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IAEA, FAO Launch Pioneering Protein Quality Database
Humans Killing Most Mountain Lions in California Despite Protections
Human-Caused Deaths Lead Mountain Lion Deaths in Calif
Novel Genes Linked to Schizophrenia Risk Identified
Brazil Researchers Study Hospitalized Patients’ E. coli Diversity
HKUMed: New Glucose-Lowering Drug Reduces Risk of Diseases
‘Staggering’ disparities: Homelessness risk varies across race
Evidence of Repetitive Head Impacts Causing CTE Strengthened
AI Boosts Detection of Lung Nodules on Chest X-Rays
Kisspeptin hormone injection could treat low sex drive in women and men
Kisspeptin Injection Could Boost Sex Drive for All Genders
Improving heart health by diversifying genetic data
Vikings Bring Animals to Britain Across North Sea
Scientists Document Two Separate Reservoirs of Latent HIV in Patients
Ancestry Influences Adapting to Environment: Study
New Neuroscience Maps Brain Connections
Red Sea Urchins’ Climate Change Vulnerability Depends on Location
UCalgary, WHO Find Hybrid Immunity Best vs COVID-19
How to Help People Break Bad Habit -Even If They Don’t Want To
Transcript for Vaccine Telebriefing
Funding of Autism Treatment Studies Lacks Effectiveness Analysis
Friends Help Ease Genetic Depression Risk in Stressful Times
Research Suggests Social Support May Lessen Genetic Depression Risk
Research Finds Dementia Risk Factors Unique to African Ancestry
Genetic Basis of Sharpsnout Seabream Mortality Identified
Sharpsnout seabream’s mortality during early life stages has genetic base
Orangutan communication sheds light on human speech origins
Twin Hyena Brothers Disperse to Same New Group
Research Finds Psychiatric Disorder Diagnosis Varies Across Geographies
Covid vaccine safety report – 15-12-2022
Study Provides Insight on Mobile Food Pantries, Charitable Food System
Inconsistent use of ethnoracial categories in biomedical literature on Covid
How rehoming Asian elephant contributes to conservation of this endangered species
To save nature, focus on populations, not species
Black and Hispanic men saw worse Covid outcomes
Couple of studies reveal surprising new roles for spinal cord and brainstem in communication
World’s heaviest bird can be self-medicating on plants used in traditional medicine
How genes and small molecules affect our personal disease risk
Research reveals how common bacterium may spread from intestine
Genes that control our ‘metabolic individuality’ and disease risk
Research finds how common bacterium may spread from intestine
Europe-wide study on epigenetics of field pennycress
University of Toronto grad and her prof share research history that spans provinces
Researchers investigate how microbes that can both eat and photosynthesize might evolve in changing environment
Ancient DNA reveals a hidden history of human adaptation
Air pollution and stress contribute to low-birth-weight babies for Hispanic women in Los Angeles
Air pollution, stress contribute to low-birth-weight babies for L.A. Latinas, study finds
Best evidence yet that lowering blood pressure can prevent dementia