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Long COVID Increases Heart Disease Risk, Requires Better Monitoring
CT Angiography Detects Asymptomatic Coronary Artery Disease, Raises Heart Attack Risk 8-Fold
Managing your health during Ramadan fasting
Mindfulness can help diabetes sufferers
HonorHealth Research Institute Adopts New Radiation Tech for Heart Disease
Lack of Sleep Raises Risk of Leg Artery Blockage by Almost 100%
Caffeine Linked to Lower Diabetes Risk, Weight Loss
Gene Linked to Pulmonary Hypertension Could be Treatment Target
Coronary Calcium Scoring Guides Statin Therapy, Cost-Effective
High Altitude Shifts Body’s Metabolism
Women face higher risk after coronary artery bypass surgery
Women at greater risk of death after heart bypass: study
MOXIE cuts CV events in high-risk chronic disease patients
Obesity Linked to Diabetes and Hypertension in Women
Exercise Improves Heart Health in Postmenopausal Women
Women’s Reproductive Health Tied to CVD Risk: Imperial College London
Black Women at Risk: High BP Increases Pregnancy Complications
Women’s Reproductive Health & CVD Risk Linked
Black Women Risk High BP in Childbearing Age, Pregnancy Risks Rise
Researchers Probe Heart Attack Treatments in Pre-Clinical Model
First heart patients diagnosed using new fibre optic technology
Hypertension During Pregnancy Linked to Future Heart Disease
Swap Meat for Quorn to Lower Bowel Cancer Risk: Study
Radiomics Predicts Heart Attacks: Researchers
2% of Adults in Europe, NA, Israel May Have Heart Failure
New Drug Found to Reduce Inflammation During Coronary Catheterization
Genes Behind World’s Deadliest Disease Identified
Improving heart health by diversifying genetic data
Biomaterial Heals Tissues from Inside Out: Breakthrough
2 Common Heart Conditions Closer to Prediction: Investigators
Stroke Symptoms: Seek Medical Help Even If They Disappear
Stroke Symptoms Need Emergency Assessment, Even if Brief
COPD Patients at Higher Risk of Death After Surgery
Dietary Supplement Reverses Atherosclerotic Lesions
Research Finds Prevalence and Outcomes of Cardiac Amyloidosis via Nuclear Med. Bone Scan
Mt Sinai Researchers Create Digital Marker for CAD
Mouse Study Points to New Way of Reducing Cardiac Risk in Cancer Survivors
UPMC Western Maryland Expands Heart and Vascular Care
IAEA Conference Addresses Cardiovascular Disease Management with Imaging
Combo of bad cholesterol and high blood pressure may increase heart attack or stroke risk
Risk of Heart Attack/Stroke Rises from High Cholesterol, BP
Patients With Depression Less Likely to Follow Critical Medication Plan Following Heart Procedure
PET technique more effective than angiogram in determining need for coronary stenting, bypass surgery
New goal in fight against heart disease
Shingles in connection with increased risk of stroke, heart attack
New UVA Tool Helps Doctors Better Detect Cancer Cells
Powerful new tool to advance genomics, disease research
Research challenges role of “good” cholesterol in generally predicting heart disease risk