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G7 Development Ministers conclude successful meeting and issue statement on Ukraine
Paleontologists have discovered jaws of rare bear in Taurida Cave
Allied Chiefs of Defence discuss collective defence
NATO Secretary General praises Denmark’s contribution to Alliance
Chancellor sets out further economic support for Ukraine at G7 meeting in Bonn
PCR test to detect small hive beetle
Global green energy company Fortescue Future Industries welcomes new European Commission Plan
EMBL and SciLifeLab foster new connections
Football Australia congratulate Ajdin Hrustic as success in Europe continues for inspiring Australians
New study: Ads for cars, flights keep transport hooked on oil
Chancellor Rishi Sunak speech at CBI Annual Dinner
G7 members can lead world in reducing emissions from heavy industry
AnteoTech’s updated Covid RAT receives regulatory approval in Europe
Statement for World Bee Day by Rebecca Vassarotti
ICAO Secretary General rallies European and North Atlantic States on innovation and resilience ahead of 41st ICAO Assembly
US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s Meeting With Sweden’s Minister for Defense Peter Hultqvist
Quarantine: Book explores earlier international effort to combat disease
Both nature and nurture contribute to signatures of socioeconomic status in brain
Technique protects privacy when making online recommendations
Global economic growth downgraded due to spillover from Ukraine war
Statement on publication of Joint International Financial Institution Plan to Address Food Insecurity
President Biden’s Statement on Applications to NATO by Finland and Sweden
Patients wanted for study aiming to identify factors affecting IVF treatment success
Solar Orbiter shows Sun as never seen before
Scallops swim into illuminated fishing pots
Statement on publication of Joint International Financial Institutions Plan to Address Food Insecurity
At-risk sea life in Atlantic needs better protection from an increase in shipping
Challenges in nutrition, health and sustainability, under debate at UB
UK Government funding backs scallop fishing industry breakthrough
Suspected Opponents Killed, Detained, Tortured in Burundi
Origins of international solidarity
Heavy Smoking Patients With Schizophrenia Have Less Cognitive Symptoms
LERU conference in Leiden: ‘Universities steer society through storms’
Food security in Ukraine: FAO distributes seed potatoes to vulnerable rural families
Assistant Secretary Donfried’s Travel to Republic of Bulgaria
Meeting of Governing Board of Administrators for International Institute for Justice and Rule of Law
New molecular subset of pediatric liver cancer identified
Different subtypes defined in small cell lung cancer
Promoting Accountability for War Crimes and Other Atrocities in Ukraine
British Embassy statement post Lebanon’s parliamentary elections
Pfizer and BioNTech Granted U.S. Emergency Use Authorization for Booster Dose of Their Covid Vaccine
Guterres calls for ‘swift formation’ of inclusive Government
NATO Deputy Secretary General discusses military support for Ukraine with EU Foreign Affairs Council
Guidelines will ensure assessment of patient symptoms and quality of life is ethical
New law unchains fusion energy
NIST Study Gives Animal Testing Alternatives Confidence Boost
Gruber Cosmology Prize for Frank Eisenhauer
War in Ukraine impacts patients with mental disorders