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Using light and sound to reveal rapid brain activity in unprecedented detail
Teaching physics to AI makes student master
Do early therapies help very young children with or at high likelihood for autism?
United States’ ocean conservation efforts have major gaps, Oregon State University analysis shows
Microbes Help Orchestrate How Gut Uses its Genes
Navigating machiavellianism in corporate alliance partnerships
Covid and Obesity Disparities for Black Communities
TJ Gan, M.D., to join MD Anderson as Division Head of Anesthesiology, Critical Care and Pain Medicine
SAEM publishes new guideline for low-risk, recurrent abdominal pain in emergency department
Rising income inequality linked to Americans’ declining health
Research duo brings breakthrough research to Western
Land-building marsh plants are champions of carbon capture
Patient-derived micro-organospheres enable cutting-edge precision oncology
Land-building marsh plants are champions of CO2 capture
Misperceptions can threaten scientific advancement
Craft products are experiencing soaring growth: Here’s how firms are cashing in
Senior Capstone Design: Sensors Versus Squirrels
Studies find seeds of forest’s renewal after wildfire, drought
High-frequency spinal cord stimulation reveals improved longer lasting pain relief
New report calls on bioethics to take stand against anti-black racism
How organizational identity orientations impact firm-supplier relationships
VA, ORNL and Harvard develop novel method to identify complex medical relationships
Single-molecule techniques illuminate mechanisms of GPCR activation
How to Put Duke’s Values in Action
Safety of furosemide in preterm infants at risk of bronchopulmonary dysplasia
How generalist stores can protect category sales when specialist merchants enter market
Managing Covid, Accelerated Drug Approvals and Health Care Equity
Cynthia Rudin Wins Guggenheim Award
Researchers create system to quickly identify Ukraine atrocities using social media
Vaccine resistance has its roots in negative childhood experiences, a major study finds
Dunedin Study sheds light on New Zealand’s successful vaccination rates
Why 400 Scientists Are Abuzz About W Boson
CDF collaboration at Fermilab announces most precise ever measurement of W boson mass to be
How marketing managers can navigate cultural contradictions of authenticity
Tiny Jumping Genes Fingered as Culprit in Rise of Antibiotic Resistance
Tiny jumping genes fingered as culprit in rise of drug resistance
Study shows treating preexisting high BP in pregnancy improves outcomes
Vaccine Resistance Comes From Childhood Legacy of Mistrust
Study Shows Treating Preexisting High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy Improves Maternal, Fetal Outcomes
Increase Effectiveness of Charitable Solicitation through Framing Charitable Giving as Gifts
A “perfect storm” of genetic mutations is behind rare sporadic brain malformations that cause stroke, seizures
Spirituality can improve quality of life for heart failure patients
Cells dancing harmonic duets could enable personalized cancer therapies
Building powerful brand alliances among seemingly unlikely partners
Getting fuel to an invading cell’s front line
Move to Edge, Declare it Center: Practices and Processes for Creatively Solving Complex Problems
Direct Impact: NIH Funding and Duke Superfund Research Center
Alzheimer’s Research: Unlocking Secrets of Brain