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Welsh Slate Landscape nominated for UNESCO World Heritage status
“We have found a fundamental shortcoming in air pollution models”
A sea monster’s genome
Eugene S. Polzik Named Recipient of 2020 Herbert Walther Award
Finding time to read has never been easy
Intelligent alarm to help doctors predict heart attacks
A sustainable future for Danish Christmas trees – with fewer fallen needles
Researcher dates last known Homo erectus remains
Ancient “Chewing Gum” Yields Insights into People and Bacteria of Past
Electronic pills can improve our health but create ethical and legal challenges
Rare find: human teeth used as jewellery in Turkey 8,500 years ago
AI experts from across Europe assembled in new units
Peanut allergy vaccine to rewrite immune system
290 new start-ups open every year
Making A Wheel Difference In Lives Of Lonely Older Victorians
Vital ingredient in everything from washing detergents to pharmaceuticals
Brisbane: A world cycling city?
University of Copenhagen prevents over-the-counter pesticide suicides
Climate change goes to war
Danish Health Research Becomes Part of International Space Station
Stress hormone helps control circadian rhythm of brain cells
Investigating power of group think
Soviet collapse saved atmosphere from 7 billion tonnes of CO2
Breakthrough: Researchers find key to making fluorescent silver
Ancient bone protein reveals which turtles were on menu in Florida, Caribbean
Travel advice for Denmark vs. Gibraltar
A global university with links around world
Grants to support Tasmanian women
Frie ord i Norden? – New perspectives on public sphere
How are psychiatric disorders linked to infections during pregnancy?
Researchers Find ‘Protein-Scaffolding’ for Repairing DNA Damage
Creating a nanospace like no other Scientists build a nanocage with antiaromatic walls
VEIL.AI enables efficient use of sensitive data
Brown and white body fat speak different languages
More knowledge on role of gut bacteria in diet and health
DTU helps to solve a big question about heavy elements’ origin
New center to replace oil and gas with sustainable chemistry
“Nordic cool” – a double-edged sword
ERC grant for research on unusual quantum state
Bid to reconstruct richness of prehistoric oceans
Copenhagen style bike lane for Wellington St complete
Bacteria contradict Darwin: Survival of Friendliest
Chinese activists protest use of traditional treatments – they want medical science
Why universities need to declare an ecological and climate emergency
NIH grants food scientists $2.6M to battle bacteria
Information and events for British citizens in Denmark
New discoveries map out CRISPR-Cas defence systems in bacteria
Healthcare for everyone must prioritise women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights