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Islands give rise to evolutionary giants and dwarfs
EBird Data Used to Shape Eagle Management
Syngenta Australia partners with Landcare Australia to help improve on-farm biodiversity
Presenting… early stage researchers: Johannes Herpell is rethinking agriculture
Modeling past and future glacial floods in northern Greenland
Paying tribute to HRH Duke of Edinburgh
Birds’ blood functions as heating system in winter
Bird blood functions as heating system in winter
Ever wondered what red foxes eat? There’s a database for that
Threatened fish species thrive at Rowley Shoals
Ant responses to social isolation resemble those of humans
Entomologist to examine how plant domestication influences pollinator evolution
Research finds that coral predators exert a much larger influence on young coral than expected
We don’t know how most mammals will respond to climate change, warn scientists
How spinifex gets its hole
Caffeinated forests? Coffee pulp restores tropical forests in Costa Rica
How spinifex got its hole
Researchers begin to decipher composition and function of sea urchin microbiomes
Tropical mangroves in Wageningen
‘By-the-wind sailor’ jellies wash ashore in massive numbers after warmer winters
Environmental researchers uncover story of Amazon’s understory
Unique macro-vertebrate at risk from blood sport and climate change
Impacts of sunscreen on coral reefs needs urgent attention, say scientists
Local communities to benefit from an additional $1.39 million arts funding
Study shows how varying Arctic climate conditions impact vulnerable species
Less light – for more insects
Eco-law: University of Sussex launches environmental justice law clinic
Pioneering pollinator study offers clues to Darwin’s “abominable mystery”
‘Trees to Know in Oregon and Washington’ turns 70 with new edition
Boost for fish migration in Norfolk chalk stream
Concordia biology professor is elected fellow of Ecological Society of America
Size of grass blades offers better understanding of their vulnerability to climate change
Accolades abound for ecologist studying effect of climate change on Pacific fish
UK first native oyster restoration hatchery will restore millions of oysters to Solent
Intensity of phytoplankton production during Antarctic summer affects structure of seafloor ecosystems
Trade Rules To Protect Environment And Irrigators
Study: Black bears are eating pumas’ lunch
History, design and mission drive MVR Hall renovations
New Normal with Maydianne Andrade : Re-shuffle
Stashing our stuff is little better than tossing it in trash, says marketing researcher
Wasps share resources on offshore island
Researchers discover bacteria can make DNA using urine
UCLA-led study traces gendered movement patterns among Tanzania’s Hadza hunter-gatherers
Weed invaders are getting faster
Males ‘give up’ on trying to attract females when they are in poor condition, study finds
You can have any colour as long as it’s red
Consultation on habitat restoration project for Hoveton Great Broad
Modern science and traditional Māori knowledge can work together