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Fergal Martin – Eukaryotic Annotation Team Leader
EMBL and SciLifeLab foster new connections
Europe PMC: Harnessing power of text mining to accelerate life sciences research
Peter Harrison – Genome Analysis Team Leader
Flip-flop genome
What do stem cell aggregates and whipped cream have in common?
Interpreting bioimages with deep learning
Enabling imaging across scales
Tethers bring distant genes together to coordinate embryo development
Unravelling origins of human spine
Unraveling origins of human spine
Greater than sum of your genes: DNA does not define us
How immune cells enter tissue
EMBL consolidates ties with Sapienza University
Metaphor for epigenetic inheritance
MANE collaboration: working together to support genome science
Pathogen data sharing – key to pandemic preparedness
From liquid to solid to drive development
Genomic sequencing aids global Tuberculosis fight
Darwin Tree of Life at EMBL-EBI: reaching first major milestone
Safeguarding African biodiversity through genomics
Putting Cryptococcus in context
An international study proposes stool analysis for early detection of pancreatic cancer
Postdoc conference spotlighted in tweets
Deep learning models help predict protein function
Understanding genomes, piece by piece
3D culture model to study embryo growth
Funding support for early detection of Parkinson’s disease
‘The World of Molecular Biology’ exhibition
Academia, industry, or somewhere else?
Converging lenses on embryo development
New Expression Atlas release in collaboration with PRIDE
Molecular medicine across borders
EMBL and Latvia deepen collaboration
CERN marks Data Protection Day with EMBL, ESA and ESO
Investing in Italy by translating EMBL expertise to market
Learning from Deep Learning: inspirational story behind AlphaFold
Structure of central inflammation switch elucidated
Decoding secrets of snake venom
AlphaFold update – neglected tropical diseases
Fostering excellence, diversity, and mobility in Nordic EMBL Partnership
Genomics Beyond Healthcare future uses and considerations of genomic science
Genomic data for biodiversity – global challenge
Cell sorting enters new dimension
New era for European molecular biology
Capturing ‘snapshots’ of crucial step in RNA splicing
New facility in Hungary builds on strong collaborative foundations
New £10m centre to explore links between organisms and their microbiomes