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Mechanics of Embryo Development Illuminated
Cell Mapping and Mini Placentas Reveal New Insights into Human Pregnancy
‘long read’ for cancer
Research sheds light on rare eye conditions
Research Unlocks Insights into Rare Eye Disorders
Open data for biodiversity: EMBL-EBI 2022 round-up
Shedding light on rare diseases: open data and model organisms
Human interactome to prioritise drug discovery
MoBIE Enables High-Speed Microscopy of Large Data Sets
Human Interactome Advances Drug Discovery Prioritization
Studying epigenetic regulation at single-molecule level
AlphaFold AI Uncovers New 3D Proteins with Open Data
New evolutionary insights from stepping outside lab
AI helps scientists decipher cellular structures
500 Genome Assemblies Released for Darwin Tree of Life
New molecular insights on medical cannabis
Step-by-step guide to nuclear pore complex assembly
BOSS-RUNS: streamlining dynamic nanopore sequencing
New Atlas Maps Lung Cell Types, Hints at Disease/Immunity
11 million euros for life science research and innovation infrastructure synergies in Northern Europe
Developmental cell atlas uncovers new cell states
Developmental Lung Cell Atlas finds 144 cell states
Breast cancer spread uncovered by new molecular microscopy
How far can technology improve our health?
Leap forward for personalized cancer therapy
Seeing antibiotics in action inside pathogenic bacterium
Cracking code for Parkinson’s, one cell at time
From atom to NK cell: the story of the unexpected
Does exercise drive development? In sea anemone, way you move matters
When microbiomes collide
T cells use force to destroy cancer cells
Strengthening scientific ties between EMBL and Iceland
Spotlight: EMBL Imaging Centre, Heidelberg
AlphaFold: where will next AI breakthrough come from?
Molecules to Ecosystems: Virginie Uhlmann on Theory transversal theme
CNest: new method for copy number variation analysis
New antibiotic resistance genes identified in tuberculosis
Making patterns visible
Zooming in to get full picture
Shining light on how bacteria interact
AlphaFold predicts structure of almost every catalogued protein known to science
Demystifying DNA hybridization kinetics
Latvian science benefits from prospect membership
Summer of scientific exchange in Barcelona
Molecules to Ecosystems: Jan Kosinski on Infection Biology transversal theme
Retron switch
EMBL Rome’s Gene Editing and Embryology Facility generates transgenic mice to understand human diseases
Priorities for ocean microbiome research