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Secrets of ‘smasher shrimp’ property ladder revealed
Dull-Colored Birds Don’t See World Like Bright Birds Do
How Bats Carry Viruses Without Getting Sick
Vanessa Freije of UW Jackson School explores Mexican politics, journalism in new book ‘Citizens of Scandal’
Everything You’d Want to Know About Algorithms, Explained with Legos
Lab-Grown Mini-Lungs Mimic Real Thing – Right Down to Covid Infection
Pappu, collaborators awarded $7.5 million MURI award
Lab team develops first-ever living 3D-printed aneurysm to improve surgical procedures, personalize treatments
Duke to Lead Center to Develop U.S. Air Force Wireless Communications Protocols
National Academy of Medicine elects two Emory researchers in 2020 class
Why Some Churches Are Turning to Smartphones for Worship Service
Anti-inflammatory benefits from gut bacteria found in fish and humans
Pinpointing ‘Silent’ Mutations That Gave Coronavirus an Evolutionary Edge
Coordinated drought planning is essential for new Ethiopian Dam
Berkeley Lab Names Noël Bakhtian to Lead New Energy Storage Center
Hand surgeon and microsurgery specialist Dr. L. Scott Levin new Chair ACS Board of Regents
Why Biology Matters
Hongkai Zhao: Creating Efficient Algorithms for Science and Engineering Applications
India’s culture of coping with cancer
Researchers Discover How Malaria Parasites Withstand a Fever’s Heat
A Look at Duke’s Nobel Laureates
Fracking bill analysis reveals how states may influence each other’s policies
Future of American innovation to be assessed in report from Baker Institute, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
How Engineers Save Lives and Enable Human Civilization
Eye Bank of Ethiopia Wins 2020 P3 Impact Award at Concordia Summit
Seven Million Years of Human Evolution, Captured in
WHO endorses Burnet HIV diagnostic
$3 Million Grant to Help Pratt to Fill an AI and Materials Science Training Gap
Health, economy in pandemic topic of debate series debut
New Drug Candidate Found for Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease
Study reveals racial disparities in clinical trial recruitment and points to strategies to achieve more inclusive
Fundamental Concepts: What Is Rocket Science?
Your Cells Look Young for Their Age, Compared to
UNE Center for Global Humanities presents ‘What Makes Systemic Racism Systemic?’
Daily coffee consumption associated with improved survival in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer
Fundamental Concepts: Primate Evolution’s Tangled Tree
ORNL’s neutron facilities offer remote access experiment opportunities
Real Neurons are Noisy. Can Neural Implants Figure That Out?
Fighting breast cancer with nanotech, immunotherapy
Duke, Seen Through Fauvism and Machine Learning
How Close Are We to a COVID-19 Vaccine?
Sound Waves Replace Human Hands in Petri Dish Experiments
Quick Learner: What Is a Virus?
‘Floppy’ Atomic Dynamics Help Turn Heat into Electricity
While We’ve Been Away …
Miyake Research Group improves quantum computing algorithms
Brain Connectivity Like We’ve Never Seen Before
Scent-Sensing Cells Have a Better Way to Fight Flu