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OSA and IS&T Name Joseph Izatt 2021 Edwin H. Land Medal Recipient
UNDP and GISD Alliance Launch ‘SDG Investor Platform’ to unlock trillions on SDG-Aligned Investment Globally
Immigration: Complexities and Challenges
Mouse model closely reproduces human fatty liver disease
New Research on Integrative Health Effectiveness, Implementation, and Dissemination
Artificial intelligence can accelerate clinical diagnosis of fragile X syndrome
Antibody binding-site conserved across COVID-19 virus variants
Historical Native Hawaiian fight against climate change detailed in new book
Team Makes Cryo-EM Microscope Even Better Than Before
A Male Baboon’s Dominance Gives Him Babies, but Costs Him Years
COVID-19: Tsunami of chronic health conditions expected, research & health care disrupted
Mapping North Carolina’s Ghost Forests From 430 Miles Up
Stanford model reveals surprising disconnect between physical characteristics and genetic ancestry
Quick Learner: Autism Awareness
Increased Migration at U.S. Border Linked to Climate Change, Violence in Central America
CDC and NIH bring COVID-19 self-testing to residents in two locales
Big data dreams for tiny technologies
Roach-like bug lights way to understanding how muscles work
Check This Out: Molecular Chemistry Through Cooking
Soft Robotic Dragonfly Signals Environmental Disruptions
Three Triangle University Presidents on Role Higher Education Plays in Driving Local Entrepreneurship
Inflammation and Pressure-Sensing Leads to ‘Feed-Forward’ Loop in Osteoarthritis
Machine Learning Meets Maestros
Lung cancer resistance: key is glucose
Threats and Optimism: Vigilance Needed to Get to End of Pandemic
Threats and Optimism: Caution Needed to Get to End of Pandemic
Local law-enforcement policy may affect pediatric health care
Caroline Nesaraja: Providing nothing but best nuclear data
‘Hinged’ atomic structures open door to next-gen solar power materials
Lab Studies Of Emotion and Well-Being May Be Missing Real-World Anxiety
Pain hides in our data
Indermit Gill Appointed World Bank Vice President for Equitable Growth, Finance and Institutions
Vine robot models how roots grow through soil
With This Camera, One Snapshot Captures All of Light’s Data
Duke Technology Powers First Pure-Play Quantum Computing Company to Wall Street
ATLAS recognises accomplishments of its collaboration members
Statement on NIH starting enrollment for third trial of blood clotting treatments for COVID-19
Duke Starts Sequencing Covid Genes, Finds Two Known Variants
Author looks at portrayals of slavery beyond questions of freedom
Cancer Find Up for Year’s Biggest Biomedical Advance in a Different ‘March Madness’
Strengthened by Chaos, New Super-Hard Materials Will Stir Steel Together
Counting Trees in Duke Forest
Time-Lapse Reveals Hidden Dance of Roots
Learning From Our Closest Relatives
Dunedin Study data provides evidence that youth mental health issues impact adult physical health
Growing Evidence That Mentally Ill Youths Become Less Healthy Adults
New Tech Aims to Tackle ‘Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation’ Blood Disorder
First-Ever Research Week a Win, Despite Being Virtual