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Implementing a vision for CERN’s future
‘Leaky’ noble gas behavior could provide missing link in predicting climate change
IceCube Collaboration awarded 2021 Rossi Prize by American Astronomical Society
Durham honours inspirational physicist
PolyU-made space instruments complete lunar sampling for Chang’e 5
90 Years of Neutrino Science
$570K grant to study scarce particles, dark matter
Using ancient minerals from deep within Earth’s crust to measure cosmic radiation
Nuclearites, a form of exotic space matter, found to be very rare
New mineral from Moon could explain what happens in Earth’s mantle
Key building block of life may have arrived from deep space
A Major Milestone for an Underground Dark Matter Search Experiment
Making hardware design open and free
NTU spin-off Zero Error Systems launches new radiation-protection chips for satellites and autonomous vehicles
A Billion Tiny Pendulums Could Detect Universe’s Missing Mass
A roadmap for future
Earthquake forecasting clues unearthed in strange precariously balanced rocks
Stellar explosion in Earth’s proximity
Testing time for pills in space
MDetect spins out from Swinburne: taking deep tech to new depths
Underground lab site prepared for dark matter search
Stawell underground laboratory on track
Natural Radiation Can Interfere with Quantum Computers
Age of Earth’s Inner Core Revised
Mystery gas discovered near centre of Milky Way
Exploding stars may have caused mass extinction on Earth, study shows
Glimpse into future with space makers
APS honors scientists for plasma physics excellence
Greenland bedrock drilling project to understand past, future ice sheet melting
Excess neutrinos and missing gamma rays?
Dark Matter and Multi-messenger Astrophysics 23 June
Observation of Excess Electronic Recoil Events in XENON1T
Dark Matter and Multi-messenger Astrophysics
Resolving particle acceleration in jet of Centaurus A
Thinking Small: New Ideas in Search for Dark Matter
Experiments expose how powerful magnetic fields are generated in aftermath of supernovae
Shock waves created at NIF mimic astrophysical particle accelerators powered by exploding stars
Cosmic rays throw up surprises, again
Fresh antimatter study by ALICE will help with search for dark matter
Cosmic rays may have left indelible imprint on early life, Stanford physicist says
Shining Light on Smog
CLOUD at CERN reveals a new mechanism behind urban smog
Scientists Solve Mystery of Spontaneous Smog Formation
Catching nuclear smugglers: Fast algorithm could enable cost-effective detectors at borders
Major upgrades of particle detectors and electronics prepare CERN nuclear physics experiment to stream a tsunami
Innovative model of dynamic magnetic field that surrounds Mercury
Visualizing Heliosphere, Our Solar System’s Protective Bubble
Particle beam could help map Earth’s magnetic field to understand how space weather impacts planet