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Scientist studies anole lizards to help conserve vulnerable species
Captive breeding programme essential for vultures’ survival
Extreme heat, dry summers main cause of tree death in Colorado’s subalpine forests
Ancient, newly identified ‘mammoth weevil’ used huge ‘trunk’ to fight for mates
Satellites track “bog breathing” to help monitor peatlands
Newly hatched pterosaurs may have been able to fly
Newly-hatched pterosaurs may have been able to fly
New tool differentiates endangered salt marsh harvest mouse from abundant look-alike
To save species, check its ID
Coal mining waste material more than 90 per cent effective at removing heavy metal
15 creative businesses refined and ready
Young forests are preferred summer vacation destinations for bats
“Backpacking” hedgehogs take permanent staycation
Research first to investigate newly introduced butterfly which could become widespread in Canada
On internet, nobody knows you’re dog: or fake Russian Twitter account
When fawns perceive constant danger from many sources, they almost seem to relax
Canada supports Dene Nation initiative to help conserve boreal caribou
How landscape can affect disease transmission
Male beetles’ genitalia harmful and beneficial to females
Male beetles’ spiny genitalia both harmful and beneficial to females
Fire operations-prescribed burning combo reduces wildfire severity up to 72%
Team Paves Way for Learning what Ancient Birds Ate
Crystal clear: Lepidopterans have many ways of being transparent
How otters’ muscles enable their cold, aquatic life
Red Dead Redemption 2 teaches players about wildlife
Ecologists compare accuracy of lidar technologies for monitoring forest vegetation
A UOC team develops a neural network to identify tiger mosquitoes
Wild birds learn to avoid distasteful prey by watching others
Human-driven habitat change leads to physical, behavioral change in mosquitofish
How plants compensate symbiotic microbes
Stanford ecologists develop a theory about how plants ‘pay’ their microbes
Light pollution has complex effects on animal vision
Study finds genes role in immune response of Florida corals to rapidly spreading disease
Seabird colony creates ‘halo’ of depleted fish stocks
Fossil shark scales provide a glimpse of reef predator populations before human impact in Caribbean Panama
Same dance, different species: how natural selection drives common behaviour of lizards
New study suggests it gives predatory sharks and fish a crucial speed advantage
Research to Save Baltic Cod
Jackdaws don’t console traumatised mates
Botanists name astonishing new species of ‘fairy lantern’ from Malaysian rainforests
New tools for pandemic prevention research
Distinct Methylome Patterns Contribute to Lotus Ecotypic Differentiation
Males help keep populations genetically healthy
Researchers: Elephants Solve Problems with Personality
Wild bees need deadwood in forest
Origins of farming insects: ambrosia fungi cultivated by beetles for more than 100 million years
Pam Hamory wins Local Hero Award
Geckos might lose their tails, but not their dinner