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Researching pseudogap in superconducting cuprate materials
Ultrafast Dynamics of Topological Material Probed under Pressure
Natures of Carbon Edges with Gradient Nanocarbons Disclosed for Electrochemical Hydrogen Peroxide Production
Research team develops more efficient photocathodes
TCSPC technique to visualize weak pulse electroluminescence
See how quantum ‘weirdness’ is improving electron microscopes
New explosive compound emerges from strange world of high-pressure chemistry
Visualizing spin angular momentum in water waves
Development of metastable-phase advanced material synthesis technology
Tandem Catalysis Improves Selective Oxidation of Methane to Oxygenates
Electron Lens Formed by Light: New Method for Atomic-resolution Electron Microscopes
Three dimensional Mn-doped NixSy/Ni2P and Mn-doped Ni2O3/Ni2P nanosheets as efficient electrocatalysts for alkaline overall water
Maintaining structure of gold and silver in alloys
Dark matter of brain
Shedding new light on controlling material properties
Persistent swinging of electrons between atomic sites in crystals
Researchers Observe Total Reflection of Ultraviolet Wave Train at Coronal Hole
Visualizing invisible
MoEDAL gets new detector
ATLAS nets top quark produced together with photon
ASACUSA sees surprising behaviour of hybrid atoms in superfluid helium
Elusive “strange” nucleus is free of charge
A-B-C is not as easy as 1-2-3 but assembles like clockwork
NGI uses twist to engineer 2D semiconductors with built-in memory functions
Charge-density-wave induces electronic nematicity in Kagome superconductor
Quick way to check quality of 3d-printed alloys
Researchers Combine Piezoelectric Thin Film and Metasurfaces to Create Lens with Tunable Focus
New Study Reveals Key Factors in Core Heavy Impurities Transport and Control on EAST
Researchers Realize Sustainable Stability of Oxygen Evolution Reaction in Acid
Einstein’s Relativity Theory Passes Strict Test Based on LHAASO Observation
Taking look at tiny bubbles
UNC’s Cryo-EM Core facility develops new methodology for high-speed and high-resolution cryogenic electron microscopy technology
Energy storage – Calculating better batteries
Chemical Engineering of Cu-Sn Disordered Network Metamaterials
Physicist solves century old problem of radiation reaction
Impossible material made possible inside graphene sandwich
Semiconductor spin qubits gain further credibility as leading platform for quantum computing
It all comes down to first electron
Avoiding chains of magnetic islands may lead to fusion paradise
Heat rectification via suspended asymmetric graphene nanomesh
Researchers Reveal Preservation Mechanism of Chuaria Fossils in Lantian Biota
Nematicity is new piece in phase diagram puzzle
New potential path to faster and more efficient data storage
Intense monocycle terahertz pulses from shifting electrons in quantum structures
Scientists Develop Colossal 3D Electrical Anisotropy of MoAlB Single Crystal
Scientists successfully manipulate single skyrmion at room temperature
Resolving puzzles of graphene superconductivity
Development of high-energy-resolution, LaB6 nanowire-based field emission gun