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New research cracks climate-change mystery of Antarctic sea ice
Restoring nature equitably
Researching, learning and adapting
Alien plant species are spreading rapidly in mountainous areas
Hope for patients with severe rare disease
Researching Magnetic Matchmaking
Special drone collects environmental DNA from trees
Drone Collects Tree Environmental DNA
Researchers flip switch on electric control of crystal symmetry
Breakthrough in sugar biology of multicellular organisms
Uncovering cosmic mystery that is dark energy
Plasmids and Spread of Antibiotic Resistance Genes
Precision arm for miniature robots
Dawn of trustworthy and cooperative artificial intelligence
Integrated photonic circuits could help close ‘terahertz gap’
How grasses avoid inbreeding
Machine Learning Develops Fluorescent Tools for Data Encryption
Digital twins, new cancer treatments and three unicorns
Immediate uptick in investment needed to reach net zero
For love of physics
Interaction of Bound Ligands with ABCG2 Lipids Investigated
Entire colour palette of inexpensive fluorescent dyes
Of cancer therapy research and Mars volcanism
“Switzerland could play a key role in quantum technology”
Shedding light on origin of complex life forms
NASA’s InSight Lander has retired
NASA Retires InSight Mars Lander Mission After Years of Science
Uncovering Origins of Complex Life Forms
Acids help against airborne viruses
Human empathy makes us better at understanding animal sounds
Eye on reconstruction in Ukraine
Clever Glue Keeps Cells’ Parts In Sync
Clever glue keeping cell’s moving parts connected
Producing fertiliser without carbon emissions
Germany’s strongest university in business sciences
Biggest Marsquake was 5 times larger than previous record-holder
More Precise Treatment
Gold-based passive heating for eyewear
Gold-Plated Glasses for Passive Heating
AI enables more effective humanitarian action
Appointment of EPFL professors 9 December
Scientist helps with Earthshot prize win
Cornell, Oxford to lead grants aimed at boosting iron nutrition
Seeds have germinated
Asteroid samples reveal early Solar System history
Protein shapes indicate Parkinson’s disease
Climate protection: Methane is our most powerful lever
Food security thanks to faeces and waste