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Microplastic pollution aids drug resistance
Novel 3D printing technique to engineer biofilms
Analyzing resistance to antibiotics of Helicobacter pylori infection
Unsung gene is key to how antibodies develop: University of Toronto study
Finnish researchers developed mini-breast cancer as new weapon against most common type of breast cancer
Genetic study suggests syphilis is back – and it’s global
Key step in how bacteria acquire drug resistance revealed
Antimicrobial effectiveness leaning to ‘tipping point’ resistance – FAO
New findings on bacteria that increase risk of pancreatic cancer
WHO releases HIV drug resistance report 2021
Hepatitis drug increases antibiotic potency, limits drug resistance
Silent Pandemic No Time To Wait
Awards & Accolades 17 November
Breaking down fungal biofilm defenses provides potential path to treating sticky infections
Going for gold to reduce antibiotic resistance
Targeting Stem Cell Signaling Could Halt Liver Cancer Progression Elucidating novel therapeutic target
Going for gold to reduce drug resistance
Proliferation, migration, & invasion of pathways: gallbladder cancer
Supercomputers joined fight against drug resistance
AstraZeneca advances ambition to redefine care for blood cancer at ASH 2021
Test determines drug resistance in less than 90 minutes
Zinc might help to stave off respiratory infection symptoms and cut illness duration
Lower drug resistance in intestinal bacteria with forgotten antibiotic
Promising new antimalarial compound discovered in McMaster-Hamburg collaboration
Identification of genes that cause resistance to treatment of pathogenic fungus Candida
New AI can predict virus mutations and help create more effective treatments and vaccines
Largest ever global study of tuberculosis identifies genetic causes of drug resistance
Novel mechanisms for establishment of intratumoral heterogeneity and drug-resistance in SCLC
Researchers contribute to study on possible alternative treatment for Lyme disease
Catching malaria evolution in act
Phage therapy research brings scientists step closer to harnessing viruses to fight drug resistance
Nearly half of world’s population lacks access to basic diagnostics
A novel “biological missile” targeting malignant tumor
‘Research autopsy’ enable scientists study why certain cancer therapies stop working
Pioneering software can grow and treat virtual tumours using A.I
Pioneering software can grow and treat virtual tumors using AI designed nanoparticles
Dog parasite is developing resistance to treatments
Novel assay reveals new mechanism underlying red blood cell aging
How resistant germs transport toxins at molecular level
New drug reveals promise in treating early-stage breast cancer
Scientists Find Pair of Proteins Control Supply Lines That Feed Cancer Cells
Researching resistance to therapy in BRAF-mutated brain tumors
Fight is on to beat exotic diseases
Grant support for crucial health and medical research
UPMC Implements Infectious Disease Technology
PrEP updates and new products at IAS 2021
World leaders and experts call for significant reduction in use of antimicrobial drugs in global food systems
Calycosin inhibits breast cancer cell migration and invasion