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Special Adviser Calls for Addressing Root Causes of African Conflicts
White House Sends Nominations and Withdrawals to Senate
Researchers Record 2,000 Years of Ancient Graffiti in Egypt Using Modern Methods
Bats Experience Hearing Loss in Old Age: Study
Minister Joly Holds Talks with Palestinian Authority’s Minister Malki
Biden to Nominate Key State Department Role
Genetics reveal impact of ancient African empires on migration
UN Report: Arab Region’s Food Insecurity Accelerates Amid Global Crises
UN Report: Arab Region Faces Accelerating Food Insecurity from Global Crises
Peru’s Second Climate Finance Accelerator Phase Funds 8 Projects
King’s College London Signs MoU with British University in Egypt
Biden Reveals Key Nominees for U.S. Presidency
Increasing water hazards demand better early warnings
Supporting ballast water management in Mediterranean Sea
UN Rights Body Issues Reports on 6 Nations
Syria Envoys Gather in Amman for Talks
Imperial Scholars Reflect on Life-Altering Experiences
Envoys Meet in Amman to Discuss Syria Crisis
Insulin Earns Historic Landmark Status from ACS
Stonehenge Calendar Modern Invention
Food Inflation, Currency Collapse Threaten Mideast, North Africa Food Security
UN Envoy Urges Israelis, Palestinians to Solidify Recent Diplomatic Changes
Foreign Secretary meets with Jordanian FM Safadi
UK Addresses UN Human Rights Council on Item 4
Security Council: Middle East 23 March
CUNY Med School Grants CEESP Fellowships to Brown Students
UK Urges Peace and Security for Israelis, Palestinians
Egypt: World Bank Launches Framework for Green, Resilient, Inclusive Dev
Women Entrepreneurs Lead Wastewater Change in Morocco
Melting glaciers are going to affect food security
IFAD: Invest in Water Solutions to Ensure Food Security
Public Acceptance of Fossil Fuel Subsidy Cuts in Developing Nations
No Data on Dog-Human COVID Interactions Stirs Fear
COVID-19 linked to increased risk to develop gastrointestinal disorders
Forest farming means seeing forest from trees
NSC Spokesperson Meets in Sharm El Sheikh Today
Biden Speaks to Netanyahu: White House Readout
Joint Statement Issued at Sharm El Sheikh Meeting
Fossil Site Reveals Early Life Clues
Essay collection rethinks history of plaster casts
UNSC Hails Progress in Libyan Election Plan
Egypt Unites to Promote Gender Equality in Date Palm Industry
UN: Bottled Water Slows Global Sustainable Dev’t
How Financial Intelligence Units collaborate globally
UNWTO Launches Women in Tech Startup Comp in ME
Cyprus Copper Deposits Fueled Bronze Age Trade Hub
Egypt: End Restrictions on NGOs
Assistant Leaf Visits Mideast Nations