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Urban birds need to be smart or fast-breeding
Further boost for wildlife and habitat recovery – up to $12 million now available
Launch of Wildlife Health Center moves science into action
Working Together To Help Victoria’s Wildlife Recovery
Sturgeon genome sequenced
Where lions roam: West African big cats show no preference between national parks, hunting zones
Neanderthals and modern humans more similar than thought
Pablo Escobar’s hippos might have helped to restore local ecological diversity
Up all night? University researcher offers five tips for resting easy
Anatomy of a frogfish: New book explores world of fishes with arms, legs
As climate change messes with temperature and precipitation, California newts suffer
Australia ‘must lead in solving global risks’
Michigan Tech’s World Water Day Moves Online
Common treatments used on cattle have devastating impacts on wildlife, new study reveals
New dissemination project to find anatomic similarities between apes and humans
Researchers arrive in Antipodes Island to track albatross
Sir Rob Fenwick passes away
Critically endangered shark being ‘driven to extinction’ in Queensland
Birds of a feather not better together
Thousands of teeth tell long history of sharks
One step closer to Predator Free 2050
HKU’s Conservation Forensics Lab reveals surprising prevalence of European Eel
Evidence that devils suppress cats; researchers suggest mainland trial
Courts take a strong stand on illegal bear bile import
Federally protected lands reduce habitat loss and protect endangered species, study finds
Directed Species Loss from Species-Rich Forests Strongly Decreases Productivity
Conservation translocation: trade-offs for species survival and biodiversity
Paleontologists Discover Why Oceans are So Diverse
200 wombats to be massacred in South Australian breeding grounds
Hanson-Young welcomes Greens portfolio announcement
Support for West Australian Bushfire Wildlife and habitat recovery
Global species loss could be halved
New tool tackles threat of feral cats
After Catastrophic Bushfires Destroyed Over One Billion Native Animals, Birds and Reptiles
Human Populations survived Toba volcanic super-eruption 74,000 years ago
When it comes to conservation, ditch ‘canary in coal mine’
Environmental Law requires collaboration between scientists and lawyers
Joint statement – Support for West Australian bushfire wildlife and habitat recovery
Some of most threatened birds and mammals have irreplaceable roles in natural world
New international protection for frequent fliers
Recovery mission to save native fish
Bushfire Royal Commission should be a turning point on climate change and extinction crisis
How transient invaders can transform an ecosystem
Global conservation priorities identified in new research
A small win for greater gliders, but stronger environment laws needed to safeguard species
Trial finds benefits to people and wildlife from beavers living wild in English countryside
One-third of plant and animal species could be gone in
Curious case of disappearing snakes