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Amazon deforestation threatens newly discovered fish species in Brazil
Marine biology major is among this year’s Goldwater Scholars
Striking new snake species discovered in Paraguay
Reef and species funding welcome, environment law reform and climate action critical
New Orange-Bellied Parrots Join Record Flock
More than 1 in 5 reptile species are threatened with extinction
Greens’ bold environmental policy is what our oceans need
New Texas A&M research documents domestic cattle genetics in modern bison herds
Reef report confirms severe bleaching, highlighting need for rapid emissions reduction this decade
In Texas, two lizards battle for territory
Plan to tackle Australia’s nature crisis
Without a better plan, New Zealand risks sleepwalking into a biodiversity extinction crisis
2500+ people rally for Toondah Harbour wetlands
Renewed Hope For Critically Endangered Faunal Emblem
Results of 2021 Aussie Backyard Bird Count announced
New Curtin research resurrects ‘lost’ coral species
Cold-survival strategies in animals: spectrum, not either-or
Budget missed opportunity to solve housing affordability
Dinosaur extinction changed plant evolution
How much is too much? Finding sustainable limit to human-caused wildlife mortality
Landmark partnership to enhance conservation across six million hectares
Unchecked global emissions on track to initiate mass extinction of marine life
Study finds one in five reptiles threatened by extinction in near future
Rainforest birds in decline in black summer bushfire aftermath
Reptiles likely benefit from efforts to save other animals
Animals essential to seed dispersal are first to disappear owing to deforestation
Rare, endangered insects illegally for sale online
Beetle in coconut: Fossil find sheds new light on Neotropical rainforests
Boosting biggest city’s environment cred
Fossil find sheds new light on Neotropical rainforests
Researchers discover mechanism behind chemically induced suppression of fearful memories
Lord Howe Island’s biodiversity recovering thanks to rodent control
Biodiversity and ecosystem protection highlighted on Mother Earth Day
NAOC Astronomers Trace Evolution of Interstellar Molecules in Taurus Molecular Cloud-1
Six reasons why we need biodiversity
Earth champion Sir David bestowed Lifetime Achievement award
Elk Island National Park Wood Bison Translocation 22 April
Humans disrupting 66 million-year-old feature of ecosystems
Researchers Find Eight New Sources of 4.7 GHz OH Masers in Northern Star Formation Regions
New bird app spreads its wings
Museum launches Triceratops Traits for middle schoolers
Taking action on biodiversity challenges
Adriatic ecosystems withstand major climate shifts but wither under human impact
Researchers detect tropical plant species presumed to be extinct
Industry takes action to deter oil protests
Tropical birds are changing because of us
Lost South American wildflower named “extinctus” rediscovered (but still endangered)
Drug that cures alcoholism may be next anti-anxiety medication