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Surprising mammal diversity discovered in Bidoup Nui Ba NP
Koala Report Release must be a Gamechanger for More Habitat Protection or Koalas on Track for Extinction
What do plants mean to us in Anthropocene?
Asteroid impact, not volcanoes, made Earth uninhabitable for dinosaurs
Warning on affluence
What is an ecocultural identity, and why it matters to you
Scathing Auditor-General’s report on environment law makes clear case for new, independent regulator
Visualising threats to North’s native species
Baby boom for rare skinks
New Argentine fossils uncover history of celebrated conifer group
Lizards need their coffee too: could caffeine help bring threatened species back from brink
Protect More Land After Fires or Face Mass Extinction in NSW
World’s largest peatland helps solve global climate problems
Labor teams up with Morrison to green light environmental destruction
Researchers Try to Divine Secrets of Toughest Creatures on Earth
NSF grant to fund digitization of mammal collections at UNM’s Museum of Southwestern Biology
‘SlothBot in Garden’ Demonstrates Hyper-Efficient Conservation Robot
TSU has installed new monitoring equipment on Aktru glaciers
Mapping genome could help in race to save native rat
BioRescue Consortium performs most successful oocyte collection and embryo creation ever
Research shows recovering pine marten population benefits red squirrels
Triple treat in baby boom as bilbies hop to it
Biodiversity research receives major funding from Jane & Aatos Erkko Foundation
Recovery of sea otter populations yields more benefits than costs
Protecting eels protects freshwater biodiversity
Expert scientific evidence key to avert future megafires
Research team to study food resilience in face of catastrophic global events
World Environment Day £10.9m for international conservation
Mount Waverley Primary School named 2020 ResourceSmart School of Year
Victorian Schools Achieving For Environment
Thirty countries will benefit as Global Environment Facility funds FAO-led projects
Bushfire, drought and flood: Celebrating our resilient environment
WashU Expert: ‘Extinction crisis even worse than realized’
Advancing Indigenous Research: ‘Knowledge That Endures’
Humans and Neanderthals: less different than polar and brown bears
Managing feral horses in Victorian Alps
Loss of land-based vertebrates is accelerating, according to Stanford biologist Paul Ehrlich and others
Could mercury temper demand for shark fins?
‘Zero-deaths’ seabird pledge hollow without cameras
Prioritising protection of global eco-regions to meet international biodiversity targets
Better protection for seabirds
Lizard finds in South Westland excite
Adult kakī/black stilt numbers soar
Ecosystem drives origin of new shark and ray species
Migratory secrets of recovering whale species
A Bee-Inspired Smart Data Lessons from Hive
Ancient giant armoured fish fed in a similar way to basking sharks
Prehistoric Giant Fish Was a Suspension Feeder