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Statement by Minister Chagger on Raoul Wallenberg Day 18 January
Netherlands violates nationality rights: UN rights committee
Release Biloela family from immigration detention
Union blueberry investigation uncovers evidence that Chinese people smugglers are trafficking slave workers
Christmas warning on ATO scam
Taking pulse of local politics
Funding boost for rape and domestic abuse support
Prenatal safety net: Mobile clinic gives free services to Detroit moms
Zurich Was Linked to Slavery through State Bonds, Trade and Plantations
Police issue warning after QPS phone numbers used in scams
COVID-19 exacerbates issues for women on temporary visas Monash study finds
Today’s immigration policies rooted in long history, author says
Before international travel resumes, airport asylum procedures should be fixed
Study recommends permanent residence for immigrants in Temporary Protected Status
Doctors Call On Government To Stop Punishing Refugees
Threatening extortion scams target the Chinese community in WA
Detainee distributing child exploitation images shows need for new mobile phone seizure powers
Why Some are Racists
Why Some are Racists
Urgent action needed to provide safety and support for migrant and refugee victims of domestic violence
Statement by Minister Guilbeault on Day of Commemoration of Great Upheaval
NSW Police issue warning to Chinese students after rise in ‘virtual kidnappings’
International students being ripped off in Australia
Scams target all sections of Australian society including CALD and Indigenous communities
Multicultural and settlement services support women experiencing family violence, research finds
New research released on risks for undocumented workers in COVID-19 pandemic
Statement by Minister of Foreign Affairs on anniversary of deportation of Crimean Tatars
Economic benefits of illegal immigration outweigh costs, Baker Institute study shows
Forced returns of migrants must be suspended in times of COVID-19
Laws of war and how governments are legally responding to COVID-19
Updates on Health Impact and Assistance for American Citizens Abroad
New set of rights for victims of crime
National to look at reciprocal deportation law
Scammers fleece $13.6 million from WA victims in 2019
Landmark High Court ruling confirms Aboriginal Australians are not “aliens” under Constitution
Unqualified Bolton Immigration Adviser given Community Order
Statement by Minister Chagger on Raoul Wallenberg Day
New book about hospitality and migration
Man arrested after deportation from Turkey
Savvy scammers exploiting deadlines to target Aussies
Green Party ensures vital human rights and process safeguards will be inserted in new anti-terrorism law
Australia must stop discriminating against refugees with disabilities
UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television announces 2019-2020 theater season
Brandon Judd: “Supreme Court Decision is Victory for All”
Statement on Medical Deferred Action Program – August 31, 2019
FECCA calls for compassionate grounds to be considered in case of Tamil family’s visa bid
Hard work of disability advocates rewarded with VISA policy changes
Statement by Minister Rodriguez and Minister Joly on Day of Commemoration of Great Upheaval