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Emperor penguins face extinction risk from Antarctic sea ice loss 5 August 2021
“Triple Contagion”: How Fears Influence Coronavirus Transmission
Climate change risk to emperor penguins
One of world’s rarest chameleons found clinging to survival
FSU researchers find oxygen spike coincided with ancient global extinction
Researchers find oxygen spike coincided with ancient global extinction
Bird and mammal diversity is declining with biological invasions
Bird brains left other dinosaurs behind
Expanding horizons of insect ecology research
Qld crocs recover from near extinction
One insect species introduced decades ago to small island had an effect on several insect populations
Scientist studies anole lizards to help conserve vulnerable species
Captive breeding programme essential for vultures’ survival
Measuring conservation in way that counts
National Parks no place for pets
Southeastern US herbaria digitize three million specimens, now freely available online
Clever cockatoos in southern Sydney have learned to open curb-side bins – and it has global significance
Commitment to protect native wildlife renewed
Climate change leads to species decline in tropical forests
UK Government seeks views on extending world-leading ivory ban to protect hippos, walruses and narwhals
Red Dead Redemption 2 teaches players about wildlife
Fulton Hogan continues support for takahē
Walnut Family Has Boreotropical Origin: Fossil-informed Model Evidence
Fighting COVID with COVID
Into third funding phase with a boost for growth
Flying Foxes a frustration for all in Bellbrook
Loss of biodiversity in streams threatens vital biological process
Dactylanthus sets seed for a bumper season
Dinosaurs were in decline before end, according to new study
Diversity of tiny bobtail squid driven by ancient biogeographical events, finds new study
New home for chilling seizures of illicit wildlife trade
RMA reform must ensure a healthy environment and community wellbeing
Shock find brings extinct mouse back from dead
Breakthrough allows scientists to determine age of endangered native fish using DNA
Males help keep populations genetically healthy
New Board For Zoos Victoria
Teachers want to encourage children to take a public stand against climate change
Highlighted: IIS elective Rethinking Sustainable Societies: New Perspectives
Comet strike may have sparked civilisation shift
Asteroid that killed off dinosaurs still shaping life beneath impact crater
ACCLIMATISE: A festival exploring how we can adapt to a changing climate
Budget bonanza for state’s biodiversity
Researchers revive endangered Blackfoot language using digital technology
New Study on Climate Change Impacts on Plants Could Lead to Better Conservation Strategies
New geochemical study confirms cause of end-Permian mass extinction event
Topology-Changing Broadband Metamaterials Enabled by Closable Nanotrenches
Animals’ ability to adapt their habitats key to survival amid climate change
1,000th hazel dormouse reintroduced to UK