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Genetic secrets behind bat ‘superpowers’ revealed
HKUMed research suggested that serial interval of SARS-CoV-2 can be shortened substantially over time
HKUMed research suggested that serial interval of SARS-CoV-2 can be shortened substantially over time
UK must continue to be at heart of ERC, says President Gast
A first for a unique instrument
A New Approach to Tailoring Cancer Therapy: Tapping into Signaling Activities in Cancer Cells
Radical overhaul required of system for asylum claims on grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity
Study: Dying Stars Breathe Life Into Earth
A new view of microscopic interactions
Existing drugs can prevent SARS-CoV-2 from hijacking cells
Cancer study shows cause of complex mutations
Medicine delivery via microbubbles could be made possible using sound waves
Tackling olive-tree killer
Forest loss escalates biodiversity change
“Huge forest fires put our health at risk”
Human presence weakens social relationships of wild giraffes
Ancient Genomic Insights Into Early Peopling of Caribbean
First Database on Imjin War Launched
Heightened Interaction Between Neolithic Migrants and Hunter-Gatherers in Western Europe
Fearful Great Danes provide new insights to genetic causes of fear
Cells inside Cells: Bacteria That Live in Cancer Cells
New method reveals where DNA is at risk in cell
Paying Price of Protection
AI successfully used to identify different types of brain injuries
Carnivorous Plant Lifestyle is Gene Costly
Making Quantum ‘Waves’ in Ultrathin Materials
New Insights into Early Embryonic Development
Lipid Metabolism Controls Brain Development
Researchers have found accumulation of gene mutations in chronic Graft-versus-host disease
Bands of Clouds Swirl Across Brown Dwarf’s Surface
Three UB lecturers distinguished in European Research Council Proof of Concept call
Drilling projects set to break new ground
Understanding deer damage is crucial when planting new forests
ERC Proof of concept for a new treatment for severe pneumonia and fibrosis
Proof-of-Concept Grant for Sahana Udupa
Herpes Virus Decoded
Containment measures avoid 200,000 hospitalizations in Italy
Children of mentally ill mothers much less likely to be vaccinated
UK and US firms ‘lag’ in race to commercialise COVID-19 diagnostic tests
Root microbiome can make crops more resistant to drought
Advance in Understanding Actin Sheds Light on Cell Function
3D printed corals could improve bioenergy and help coral reefs
Amazonian crops domesticated 10,000 years ago
New app collects sounds of COVID-19
Coronavirus Hits Supply Chains
ERC grants for astrophysics and physical biology researchers
ERC Advanced Grants for six Max Planck researchers
Trial drug may block early stages of COVID-19, study in human cells shows