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Ethiopia: Safe access and swift action needed for refugees in Tigray
IFAD and GCF scale-up action to improve life for millions of people and restore ecosystems
Mummified baboons reveal likely location of fabled land of Punt, far reach of early Egyptian mariners
Questions and answers about UN mission to SAFER oil tanker in Yemen
UN agencies deliver lifeline food assistance to 25,000 Eritrean refugees in Tigray
25,000 refugees in unsettled Tigray region receive urgent UN food supplies
Connect to Clayton Festival online in 2021
Tigray: Hundreds of civilians reported killed in artillery strikes, warns UN rights chief
Desert Locust ‘re-invasion’ threatens millions in Horn of Africa
United States Takes Action Against Violators of Religious Freedom
Ethiopia Achieved Positive Poverty Reduction but Inequalities Persist
Statement on situation in Ethiopia
United States Condemns Attack on Eritrea by Tigray People’s Liberation Front
Escalation of violence in Ethiopia Minister for Africa statement
Supporting international efforts to build Somalia’s long term security and stability
Locust control campaign covers millions of hectares, but voracious pest is still a threat in East Africa
Presidential Determination with Respect to Efforts of Foreign Governments Regarding Trafficking in Persons
World Bank Provides Additional Support for Agriculture Growth and Better Livelihood Opportunities
New UK support to tackle devastating locust swarms in East Africa
Kenya beats back desert locust upsurge for now, but East Africa remains at risk
UK aid funding available for innovative energy projects
Somalia and Somaliland to benefit from new UK support to tackle locusts
New UK support to tackle devastating locust swarms in Africa and Asia
UN Human Rights Council 44 UK’s closing statement
UN Human Rights Council 44 UK’s closing statement
World Bank Provides Additional Support to Help Ethiopia Mitigate Economic Impacts of COVID-19
Social Status Helped and Hindered by Same Behaviors and Traits Worldwide
U.S. President Trump announces intent to appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts 28 May
On Occasion of State of Eritrea’s National Day
World Bank Group Provides Emergency Support to Help Ethiopia Manage Threat Posed by Desert Locust
Ethiopia has Made Major Strides in Poverty Reduction but Disparities, Inequality Remain
UK supercomputer to combat Africa’s worst locust outbreak in decades
FAO welcomes €17 million contribution from Germany to combat impact of Desert Locust upsurge
UN Human Rights Council 43 UK statement on Eritrea
Locusts in East Africa: A race against time
Africa Solidarity Trust Fund donates $1 million to efforts to combat Desert Locust
Proclamation on Improving Enhanced Vetting Capabilities and Processes for Detecting Attempted Entry
World food prices jump in November
Placing women’s rights and representation at heart of peacemaking in Africa
France is New World’s Most Positive Country for 2019
Survivor narratives should inform antislavery work says new report
We need every country to recognise that attacks on media freedom are beyond pale
Lord Ahmad There is a ‘moral imperative’ to stop threat to media freedom
There is a ‘moral imperative’ to stop threat to media
FAO report cites 41 countries needing external assistance for food
Top training awards celebrate State’s best
Anthropologist Chronicles a Nation’s Deportation Campaign
U.S. President Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Individual to a Key Administration Post