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NIH scientists identify nutrient that helps prevent bacterial infection
Brief encounters: how fleeting protein interactions shape health
Integrated approach needed to increase agricultural production and fishery in Dutch Caribbean
Short term low carbohydrate diet linked to remission of type 2 diabetes
CSIRO part of international study that finds low carb diets can reverse type 2 diabetes
Examining Therapeutic Targets for Kidney Disease
High insulin levels during childhood a risk for mental health problems later in life, study suggests
Lipid biomarkers in urine can determine type of asthma
Early research shows promise for therapeutics that delay Type 2 Diabetes
New Instrument Will Uncover Structure and Chemical Composition on Sub-Cell Scale
NTU Singapore scientists develop oral insulin nanoparticles that could one day be an alternative to injections
Pillar-like molecules as biosensors for metabolites
Post-Surgical Patch Releases Non-Opioid Painkiller Directly to Wound
New Statistical Method Exponentially Increases Ability to Discover Genetic Insights
How Medical Schools Can Transform Curriculums to Undo Racial Biases
Not just a guys’ club: resistance training benefits older women just as much as older men
Long-Term Study Finds Dozens of New Genetic Markers Associated with Lifetime Bone Growth
New study to shed light on microbiome’s relationship to pancreatic cancer
AI algorithms detect diabetic eye disease inconsistently
Cincinnati Edition: COVID ‘long haulers’ face symptoms months after contracting virus
PBS listings bring greater hope in fight against multiple myeloma and severe psoriasis
Physical activity levels increased by smartphone apps and fitness trackers
Researchers develop lab-on-a-chip that turns blood test snapshots into continuous movies
UVA Tests ‘Radically Different’ Approach to Managing Type 2 Diabetes
University of Portsmouth wins first place in computing competition
Seeking to avoid ‘full lockdown,’ cells monitor ribosome collisions
Cancer risk from obesity differs for men and women
Emory sociologist explores links between lethal police violence and neighborhood health
Can Early Drug Intervention Prevent Weight Gain in Mentally Ill Children?
Cartoonist must be released on medical grounds, urge rights experts
Anti-inflammatory drug reduces vessel disease in diabetes
Testosterone can help prevent type 2 diabetes in men
Women face higher risk of death or heart failure following a heart attack: study
Water May be an Effective Treatment for Metabolic Syndrome
Study suggests sugary diet endangers waste-eating protein crucial to cellular repair
Cardio fitness notifications are available today on Apple Watch
Diabetes in dogs may indicate elevated risk of type 2 diabetes in their owners
New project to help tackle Type 1 Diabetes
Sucrose, ‘real’ sugar commonly found in sodas, can disrupt your appetite
Youth depression tied to higher risk of 66 diseases and premature death
Sense Glucose Earring could transform type 1 diabetes management
Tandem t:slim X2 insulin pump
WHO launches year-long campaign to help 100 million people quit tobacco
A new study in Melbournes west aims to prevent heart failure
HKU dietetics research identifies low GI diet a potential Type 2 diabetes prevention strategy
Study finds obesity contributes to 40% mortality gap between Black and white women with early breast cancer
Kidney and Brain Injuries Linked to Diabetic Ketoacidosis
Modified rye bran could turn unhealthy extruded snacks to healthy ones