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Bumblebee queens migrate for hundreds of kilometres
Joint restoration project on River Avon helps improve habitat diversity
Lake study aims to improve water quality
Study sheds light on solitary life of male primates
Changing data resolution provides new insights for alien species management
Advancing wildlife genomics through development of molecular methods
Early-arriving endangered Chinook salmon take brunt of sea lion predation on Columbia
World’s greatest mass extinction triggered switch to warm-bloodedness
New LDE Centre for Governance, Migration and Diversity
Bats save energy by reducing energetically costly immune functions during seasonal migration
Glitter litter could be damaging rivers – study
Governments of Canada and Manitoba invest in Manitoba’s beekeeping industry
Plant roots grow towards soil fungi
Plant roots ‘smell’ fungi in soil
How top predators and fisheries can survive on same prey
WUR ranks high again NTU international university ranking
UW awarded NIH grant for training in advanced data analytics for behavioral and social sciences
A wetter Everglades on path to restoration
Researchers predict refuges from disease myrtle rust
Ants adapt tool use to avoid drowning
Long-term consequences of global change difficult to predict
Coal Regions in Ukraine to Benefit from Poland’s Lessons on ‘Just Transition’
Method used to track Ebola’s trajectory being applied to COVID-19
Public can help monitor coral health with new tool
Chimpanzees do not need smartphones to take efficient routes
New study reveals how reptiles divided up spoils in ancient seas
Ladybugs love their leafy greens
Oil palm replanting may decrease arthropod biodiversity
Tree rings show scale of Arctic pollution is worse than previously thought
Deforestation squeezes top predators in forest streams
Wildfires, logging affect fungi pine forests depend on for survival, studies show
Nine UB researchers, awarded in ICREA Academia 2019
Heavy rainfall drives a third of nitrogen runoff, according to new study
Managing energy balance through lactation
New report reveals for first time level of terrestrial synthetic microfiber emission on a global scale
Development of a diagnostic tool for water bodies
World’s oldest animal sperm found in Myanmar amber
Research to guide supply and use of native seeds for global restoration
Research focuses on East Point rainforest rehabilitation
New EMS museum collections manager to improve data, research, outreach
Funding boost for native tree restoration project
WSU Snohomish County Extension holds Oil Spill Awareness and Response Support Training
“COVID-19 is here to stay for foreseeable future” – Field Work in Time of Coronavirus
Scorpions a clue to restoring ecosystems
Changes in Tuva ecosystems do not fit global trends
Heated rivalries for pollinators among arctic plants
Bandahngan Aboriginal Area closed for rehabilitation work
Deadline Sept. 14 to apply for arts council grants