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Researchers Propose New Host Configuration for Lithium Anodes
Solid State and Liquid State Electrolytes Used in Batteries Share Similarity, Study Finds
Scientists uncover link between language gene mutations and speech problems
High-Speed Two-Photon Microscope Enhances Biological Imaging
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Metal trees in battery
Progress in alternative battery technology
Thermal Healing Recycles Garnet Solid Electrolytes for Lithium-Dendrite Penetration
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Smart Layer Boosts Durability and Efficiency of Solid-State Batteries
Cathode Coating Reduces Degradation of Solid-State Lithium Metal Batteries
Advanced Technologies Extend Electric Vehicle Lifespan
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Mysterious Cave Formations Found in Battery
Magnificent wiring
Neural Network Memory: Key Factors
Receptor location matters for psychedelic drug effects
Psychedelic Drug Effects Depend on Receptor Location
Psychedelic Drug Effects Depend on Receptor Location
Giant step forward in understanding autism
Fast-Charging Li-Metal Batteries Closer to Reality
Diverse Neural Connections Key to Reliable Perception
Small, Diverse Neural Connections Make Perception Reliable, Efficient
Mechanical Forces Aid Nervous System Corrections
Fruit flies grow brainy on poor diet
Fruit Flies Show Cognitive Improvement on Low-Nutrient Diet
Glial Cells Boost Memory Function
Next-Gen Solid Electrolyte ‘Stable’ Even in Atmosphere
Could Synapse Discovery Help Slow Brain Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease?
Epilepsy May Impair Memory: Study Finds
Head-mounted microscope measures neuron activity
Towards stable aqueous Zn-ion batteries
Silent synapses are abundant in adult brain
Neuroscientists throw light on how brain cells deep in cortex work in freely moving mice
Engineers solve mystery on path to smaller, lighter batteries
Atomically-thin ribbons can dramatically improve batteries needed for clean transport, as well as solar power
Scientists identify novel essential non-nuclear roles of spliceosome protein during neuronal connectivity
Water for drinking? Nope, water for batteries
Physicists have proposed theory of solidification of iron-nickel alloy
New protocol for light-sheet live imaging of C. elegans adults emerges from embryology course
New protocol for light-sheet live imaging of C. elegans adults emerges from woods hole embryology course
Gene involved in neuronal structure and function may protect against Alzheimer’s
Part-time ‘janitor’ cell cleans up nervous system when normal janitors die
Small-Molecule Drug Reverses Neural Effects of Concussion
Anton Receives NIH High Risk-High Reward Grant
Keys to keeping your brain healthy
Nerves on spot
Researchers Invent New Hybrid Electrolyte for High Performance Li-ion Batteries