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Research examines cell receptor crucial for cardiovascular health
Research links red meat intake, gut microbiome, and cardiovascular disease in older adults
Women less likely to receive pre-hospital stroke care than men
New three-year quality initiative aims to eliminate rural health disparities
Genetic study provides evidence that alcohol accelerates biological aging
Women with stroke disadvantaged in critical treatment time window
ESC Congress 2022 – Press Programme revealed
Stress testing can help determine which patients are likely to benefit from heart procedures to improve survival
Natural selection may be making society more unequal
Study links Neighborhood ‘redlining’ to increased risk of heart disease
Mount Sinai Names Scott Scheinin, MD, as Director for Lung Failure and Transplantation
This gene may help explain why
Researchers identify, test novel drug that may stop heart failure progression
Coronary artery bypass grafting has potential benefits for patients over age 80 with reasonable surgical risk
Overlooked, undervalued: Cornell research seeks to elevate home care workers
AI-Based Image Analysis Automatically Detects Serious Heart Condition
Targeting specific protein in smooth muscle cells may dramatically reduce atherosclerotic plaque formation
Nordic walking improves functional capacity in people with heart disease
Examining association of Covid vaccines with risk of coagulation disorders, coronary artery disease, cerebrovascular disease events
Study finds few Covid patients get rebound symptoms after Paxlovid treatment
Age 40 is when busy Americans get least sleep
Single test could rule out heart attack in Indigenous Australians
PET Imaging Confirms Link Between Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Heart Blood Flow Impairment
Research reveals cigarette smoking doubled risk of developing heart failure
What will it take to transform obesity care for all?
What will it take to transform obesity care?
Low glycaemic index diet helps heart patients lose weight
Low glycemic index diet helps heart patients lose weight
Being unmarried is associated with higher risk of death in heart failure patients
Study links Being unmarried to higher risk of death in heart failure patients
Excellent results for Research Excellence Framework 2021
Novel cell atlas for multiple human tissues finds discoveries underlying complex diseases
Hypertensive pregnancy disorders linked to future cardiac events
Know and respond quickly to signs of stroke
Aspirin does not cut risk in non-obstructive coronary artery disease
Calcium supps linked to earlier death in older people with heart valve disease
Newly developed genetic risk scores could help patients, physicians make health decisions
Polygenic risk scores identify high-risk individuals in European and Asian ancestry, but less so
Risk of obesity is 45% higher among adolescents whose diet is based on ultra-processed food products
U.S. insurance claims show strong link between ED medications and vision problems
Link between dementia and atrial fibrillation
Recommendations on genetic testing for inherited cardiac diseases published today
High blood sugar and suPAR levels independently worsen Covid outcomes
Government subsidy boosts access to treatment for common form of heart failure
Scientist show how plastic exposure in pregnancy could explain low weight in newborn boys
Dixon GER technique outperforms clinical standard for unenhanced coronary MRA
Research challenges theory that light alcohol consumption benefits heart health
Reduced kidney function increases bleeding risk in antithrombotic therapy