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Slater and Gordon backs testing calls for NRL players
Concussions and Impact on Athletes
NZ police acknowledge IPCA findings 16 March
ARLC approves changes to head injury protocols
Message from Health Ministers: Brain Awareness Week 2023
WVXU: Football helmets don’t protect back of head as well
Rugby Australia Responds to World Rugby Tackle Trial
Police lay charges over robbery of woman at Lake Illawarra
Increased risk of concussion-related injuries in away games
Police arrest man over robbery of woman at Lake Illawarra
Police seek information after woman robbed at Lake Illawarra
Diver struck due to ignored rules, says Maritime NZ
BU Study: Tackle Football at Young Age Raises Brain Decline Risk
Better Helmets to Prevent Football Concussions
Getting back in game after concussion
Police investigate affray in Windsor
VAR decision communications trials confirmed by IFAB
AI Brings Revolutionary Change to Brain Injury Research: Stanford
More Needed to Help People with Concussion/Head Trauma
More Needed to Aid People with Concussion and Head Trauma
Brain Injury Linked to Mental Health, Substance Use Services
Pediatric Trauma Team Cuts Radiation Exposure in Kids
BU Finds CTE in Nearly 92 Percent of Ex-NFL Players Studied
Caregivers Rely More on Social Media for CTE Info Than Doctors: UTHealth Study
Police lay charges after fight at Inverell
Brain health, concussions and sports: Is there long-term connection?
Concussions Linked to Poor Brain Function in Adulthood
Faster Recovery for Kids After Concussion: Study Suggests Early Return to School
Kids’ Quicker Recovery After Concussion Seen With Early School Return
UPMC to Acquire Leading Clinic in Dublin
Biden Makes Final Remarks Before Taking Flight
Intoxicated operators have no place manning heavy machinery
Head Injury Linked to Brain Disease in Athletes – Juniors and Amateurs Included
New carbon nanotube-based foam promises superior concussion protection
Greens secure Labor and Coalition Support for Inquiry into Concussion in Sport
How to Prevent Most Common Injuries in Soccer
Injured Wallabies to depart Spring Tour
Patent for first saliva-based concussion test awarded to Penn State and partners
Tiny molecules in breast milk may protect infants from developing allergies
Study Finds Multiple Disparities in Completing Care After Concussions
Police make arrest over unlawful entry/assault in Darwin
In young adults, moderate to heavy drinking linked to higher risk of stroke
Early Head-Neck Cooling Leads to Shorter Recovery Time In Sports-Related Concussion
Small-Molecule Drug Reverses Neural Effects of Concussion
Some screen time better than none during children’s concussion recovery
Number of children hospitalized for E-scooter injuries surge from 2011-2020
Synthetic playing fields for sports may pose increased risk of concussion in youth
Research quantifies college football players’ positions for risk of concussions