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EMBL Hamburg lights way to folding next-level origami
Linking genetics and age-related diseases
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New perspectives for treating psychiatric disorders
Green coffee at EMBL
Coronavirus vaccine uses EMBL’s earliest virus research
From mRNA researcher to BioNTech manager
Scientists bring polygenic risk scores closer to clinical use
NIH researchers develop guidelines for reporting polygenic risk scores
Touch of springtime in Grenoble
EMBL prepares women postdocs for leadership
From crisis to recovery: achieving an equal future in a post-COVID-19 world
New avenues for eradicating cancer
Bridging Excellence: a unique transatlantic opportunity for postdocs
European Climate Pact: EMBL plays its part
New human reference genomes reveal greater diversity
Human genomes provide new reference for global genetic diversity
Reflecting on allyship as women in science
Feldberg Prize for Anne Ephrussi
SPC Facility in Hamburg supports a new pan-European consortium
A new piece of HIV infection puzzle explored
Finding coronavirus’s helper proteins
Understanding Earth’s oceans together
Coding between vines
Protein sequences provide clues to how SARS-CoV-2 infects cells
Allyship and Women in Science
Strengthening collaborations in Italy
DKFZ and EMBL intensify cooperation
SARS-CoV-2 B.1.1.7 lineage
EMBL courses and conferences: learning lessons and looking ahead
Toadlet peptide transforms into a deadly weapon against bacteria
EMBL becomes newest Instruct Centre
Homage to a vital tool
It’s like a party in your brain
In kefir, microbial teamwork makes dream work
Cells in holiday spirit
First powder over EMBL Grenoble
EMBL Scientific Visitor Programme opens eyes and doors
Heating proteins to understand how genes work
EMBL group leader Miki Ebisuya receives ERC Consolidator Grant
Seeing deeper inside cells
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative recognises EMBL scientists
Scratching surface on cell differentiation
Tackling tropical diseases
EMBL facilities support development of RNA vaccines
Rainbow over Hanseatic city
Science and society: global youth activism