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Planets of binary stars: Targets in search for alien life
Planets of binary stars as possible homes for alien life
New measurements from Northern Sweden show less methane emissions than feared
Men with obesity can double their sperm count
Deciphering biosynthetic gene cluster for potent freshwater toxin
New method revolutionizes cancer diagnosis
Cancer vulnerabilities could get exposed by ‘game changing’ method
How plants colonized land
NATO Secretary General praises Denmark’s contribution to Alliance
Molar reveals that mysterious human species Denisovans could adapt to extreme climate
Fossil tooth unlocks mystery of Denisovans in Asia
University of Colorado School of Medicine research defines role of HDAC6 in regulating heart stiffness
Alok Sharma speech to mark six months since COP26
Not all is rosy for pink pigeon
Researchers mobilise to combat antimicrobial resistance
Scientists discovers new properties of magnetism that could change our computers
Research ship delves into ocean history
UK and Egypt bring more than 40 countries together to drive implementation of climate commitments
People high in narcissism less likely to comply with Covid mitigations
With theory of securitisation, it is possible to investigate security threats from wars to climate change
Obesity rates in Danish adults have trebled over past three decades
Denmark and U.S. Host Meeting on Situational Awareness in Baltic Sea Region
B12 deficiency harms young children’s development – food relief not good enough
As climate shifts, species will need to relocate, and people may have to help them
“It reveals just how complex machinery of sleep is”
Resilience of ecosystems can be measured from space
Parental type 1 diabetes can affect children’s cognitive development
Protected areas don’t always boost biodiversity 26 April
Research reveals superbug C. difficile can jump between pigs and humans, providing evidence of zoonotic spread
Protected areas don’t always boost biodiversity
Global Diabetes Compact: promising first year
From dawn of universe
Hubble sheds light on origins of supermassive black holes
German Research Foundation has approved new research unit dedicated to soil ecology
An AI model may predict elevated pancreatic cancer risk using electronic health records
Ancient DNA confirms marine mammal tuberculosis strains were found in inland people
UNECE and UEFA sign sustainability-based Memorandum of Understanding
Enzyme research paves way for sustainable biofuels
Sudden cardiac arrest kills one in five people but cannot be reliably predicted yet
Hubble spots most distant single star ever seen, at record distance of 28 billion lightyears
Why food crisis will pass
Keywan Riahi and Joeri Rogelj appointed to new European Scientific Advisory Board
Octopus-like tentacles help cancer cells invade body
Danish Pioneer Centre for AI marks its official opening
Assistant Secretary Donfried’s Travel to Denmark, Czech Republic, and Slovakia
Groundbreaking earthquake discovery: Risk models overlook an important element
NASA, ESA Assign Astronauts to Space Station Mission on Crew Dragon
Can poisonous sea snail replace morphine?