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Liver transplants from drug overdose deaths rose sharply during Covid pandemic
Can sniffer dogs really detect COVID almost as well as a PCR test?
Reliable diagnostics at tip of your finger
Australian research reveals how deficiency affecting one in three people can be avoided
Change of temperature causes whole body reprogramming
Prioritisation of semaglutide supply for people with type 2 diabetes during shortage
Why people with sleep apnoea develop high blood pressure and diabetes
More cardiovascular disease in lean people with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease than
Research institute hosts first annual festival of sensing
New report shows progress and missed opportunities in control of NCDs at national level
‘Control sugar levels sooner to guard against heart attacks’ reveals new study into type 2 diabetes
Taking ownership of your health
Sisters plea to find answers to diabetes pandemic
Calling time on poor health in contact centres
Strength in Unity: CU Diabetes Research Center Boosts Collaboration
Hypertensive pregnancy disorders linked to higher risk of cardiac events later in life
Multi-tasking wearable continuously monitors glucose, alcohol, and lactate
Men’s Health Education Rurak Van: Bland Shire
Seniors urged to prepare for flu season
Just three per cent of adults with recording of overweight or obesity in primary care
Women advised to wait at least two years after weight loss surgery before trying for baby
What to know about flesh-eating bacteria
University of Missouri grant will help research lack of breastfeeding in rural Missouri
Political parties make promises on rural health
Benefits of exercise may vary greatly in primary mitochondrial disease
White House Announces Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health in September
Healthy lifestyle helps to prevent gestational diabetes in those at highest genetic risk
Skin Cancer in People of Color
Ana Quiñones’ research aims to eliminate health disparities
Combination of drugs for obesity and Type 2 diabetes may be more effective than single therapy
Heart Week 2022: two-thirds of at-risk Aussies ignoring vital heart check-ups
Childhood obesity increases risk of Type 1 diabetes
Donahue, Young Awarded NIH Grant to Study Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support
Language that belittles or blames patients is overdue for change
Im first Endometriosis Nurse Coordinator in Victoria
Japanese population projected to live longer without dementia
Study links Poor diet to increased diabetes risk across all gradients of genetic risk
Living near fast food restaurants in South Asia may increase risk of Type 2 diabetes
Parental type 1 diabetes can affect children’s cognitive development
Thyroid hormone replacement undertreatment linked to worse hospital outcomes
Retina is not sparged by SARS-CoV-2
Hobart to host major dementia expo
Low-Calorie Diet Alters Gut Microbiome and Delays Immune Aging
What is toe jam? From harmless gunk to a feast for bugs
Intense exercise while dieting may reduce cravings for fatty food
Intense exercise while dietingcould help lower cravings for fatty food
Flexible printable electrical patches for accelerated wound healing
Bioengineers visualize fat storage in fruit flies