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Should e-cigarettes be licensed as medicines?
Children whose parents smoke are four times as likely to take up smoking themselves
70 arrested during two-day operation – Police Transport Command
E-cigarettes may be independently linked to erectile dysfunction
Police charge man over supply of illegal e-cigarettes at Griffith
EducationWeek: Fewer teens appear to be vaping
Bans on flavoured e-cigarettes could see some vapers return to smoking cigarettes
Bans on flavored e-cigarettes could see some vapers return to smoking cigarettes
E-cigarette use may be detrimental to bone health in adults
Fatal heart attack or stroke could be first sign of CVD in some smokers
Smoke Free Zones Extended: Bayside
“Tobacco-Free Nicotine” Claims Could Lead Non-Smokers to Try E-Cigarettes
Funding to help create smoke-free WA
Every report counts support Yellow Card scheme by reporting suspected side effects
MHRA publishes clear guidance to support bringing e-cigarettes to market as licensed therapies
E-cigarettes could be prescribed on NHS in world first
Researchers examine how e-cigarette users quit
Cocaine and ketamine use up, ecstasy down: reports reveal major trends in Australian drug use during 2021
Beware zombie batteries
E-cigarettes don’t help smokers stay off cigarettes
Vaping with nicotine more common than smoking among NZ teens
Combined treatments are most effective to stop smoking, study finds
Resources for smoking cessation with Nicotine Vaping Products
Johns Hopkins Finds Thousands of Unknown Chemicals in E-Cigarettes
Statement on changes to importation of nicotine vaping products
Queen Mary’s stop smoking service expands to Waltham Forest
Cancer Council welcomes new laws aimed at reversing crisis of e-cigarette use in young Australians
New FDA/CDC data show ongoing threat of flavored e-cigarettes
New vaping laws start in confronting nicotine pandemic poisoning our children
RACGP to GPs: Be prepared for vaping law changes
Prior exposure to conflicting health information reduces people’s receptivity to messages about widely recommended health behaviors
Tasmanian Government position on e-cigarette TGA decision
Research reveals increases in smoking and vaping in Irish teens
Shop displays of e-cigarettes and smoking paraphernalia could undermine effectiveness of banning tobacco displays
Study links Vaping to heightened eating disorder risk among U.S. college students
Johns Hopkins Medicine Team Proposes Ways to Regulate and Better Manage E-Cigarette Use
UNE Public Health tobacco research published in local medical journal
Experts call for changes to regulation of e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products
Recent cannabis use linked to heart attack risk in younger adults
E-cigarettes containing nicotine cause blood clotting and make small blood vessels less adaptable
Addiction, death, and deceit: How tobacco industry continues to trade public health for profit
CDC Offers Health Tips for Back to School During Covid
Aerosol from wide range of vaping devices negatively impacted blood vessel function
Current focus on preventing youth vaping could hinder adults’ efforts to stop smoking
Advertising nicotine vaping products
Consumers urged to see their GP ahead of changes to nicotine vaping laws
Vaping just once raises oxidative stress levels in nonsmokers, increasing disease risk
Illicit Tobacco Severely Impacting Legitimate Retailers