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Co-occurring contaminants may increase North Carolina groundwater risks
Chemist aims at COVID-19 following success with related virus
Data at a Distance
Optical Society Names 19 Recipients for 2020 OSA Awards
Containment efforts appear to step COVID-19 spread down from exponential norm
Study IDs Potential Method to Reduce Organ Damage After Heart Surgery
A Quick Mobilization on COVID-19 Research at Duke
Microplastic Fibers Linked to Respiratory, Reproductive Changes in Fish
Heat and Light Create Never-Before-Seen Biocompatible Microparticles
Moving beyond “defensive medicine”
What We’ve Learned About Coronavirus
Neuron-making in nose could help people with smell loss; other neurologic disorders
Duke-Led Study Catalogs Dozens of Mutations in Crucial Brain Development Gene
Digital technology use and digital inequality could complicate teens’ lives
Sugary drinks a sour choice for adults trying to maintain normal cholesterol levels
Patients Rank Doctors Lower if they Experience Long Delays in Waiting Rooms
A Speedier and More Accurate Future for Airport Security Screening
Paternal Marijuana Will Impact Brain Development of Offspring
Plant-based relatives of cholesterol could help gene therapy for cystic fibrosis, other diseases
Toilet Paper Sabotage Isn’t Stopping Progress on Project to ‘Reinvent Toilet’
Adolescent Male Chimps Still Need Their Mamas
Second antibiotic no advantage for treating super-bug Golden Staph
Duke Among Top 10 in Nation for Federal Medical Research Funding
Your Skin Tone Won’t Affect Your Heart-Tracking Device. Your Activity Might
How Do You Get a Fossil Out of Rock? Painstakingly
What’s in North Carolina Drinking Water?
Use of Fresh Donor Eggs Gives Small Advantage in IVF Birth Outcomes
A Device Designed to Protect Duke QB Just Won NFL’s $50,000 Innovation Challenge
Why Do You Study That? Dancing Flies
Treating Addiction: New Ingredient in Cocaine Vaccine Shows Promise in Mouse Study
Dick Gregory and History of Black Comedy and Activism
Creating a Vaccine to Guide Immune System to Make Right Kind of Antibodies
Poliovirus Therapy Shows Potential as Cancer Vaccine in Lab Studies
Spikes in Blood Pressure Among Young Adults Spell Trouble in Mid-Age
Cataloging All That Creeps and Slithers
Artificial Intelligence Predicts Treatment Outcome for Diabetes-Related Vision Loss
Female Chimps With Powerful Moms Are Less Likely to Leave Home
2019 Was a Banner Year for Solutions-Oriented Research at Duke
Male Sparrows Are Less Intimidated by Songs of Aging Rivals
Observing Unobservable: Models Predict Mechanical Origins of Earthquakes
Learning How Molecules Function by Stretching and Tearing Them Apart
Using Microwave Patterns for a More Efficient Method to Identify Objects
Poop: It’s a Great Thing to Study. Just Don’t Keep It in Your In-Law’s Freezer
Research That Gets to Root Causes of Genetic Diseases
Cryo-Electron Microscope Captures Details of ‘Wasabi Sensor’
Fatty Meal Interrupts Gut’s Communication With Body, But Why?
Why Are Giant Pandas Born So Tiny?
Where Gold Mining Grows in Peru, Deforestation, Erosion and Toxic Mercury Follows