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Spikes in Blood Pressure Among Young Adults Spell Trouble in Mid-Age
Cataloging All That Creeps and Slithers
Artificial Intelligence Predicts Treatment Outcome for Diabetes-Related Vision Loss
Female Chimps With Powerful Moms Are Less Likely to Leave Home
2019 Was a Banner Year for Solutions-Oriented Research at Duke
Male Sparrows Are Less Intimidated by Songs of Aging Rivals
Observing Unobservable: Models Predict Mechanical Origins of Earthquakes
Learning How Molecules Function by Stretching and Tearing Them Apart
Using Microwave Patterns for a More Efficient Method to Identify Objects
Poop: It’s a Great Thing to Study. Just Don’t Keep It in Your In-Law’s Freezer
Research That Gets to Root Causes of Genetic Diseases
Cryo-Electron Microscope Captures Details of ‘Wasabi Sensor’
Fatty Meal Interrupts Gut’s Communication With Body, But Why?
Why Are Giant Pandas Born So Tiny?
Where Gold Mining Grows in Peru, Deforestation, Erosion and Toxic Mercury Follows
Stepping Up Fight on Climate Crisis, Now
A Rare Window Into Workings of Colon in a Live Animal
Young Adults with ADHD at Higher Risk for Nicotine Addiction
Study Suggests Way to Overcome Long-Standing Obstacle to a HIV Vaccine
Drug Tested in Lab Studies Halts Prostate Cancer Cells That Are Impervious to Hormone Therapy
Making of a Root
Innovative Model Allows Researchers to Watch Cancer Cells Spread
Taking Inexpensive Cameras Beyond Visible Light
A Microscope That Teaches Itself to Know Best Settings for Diagnostic Images for Malaria
Global List of Highly Cited Puts Duke in Top Ten
Duke-UNC Study Finds Progress on Opioids in NC, But Access to Treatment Needed
Duke-UNC Study Recommends Improved Treatment for Opioids in NC
Research uncovers first evidence of RNA-triggered phase separation
Duke Engineers Adapt Imaging System to Make It Useful for Minimally Invasive Surgery
Duke Purchases Meadow Flats in Orange County to Expand Duke Forest
Why a Leading Breast Cancer Treatment Works Is Still a Mystery. Answer May Lead to New Therapies
Researchers Find Simpler, More Effective Cancer Vaccine Approach
Low-Cost, Portable System Takes OCT Beyond Ophthalmology
Physics of Raindrops Cracking Windows May Help Demolish Kidney Stones
No Ordinary Gel: New Tools to Help Body Repair Brain and Muscle Tissue
This A.I. Birdwatcher Lets You ‘See’ Through Eyes of a Machine
How Stabilizing Disordered Proteins May Lead to Next Generation of Medical Applications
Duke-NUS Researchers Find Four New Strains of Adenovirus
New Approach to Stopping Breast Cancer Recurrence Shows Promise in Mice
Yale receives funding to study myasthenia gravis
Guiding State Officials on North Carolina’s Future in Autonomous Technologies
Are Soda Taxes Fizzing Out?
How Status Sticks to Genes
Statistician Receives European Research Council Grant to Aid
Humans Can’t Replace Limbs, But We Can Regenerate Cartilage. Here’s Why That Matters
Printed Electronics: It’s For Material as Soft as Your Skin
Machine Learning Is Providing New Insights When Biology Is Too Complex for Traditional Research
Taking Aim at ‘Dark’ Genome to Uncover New Therapies for Disease