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How to harness physical activity for mood boost
Research Finds Poor Sleep Tied to Long-Term Cardiovascular Risk
Research Unravels Pain-Sleep Link with Spinal Stimulation
UNM researcher uncovers why we shouldn’t sleep on sleep for teens
USPSTF recommendation statement on screening for obstructive sleep apnea in adults
Time-restricted feeding can alleviate excessive dark-phase sleepiness, ZJU scientists discover
Poor quality sleep may be linked to heightened risk of irreversible sight loss
Sleep as new 8th measure of cardiovascular health
Myotonic dystrophy: GABA receptors implicated in sleepiness, via mouse model
GABA receptors implicated in sleepiness, via mouse model
Rehospitalization is lower in adults with heart disease treated for comorbid sleep apnea
Insomnia increases likelihood of memory decline in older adults, according to new research
Obstructive sleep apnea linked to increased risk of cancer, decline
Good sleepers have lower risk of heart disease and stroke
Device reduces sleep apnea in adolescents with Down syndrome
“It reveals just how complex machinery of sleep is”
Risky driving behaviors increase as common sleep disorder worsens
Insomnia could increase people’s risk of type 2 diabetes, study finds
How Sleep Deprivation Impacts Mental Health
‘Maladaptive’ coping mechanisms contribute to poor sleep quality
Light-based wearable to detect sleep apnea
New course to put dentists on frontline in managing sleep issues
Sleep problems pervasive and persistent among children with epilepsy
Prescribe fewer antidepressants, and for shorter periods, doctors advised
Is childrens reading ability affected by their sleep?
Is children’s reading ability affected by their sleep?
Snooze for science and help find therapy for sleep apnoea
More sleep boosts teens’ ability to cope with pandemic
High levels of suicidal ideation and depression symptoms observed during lockdown
Obstructive sleep apnea is common in kids and may impact blood pressure, heart health
Nemours cardiologist chaired American Heart Association statement on sleep apnea and children
Getting kids on regular sleep schedule after virtual year
Covid boost for sleep
Kids’ sleep: check in before you switch off
High physical activity levels may counter serious health harms of poor sleep
Physical activity may counter serious health harms of poor sleep
Sleep apnea worsens heart disease, yet often untreated
Artificial intelligence predicts brain age from EEG signals recorded during sleep studies
Sleep characteristics predict cannabis use, binge drinking in teens and young adults
New insomnia treatment gets nod
Indigenous kids are losing sleep
Better sleep helps heart patient activity
Protein involved in removing Alzheimer’s buildup linked to circadian rhythm
New insights into sleep problems
Obstructive Sleep Apnea Risk Varies in Patients with Different Types of Epilepsy
Improving prediction of Parkinson’s Disease
Surgery may be a ‘dream come true’
Meditation-relaxation therapy may offer escape from terror of sleep paralysis