer treatment
Triplet-targeted therapy improves survival for patients with advanced colorectal cancer and BRAF mutations
Resistance to immune checkpoint blocker drug linked to metabolic imbalance
Web tool prioritizes health risks for postmenopausal women
Scientific proof that bowel cancer screening reduces deaths
Unlocking Cancer-Causing Mechanism of E. coli Toxin Helps Prevent Colorectal Cancer
A life-saving question – could this be sepsis?
Donors fuel generation of novel research
Providing More Testing Choices Does Not Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates
Sea snail compound reduces cancer risk
Text Instructions, Reminders Boost Rates of Colonoscopies
Preventing tumour metastasis
Exercise associated with benefit to patients with advanced colorectal cancer
Boehringer Ingelheim and MD Anderson form unique virtual research and development center to rapidly advance new cancer therapies
Balance of “Stop” and “Go” Signaling Could Be Key to Cancer Immunotherapy Response
IU Simon Cancer Center earns NCI’s Comprehensive Cancer Center designation