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Topological Invariants Extracted from Band Structure in Synthetic Frequency
New Supercapacitor Offers Energy Storage Solution
Visualization of 2D Electron Gas in High-Frequency/Power Devices
Scientists Study Electron Cyclotron Maser Emission under Relativistic Conditions
New study finds cKMT1 as lysine methyltransferase in cyanobacteria
Mathematical Model Offers Insight into Lightning-Produced X-rays
Protein’s Shape Enables Bacteria to Disarm It
Where does Higgs boson come from?
How cosmic winds transform galactic environments
Chinese Scientists Unravel Mystery of Cubic Ice
Charming Experiment Discovers Gluon Mass in Proton
Simple Creation of Artificial Metalloenzymes Achieves High Stereoselectivity
New Hybrid Fuel Cell Generates Power and Purifies Water
Protons’ Pathway Studied to Enhance Fuel Cells
Origin of superconductivity in nickelates revealed
Quantum Internet Step: Info Translation between Techs Achieved
AI Powered OLED TV Brain Developed
New Chapter in Antiferromagnetic Spintronics is Unfolding
Scientists Visualize Electron Dynamics on Liquid Helium
Semiconductor lattice marries electrons and magnetic moments
First-Ever Visualisation of Electron Dynamics on Liquid Helium
New Method Developed for Efficient Biomimetic Catalysts
UAB Offers 5 Microscopy Techniques to Euro Users via NEP Proj
Researchers Create Graphene/Silicon Catalyst for Selective CO2 to Ethanol Conversion
Organic Solar Cells Modeled for Superfast Processes
Scientists Say Earth’s Water Not from Melted Meteorites
Researchers Uncover 2D Carbon Structure-Property Link
Researchers Create Stable Organic Solar Cells with Ir/IrOx Transport Layer
Organic LEDs Efficiency Boosted by New Observations
Protein Linked to Streamlined Sperm May Lead to Male Contraceptives
Mining right transition metals in vast chemical space
Radiation Therapy Boosted with Cherenkov Color Imaging
Femtosecond Laser Sparks Perovskite Light, Lasing Behaviors
Quantum Engineers Develop Tool for Extreme Sensitivity Probing
Quantum Engineers Develop Sensitive Nature Probe
Lab Work Makes For Easier Class Work
Scientists Unveil Molecular Mechanism of Pannexin 2 as ATP Channel
Roots of Leafless Orchid Found to Perform Leaf-like Photosynthesis
Insect Brain Map Unveiled: Synapse-by-Synapse
Elusive Phason Observed in Charge Density Wave
Scientists Unveil Magic Boron Clusters on Borophene Layer
Merger of Double White Dwarfs: What’s Next?
Shape memory for nano-sized objects
New Method Enhances Sodium Ion Storage
Transistor breakthrough to shrink smartphone tech
WormAtlas expanding beyond C. elegans with support from NIH
Complex Oxides May Fuel Future Computers
Quantum Crossover: Differentiating Single-Particle and Pair Currents