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Jackdaw mobs flip from chaos to order as they grow
Countries and cities show significant response to climate change, report suggests
Leading professors join Exeter’s ground-breaking diabetes research team
Body language key to zoo animal welfare
Alzheimer’s amyloid build-up affects certain parts of brain cells more than others in mice
University of Exeter academic wins prestigious research prize
Pioneering new ‘smart needle’ could revolutionise cancer diagnosis
Showcasing Cornwall’s marine tech pioneers
University business incubator wins global award for third time
Technology to offer visitors ‘immersive’ National Trust experience
Sex and gender analysis improves science, Stanford scholars say
Consequences of gentrification for LGBTQ+ communities explored at London event
Higher earning “elite” political lobbyists overstate their own achievements, study shows
“Big data” for life sciences – A human protein co-regulation map reveals new insights into protein
£2.2 million collaboration to enhance quality of life in care homes
Satellites are key to monitoring ocean carbon
Conservative Party divisions contributed to failure of Brexit negotiations, new study shows
Zoo animal research skewed towards ‘popular’ species
AAIB report Dash 8 Q400, serious incident and returned to Exeter
Britain mapped in verse by major 2019 arts project
Public blame accidents on drivers more than their automated cars when both make mistakes
Both Remainers and Leavers willing to let MPs disrupt constitution to get Brexit they want
Expert receives prestigious Turing AI Fellowship
Widespread drying of European peatlands in recent centuries
UW Soil Judging Team Wins Regional Contest
Bean tree plan to protect Amazon
Fertiliser scheme could solve Mexico’s seaweed problem
Henry VIII’s marital troubles may have influenced other splits, newly-discovered documents show
Shift work linked to higher chance of mental illness
Britain’s laws are harming businesses operating in space, experts warn
Indonesia under ‘blanket of smoke’ amid wildfires
Construction begins on £10 million Mireille Gillings Neuroimaging Centre
Warmer nights prompt birds to lay eggs earlier
Molecular control of neurotransmitter linked to autism described
Nine people charged after Extinction Rebellion protest in Launceston
Religion now plays an “explicit and institutionalised” role in US foreign policy-making
Bid to reconstruct richness of prehistoric oceans
Scientists ‘must be allowed to cry’ about destruction of nature
Social prescribing – who does it work for and why?
University of Exeter historian’s role in major new BBC series on World War Two
Coveted awards recognise Exeter’s commitment to gender equality
New international project will investigate hidden costs of floods communities
Project launched to study artificial lighting at night from space
Crohn’s disease study identifies genetic variant with potential to personalise treatment
University gains £1.2 million funding to battle Anti-Microbial Resistance
Autopsy reveals Sidmouth fatberg’s dirty secrets
Domestic violence and abuse: how NIHR research is helping families in South West
Flamingos tickled pink by revamped exhibit