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HSF advises Eurazeo on investment in regional data center operator Etix
Antarctic sea ice hits new low for second year
Self-Driving Cars Could Drive Global Carbon Emissions
NASA Grants Contract for Langley Research, Science Services
Alt Framework Tames Big Data Costs: Distributed Computing
New Etching Method Boosts Smartphone Circuit Performance
Interactive Antarctic Sea-Ice Tool Launched Feb 21, 2023
First steps towards more climate-friendly streaming
Sea ice extent was lowest on record in January
Footprints of galactic immigration uncovered in Andromeda galaxy
Lightning-Fast Matrix Multiplication Achieved
Kilonova System Discovered: First of Its Kind
New Ocean Data System Developed by Chinese Academy of Sciences
Is your gas stove really hurting you and your family?
Citizen Scientists Spot Vanishing Stars
Billions of Objects Discovered in Galactic Survey
Radware Launches Cloud Security in AU, NZ
Self-Driving Cars Could Cause Carbon Emissions Spike
Schneider Electric, BitSight Partner to Enhance OT Cybersecurity Detection
Self-Driving Cars Could Contribute to Global Carbon Emissions
’13 Reasons Why’: Seasonal Changes Explain Controversial Findings
Researchers develop all-optical approach to pumping chip-based nanolasers
All-Optical Pumping of Chip Nanolasers Developed by Researchers
Sue Marlais selected as LLNL’s chief information officer
Ming-Jun Li Wins 2023 John Tyndall Award
Ultrafast writing with light
U.S. Department of State Releases a Request for Proposals for Multi-Billion Dollar “Evolve” Acquisition to Modernize U.S. Diplomatic
Researchers build powerful model to find new drugs
Scientists realize high-speed uni-traveling-carrier photodiode
Schneider Electric Makes eConversion Default Mode for its Galaxy V-Series UPSs
NIST Publishes SP 800-215: Guide to Secure Enterprise Network Landscape
Digital twin intelligent system for industrial internet of things-based big data management and analysis
Largest potentially hazardous asteroid detected in eight years
At data centers, search for sustainable cyberinfrastructure
UVA Research Could Help Make Computing Less of Energy Hog
Dr. Manel Esteller, director of Josep Carreras Leukemia Research Institute
UO computer scientist furthers AI research through NSF grant
World Premiere of New All-Electric Lexus UX 300e
UO computer scientist furthers AI research through grant
Learning on edge
This new computer chip is ideal for AI
Uncovering secrets of materials degradation in lithium-ion battery
Study Reveals Daily Surface Temperature of 160 Lakes over Tibetan Plateau during 40 Years
Gut bacteria may contribute to susceptibility to HIV infection
LAMOST Releases Its Eighth Data to Astronomers Worldwide
Neural net computing in water
Potential first traces of universe’s earliest stars
Scientists develop tech to manage two-way power flow to commercial buildings