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To save nature, focus on populations, not species
Black and Hispanic men saw worse Covid outcomes
Couple of studies reveal surprising new roles for spinal cord and brainstem in communication
World’s heaviest bird can be self-medicating on plants used in traditional medicine
How genes and small molecules affect our personal disease risk
Research reveals how common bacterium may spread from intestine
Genes that control our ‘metabolic individuality’ and disease risk
Research finds how common bacterium may spread from intestine
Europe-wide study on epigenetics of field pennycress
University of Toronto grad and her prof share research history that spans provinces
Researchers investigate how microbes that can both eat and photosynthesize might evolve in changing environment
Ancient DNA reveals a hidden history of human adaptation
Air pollution and stress contribute to low-birth-weight babies for Hispanic women in Los Angeles
Air pollution, stress contribute to low-birth-weight babies for L.A. Latinas, study finds
Best evidence yet that lowering blood pressure can prevent dementia
To be less sedentary, you may need more active friend
CRTAC1 is promising biomarker of osteoarthritis
Hair straightening chemicals associated with higher uterine cancer risk
Widespread variation of inherited retroviruses among Darwin’s finches
Study of over 5 million people’s DNA reveals genetic links to height
New way lactic acid can reduce woman’s risk of getting STI
Host-generalist Mistletoe Exhibits High Level of Outcrossing
Research reveals bed bugs produce potentially dangerous amounts of histamine
European genomics initiative to map biodiversity
Helping communities in need, wherever that may be
Rhombic lip implicated in origins of high-risk medulloblastoma
Universal protocols for Strep surveillance set to transform research for world-first vaccine
Rising sea temperatures threaten Atlantic populations of Bulwer’s petrels
New Crohn’s disease score improves monitoring among adults and kids
Putting ‘fun’ in functional training
How does nature nurture brain?
One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Researchers Find Significant Sex-Based Differences in Obesity Treatment in Mice
Mandated headgear may lower concussion risk among high school lacrosse players
Empty mollusc shells hold story of evolution, even for extinct species
Distress leads to higher COVID vaccine rates, less adherence to distancing guidelines
Tracking journey of mangroves in southern Japan
Finding Order Using Chaos: Synchronization of Spiking Oscillators Helps Build Physical Reservoirs
Synchronization of spiking oscillators helps build physical reservoirs
No, human brain did not shrink 3,000 years ago
Men have high probability of outliving women, especially married and degree educated
Broadly diverse genomes study reveals new susceptibility genetic variants for lung cancer
Broadly diverse genomes reveals new susceptibility genetic variants for lung cancer
Research offers clearest understanding yet of life cycle of supermassive black holes