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Researchers Find Simpler, More Effective Cancer Vaccine Approach
Low-Cost, Portable System Takes OCT Beyond Ophthalmology
Physics of Raindrops Cracking Windows May Help Demolish Kidney Stones
No Ordinary Gel: New Tools to Help Body Repair Brain and Muscle Tissue
This A.I. Birdwatcher Lets You ‘See’ Through Eyes of a Machine
How Stabilizing Disordered Proteins May Lead to Next Generation of Medical Applications
Duke-NUS Researchers Find Four New Strains of Adenovirus
New Approach to Stopping Breast Cancer Recurrence Shows Promise in Mice
Yale receives funding to study myasthenia gravis
Guiding State Officials on North Carolina’s Future in Autonomous Technologies
Are Soda Taxes Fizzing Out?
How Status Sticks to Genes
Statistician Receives European Research Council Grant to Aid
Humans Can’t Replace Limbs, But We Can Regenerate Cartilage. Here’s Why That Matters
Printed Electronics: It’s For Material as Soft as Your Skin
Machine Learning Is Providing New Insights When Biology Is Too Complex for Traditional Research
Taking Aim at ‘Dark’ Genome to Uncover New Therapies for Disease
Duke Vaccine Institute Plays Integral Role in National Effort to Improve Flu Shots
Research, Translation and Commercialization a Prime Topic for Duke Trustees
Helping to End Addiction: Duke Teams Win $24 Million Grant to Combat Opioid Crisis
Machine Learning Finds New Metamaterial Designs for Energy Harvesting
New CRISPR Approach Expands Genetic Engineering Toolkit
For Baboons, a Mother’s History of Hardship Can Have Lasting Effects on Her Kids Too
No Bones About It, This Protein Slows Down Fracture-Healing
Engineering Bacteria Into Beneficial Drug Delivery Tools
Lemur Sex Role Reversal Gets Its Start in Womb
Flavoring Ingredient, Banned in Foods, Is Raising Concerns in Vaping
Hurricanes: How to Prepare and Why They’re Getting More Dangerous
Treatable Blood Vessel Leakage Could be Answer to Severe Dengue Disease
Duke-Led Team Wins $3M Grant to Study Peatlands and Climate Change
To Protect Endangered Marine Life, UN Biodiversity Treaty Must Include Expanded Protection for
How Elephant Declines Are Affecting African Forests
A Milestone Toward Cancer Therapy Without Chemotherapy and Surgery
New Computational Tools Provide Better Medical Images in Living Tissues
Gene Linked to Autism Undergoes Changes in Men’s Sperm After Pot Use
Studying Disease-Carrying Pathogens in Cities With Poor Sanitation
Researchers ID Pharmaceutical Target That Reverses Osteoporosis in Mice
National Seniors’ Response to Green Paper on Retirement Income
Alzheimer’s Drug Reverses Brain Damage From Adolescent Alcohol Exposure in Rats
A Revolutionary Picture of Blood Flow Opens New Avenues for Disease Diagnosis and Treatment
Zebrafish Researchers Discover a Self-Defense Mechanism of Gut
Technique Uses Magnets, Light to Control and Reconfigure Soft Robots
Lung Cell Patches Its Own DNA on Fly to Survive Influenza
World’s Smallest Fossil Monkey Found in Amazon Jungle
A Path Toward More Effective Drug Safety Labeling
Duke Physicists Share Prize for Discovery of Top Quark
Speeding Autism Diagnosis, Improving Outcomes Using Machine Learning
Even If You’re Svelte, Cutting 300 Calories Daily Can Protect Your Heart