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Coastal Birds Can Weather Storm, But Not Sea
New Report: Rising Sea Levels Hurting Kakadu
Jeanne Calment was indeed oldest human being
Minister launches 50th Conservation Week – Nature needs us
Smarter birds divide into new species more often
Researchers Unearth “New” Extinction
$100 million Saving Our Species program sucess
Evidence suggests rare deer lived 50 years beyond ‘extinction’
Protecting turtles from impacts of fishing
A Call for Prayer around Australia in Churches, for UN International Day of Peace
Canada funds 52 new projects to protect and recover species at risk
Swedish and Otago scientists shed new light on demise of two extinct New Zealand songbirds
Feral Fighters helping protect threatened species
Wallaby population to triple under endangered species conservation program
Interstate conversation efforts see endangered wallabies protected
Endangered wallabies population to triple from NSW government program
National Threatened Species Day
Bird enthusiasts needed to help with Bird Blitz
Scientists want to create a geological monument in Yakutia
New nests for NZ’s most endangered bird
WashU Expert: Proposed changes will stamp out ‘countless species’
Eastern Sayan and death of ancient species
Biggest wild release for rare native reptiles
Stop destroying koala habitat
Whitebaiting season 2019 kicks off
More protection for endangered kakī
Fur seal/kekeno numbers growing in Hawke’s Bay
Indigenous secrets of Midlands, chemistry in dance, and a pop-up science bar
Discovery of non-blooming orchid on Japanese subtropical islands
New studies will help drive protections for beetles
Mastering metabolism for shark and ray survival
Citizen scientists offer ray of hope
Animal friendships ‘change with weather’ on Masai Mara
Saving our Species Winter newsletter
Researcher Contributes to Paper About Climate Changes Occurring Faster Than Animals Adapt
Preventing people from abandoning exotic pets that threatened biodiversity
Shark fin ban bite-sized solution to biodiversity crisis
Top End waters a lifeboat for threatened rays
Journeys of hoverflies
Restoring Estuarine and Coastal Habitats in North East Atlantic
Gaia starts mapping galactic bar in Milky Way
World’s island conifers threatened with extinction from climate change
Horseshoe Crabs – Fortunate Ones?
UK aid’s biggest ever single direct commitment to tackle climate change in Africa
Biodiversity grants announced
Cute killers: Cats kill more than 1.5 billion Australian native animals a year
Cats kill more than 1.5 billion native animals per year
Breaching a “carbon threshold” could lead to mass extinction