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How Elephant Declines Are Affecting African Forests
A Milestone Toward Cancer Therapy Without Chemotherapy and Surgery
New Computational Tools Provide Better Medical Images in Living Tissues
Gene Linked to Autism Undergoes Changes in Men’s Sperm After Pot Use
Studying Disease-Carrying Pathogens in Cities With Poor Sanitation
Researchers ID Pharmaceutical Target That Reverses Osteoporosis in Mice
National Seniors’ Response to Green Paper on Retirement Income
Alzheimer’s Drug Reverses Brain Damage From Adolescent Alcohol Exposure in Rats
A Revolutionary Picture of Blood Flow Opens New Avenues for Disease Diagnosis and Treatment
Zebrafish Researchers Discover a Self-Defense Mechanism of Gut
Technique Uses Magnets, Light to Control and Reconfigure Soft Robots
Lung Cell Patches Its Own DNA on Fly to Survive Influenza
World’s Smallest Fossil Monkey Found in Amazon Jungle
A Path Toward More Effective Drug Safety Labeling
Duke Physicists Share Prize for Discovery of Top Quark
Speeding Autism Diagnosis, Improving Outcomes Using Machine Learning
Even If You’re Svelte, Cutting 300 Calories Daily Can Protect Your Heart
Eating a bit less reduces heart attack risk, study shows
Shingles Vaccine Can Prevent Painful Rashes Among Stem Cell Transplant Patients
Can Red Cell Exchange Treat Advanced Sickle Cell Disease?
Life is Tough But So Are Worms — Thanks to Mom
Low Cancer Incidence in Bats Traced to A Protein They Share With Humans
Duke to Host Cybersecurity Discussion for Minority Institutions
$21.9 Million Gene Modulation Research Effort Targets Influenza Pandemics
Malaria Parasites Hijack Your Genes to Set up Camp Inside Your Liver
ORNL neutron user meeting highlights novel research, DOE priorities, and facility upgrades
What Made Humans ‘the Fat Primate’?
Scientists capture first-ever video of giant squid in U.S. waters
Small Scaffold Helps Cells Repair Torn Meniscus in Lab Tests
Drones Are Smuggling Contraband into NC Prisons. Duke Has an App to Stop It
Inhibiting This Enzyme Unleashes Immune System on Breast Cancer
Preoperative Management of Inflammation May Stave Off Cancer Recurrences
Visiting scholars will use UNM resources to delve into region’s history
Community impacts from extreme weather can shape climate beliefs
Small Cluster of Neurons is Off-On Switch for Mouse Songs
New Insight on Mother’s Antibodies May Improve Maternal Vaccines to Protect Newborns
Surprising Reason Why Some Lemurs May Be More Sensitive to Forest Loss
Ten Years After Publication
Increase in resolution, scale takes CT scanning and diagnosis to next level
Mission Impossible: By Land, By Water & By Air
Dwaipayan Banerjee receives 2019 Levitan Prize in Humanities
Is There a Limit to Human Endurance? Science Says Yes
Op-ed: War on Women Coaches
Duke Researchers Find Evidence of Multiple Unmonitored Coal Ash Spills in N.C. Lake
Community Impacts From Extreme Weather Can Shape Climate Change Beliefs
Birds Perceive ‘Warm’ Colors Differently From ‘Cool’ Ones