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Cardio-cerebrovascular disease history complicates hematopoietic cell transplant outcomes
Researchers ID condition with potential cardiovascular disease implications
AI predicts diabetes risk by measuring fat around heart
New markers for coronary microvascular disease identified
ACTG announces publication of REPRIEVE sub-study in JAMA Network Open
Normal blood pressure over long term is the key to heart health
Systolic blood pressure above 120 mmHg increases rate of cardiovascular disease
UPMC Heart and Vascular Institute is First in U.S. to Use Coronary Drug-Coated Balloon as Potential Therapy for Patients
Sleep apnea worsens heart disease, yet often untreated
Sudden Cardiac Death More Likely to Fell Persons with HIV Infection
Masonic Medical Research Institute researchers develop new imaging agent to detect activated platelets
New AI tool invented by NTU, NP and NHCS scientists could speed up diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases
New artificial intelligence tool could speed up diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases
Artificial intelligence to predict heart disease
University of Houston’s Humana Institute to Address Health Harming Legal Needs
Disease of smallest heart blood vessels is important global health problem
2016 U.S. presidential election skewed BP, heart rhythms in those with existing conditions
Work brings scientist closer to developing tests that could predict disease risk or identify disease
New COVID vaccine among recipients of funding injection
New machine learning-based tool to help physicians determine best test for chest pain
More belly weight increases danger of heart disease even if BMI does not indicate obesity
Scientists in California, Texas to study ways to help children receiving heart transplants
L.A.’s legacy of oil drilling impacts lung function in residents living near active and inactive wells
Academics partner with industry and policy makers on new research
New clinical trials facility
Wearable fitness trackers/step counters help overweight/obese to shed pounds
Genetic testing proves beneficial in prescribing effective blood thinners
Does Your Child Have MIS–19 or Kawasaki Disease?
Scientists bring polygenic risk scores closer to clinical use
World First Discovery Could Help Reduce Heart Attacks in Women
World Hearing Day: Dementia link brings call for screening overhaul
Start-up launches new laser tech to prevent heart attacks
Epigenomic map reveals circuitry of 30,000 human disease regions
S.O.S. to Women: Make Time to Care for Your Heart
Key PBS listing to save Australians with severe back and neck pain more than $20,000
Meds as effective as surgery for some heart disease