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‘Democracy’ governs mass jackdaw take-offs
Public urged to help bees, butterflies and other pollinators
Multiple habitats need protecting to save UK bumblebees, finds 10-year citizen science study
Multiple habitats need protecting to save UK bumblebees, reveals 10-year citizen science study
Decoding Dynamics of Gut Microbiome in Response to Dietary Fiber
Organic farming or flower strips – which is better for bees?
Where do “Hawaiian box jellies” come from?
Satellites and drones can help save pollinators
Un-bee-lievable new hotel opens for city’s pollinators
Removing barriers to ensure freshwater fish can complete their life cycle
Using data from citizen science to keep wild birds in flight
Two pathogens linked to salmon health and survival in B.C
EMBL and SciLifeLab foster new connections
Climate crisis is driving cousins of Lion King character to local extinction
Are people swapping their cats and goldfish for praying mantises?
New study exonerates some urban pests as one-of-a-kind disease reservoirs
Ecological functions of streams and rivers severely affected globally
Meteorological mechanisms behind severe drought in southwestern China during spring 2021 differ from similar historical events
Endangered birds set course for new home
What ice cream, domino and water management have in common
Freshwater ecosystems under threat in warming Aotearoa
Seasonal variations of methane consuming and methane producing microbial communities contribute to CH4 emissions
Community comes together to plant 2000 native shrubs
Jellyfish’s stinging cells hold clues to biodiversity
What Grasshoppers Feed On
Future of deer management clouded by coming steep decline in hunter numbers
Report: Scales tipping against walleye; time to get hooked on new fish
IIASA recognizes outstanding research contributions
Wuling Mountains Act as Corridor for Woody Species Exchange
Deep-water cameras explore hidden depths of Kaikōura Canyon
Future veterinarian overcomes language barrier to find success at Iowa State
New Hypothesis Explicates Linkage between Mycorrhizal Types of Trees and Forest Soil Nitrogen Cycling
Forest as shelter for insects in warmer climates?
Clasper appendages discovered in mid-Cambrian trilobite show horseshoe crab-like mating behavior
Soil Microbial Community Structure and Microenvironment Jointly Drive Soil Respiration Component Patterns
Long lost ‘bum-breathing’ turtle makes its return
Invasive Species and Climate Change Impact Coastal Estuaries
Where I work: Seeing invisible
Cold-survival strategies in animals: spectrum, not either-or
In poplars, two plant hormones boost each other in defense against pathogenic fungi
Three Arne Næss grant holders join Arne Næss Programme
Program to recommence to nudge Grey-headed Flying Foxes
Floods, new mystery disease impact starving marine turtles
Studies find seeds of forest’s renewal after wildfire, drought
Brian Fath receives Board of Regents Faculty Award
Research finds sex secrets of amphibian singing choruses
UK wildlife watchers welcome “ecological refugees”
UK wildlife watchers welcome ‘ecological refugees’